The Joy and Light in Their Eyes

Posted April 25, 2012 by Tanya M in Family Fun, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Uncategorized / 6 Comments

Originally posted March 14, 2012…I had my remicade infusion yesterday for my Rheumatoid Arthritis. The treatment wears me out but normally after some good rest, I am back in full swing the next day. However, today was very difficult for me, I could hardly walk at work, I wrote slowly, I even drove slowly! All my joints were stiff and painful, they would just not move. It gave me flashbacks to my low point before my diagnosis when I cried from the pain walking down the halls at work and an elderly coworker asked me if I was ok as she passed me.

I am usually attuned to what causes my RA to flare, but today I couldn’t pinpoint the reason. I came home from work and lied in bed for almost an hour until it was time to pick up the kids. I was feeling quite depressed and having a grand ‘ole pity party for one.

That is, until I drove up, parked in my handicapped spot outside Superstar’s classroom and saw this….

It may be a dark picture but you can see his bright white smile as he sees my car which is reflected in the window. Superstar’s genuine excitement to see me after a long, hard, painful day erased my sadness instantly.

As if that wasn’t heartwarming enough, we walked to Daredevil’s classroom. Since he was 1, I have diligently been trying to teach him animal sounds. As the kids’ bathroom is a jungle theme, after their bath we (well, really just I) make monkey noises and Daredevil laughs at me, not making a sound himself. Low and behold, Daredevil walks up to me in his class today, stuffed monkey in hand, and does the best monkey impression! It was music to my ears. Really, I do just cherish these small precious moments that make me happy and proud to be a mom, RA and all. We call these kids our mood boosters, when they are happy, it is simply contagious.

I was inspired today by a post at Click it up a Notch today that talked about lighting and capturing the catchlights in the subjects eyes. I love taking pictures of my kids and since I wanted to capture the memory of Daredevil’s first monkey sounds, I wanted to take a picture for this post. Of course, the child who normally says “cheese” when a camera is pointed in his direction, suddenly got feisty and didn’t want me to take his picture. He also would not do the adorable “ooo ooo” face that accompanied the monkey sounds.  With the car door open and phone ready, him looking into the light behind me, I captured the naughty little devil with catchlights in his eyes. I love that! I did it!

Small victories all over the place for me this evening, just from focusing on the joy and light in my little guys’ eyes! Let’s hope tomorrow is a brighter day!