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March 4, 2014 Goals 2014, Linky 25

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February was a tough month with the cold, an unexpected number of snow days and a reluctant swimmer.  While I didn’t meet many of my February goals, let’s focus on the positive, the achievements, shall we? I know it would make me feel better.

February Achievements:

    • Continued bike riding but when my youngest son, aka Daredevil, started swim lessons, I had to get in the pool with him since he was having no part of it (really? came as a total shock to me!) Still I am counting my time in the pool as part of my exercise since I had to keep moving to stay warm.
    • Flossing, yes.
    • Photographed a few recipes into Evernote.
    • Caught up on filing papers and filing incoming papers right away.
    • Finished reading 2 books for me, The Handmaid’s Tale and First Darling of the Morning.
    • Read books with my kids too, about 2 a day.
    • Using my weekly planner to focus and accomplish my weekly goals, it’s really been helping me!
    • 9 blog posts including a very popular Easy Rotiserrie-style Chicken in a Bundt Pan recipe and my Small Victories Sunday linky party which made a comeback and is doing well!
    • Participated in the SITS Girls Comment Love event, a week visiting 75 bloggers.
    • Gained about 70 new likes on my Facebook page (and we all know how hard it is to get Facebook interaction).
    • I FINISHED OUR TAX RETURN! Seriously, that one gets me the most excited and feels great when it’s done.

So now we can say Goodbye February and …hello March! Many of my March goals were on my list for February but I am excited to hopefully have nicer weather so we can spend more time outside! I have enjoyed blogging about my goals so that I can keep up the accountability and motivation to achieve my overall 2014 goals…one small victory at a time!

1. Make exercise a priority, 4 times a week.
2. Floss, everyday…because Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) impacts my gums, I can’t afford to slack anymore!
3. Achieve my goal for ideal weight, the one my joints feel the best at. As of today, about 7 5 to lose – avoid sugar!
4. Track food, sleep, exercise and RA symptoms to better understand if there is a connection to foods I eat and RA. I know weather, hormones and stress impact my body already.
5. Drink more water, at least 64 ounces a day.

Home Organization
6. Tackling the kitchen first. This month I’d STILL like to get my recipes organized, both the gazillions I’ve clipped from magazines, cookbooks and online. I’m considering using Evernote or Evernote Food. What are your favorite recipe organizing tools?
7. Sell outgrown kids’ clothes.
8. I’ve joined Money Saving Mom’s 4 Weeks to an Organized Home Challenge so I’m playing along trying to accomplish the daily assignments.

Family Fun

9. One field trip/fun outing a week with Daredevil.
10. Decide about preschool for Daredevil.
11. Start our container garden (classified as family fun for me and my boys but it meets health, financial and home goals too).

10. Accomplish 2 items from my 50 Bookish Things to do Before I Die list.
11. Read 2 books I own.
12. Read 25 books with my kids.

13. Write more often and consistently – 30 minutes everyday.
14. Share more recipes!
15. Increase monthly pageviews by 1,000.
16. Spend more time on Google Analytics.

17. Save $300 towards my $1000 annual goal in groceries.
18. Stay within our budget.
19. Stay debt-free (besides mortgage).

What are your March personal goals? Share with me the tools that help you get organized or save you money! Be sure to link up your goals posts or achievements in the linky below. Thanks Tammy at Creative K Kids for sharing this linky and inspiring us to reach our small victory at a time!

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25 Responses to “March 2014 Personal Goals #2014Goals”

  1. Becka

    Great job. I also did the comment love and it was AWESOME:) I have thought about getting the kids swimming lessons, although we don’t have a pool you never know when they will come in handy. :) Have a great day!
    Becka recently posted..Diz Mommy – Blog SpotlightMy Profile

    • Tanya M

      I agree, I think knowing how to swim is an important lesson. We have a neighborhood pool and with 3 adventurous boys, I would feel better if they know how to swim.

    • Tanya M

      Thanks Vasilly, I need cheering. I have my work cut out for me, for sure. Its almost half way through March and time is flying!

  2. Jamee

    These are great goals! I found your blog through the SITS Spring Fling! I also battle chronic illness (fibro, Endo, celiac & a smattering of other things) so I am excited to check out more of your blog and connect during the blog challenge!
    Jamee recently posted..Am I Crazy? Am I Enough?My Profile

    • Tanya M

      Hi Jamee, you certainly have a lot to endure, my heart goes out to you. I love connecting with SITS bloggers, thanks for stopping by and the support.

  3. Rebekah

    The container garden sounds like a fun project. We normally have a garden, but over the next couple of years we need to let our soil rest and try to improve it, so this year we will be gardening with my inlaws. They have a little hobby farm and lots of space.
    Have fun with this project.I’m sure York kids
    Rebekah recently posted..How to Make Nut or Seed ButterMy Profile

  4. Tammy @ creativekkids

    I read this earlier, but never commented! Great job on your goals, and I love your detailed goals for March. I too would like to increase in pageviews 1000–although I did not write that down as a goal. Look at all those post linked up! That’s exciting. I need to find some time to go and read them all.
    Tammy @ creativekkids recently posted..Co-hosting the Wonderful Wednesday Blog HopMy Profile

    • Tanya M

      Thanks Tammy. I hope I can make it to 1000 more page views, I figured I needed to make that goal measurable to see if I can achieve it! Did you see Money Saving Mom’s goal linkup? I entered ours on there too but I just found it yesterday so I am at the end. #26 and 27 I think

  5. Tess

    Congrats on your accomplishments! I hate tax season. Im probably doing it wrong all the time. lol. I guess I should be glad when it’s done as a great accomplishment. lol
    Tess recently posted..Tuesday ThingsMy Profile

    • Tanya M

      Yes Tess, it is a great accomplishment. Our aren’t too complicated, just takes more time to gather receipts and papers I need. Thank goodness for Turbo Tax, it really makes it easier for me.

  6. Rachel

    Congrats on all your accomplishments! I know what you mean about feeling good when you get the taxes done. We did ours this weekend, and I’m so glad to have that behind me!
    Rachel recently posted..My Nail Care RoutineMy Profile

    • Tanya M

      Yay, taxes always feel good to get out of the way. I was supposed to work on updating our expenses vs. Budget this week. Hopefully this afternoon during naptime!

  7. Kelly Hess

    You have some amazing goals, keep with it! I have had some amazing success selling kids clothes on FB garage sales sites. The upside (or downside) I also find amazing clothes for my kids on those sites too!

    • Tanya M

      Thanks Kelly. I haven’t tried a FB garage sale before. I do consignment sales and hubbys employer has a place to sell stuff. It does pretty well and low maintenance. I gotta get that stuff done, I am behind on my weekly goals!

  8. Echo

    Congrats on your February achievements! I will look forward to seeing you accomplish your March goals as well! One step, one day at a time!
    Echo recently posted..March…My Profile

    • Tanya M

      Thanks Echo! I agree, one small victory at a time! :) lets hope there are no more snow days or sicknesses to derail my plans!

  9. Tif

    I’m actually quite impressed by what you accomplished in February! It’s a shorter month and you still got all that accomplished!!

    I really think I need to re-read A Handmaid’s Tale. That one really hit me emotionally when I listened to it on audio and I still don’t think I have processed it completely.

    I really need to organize our recipes this month too. With another move on the horizon, I want to get this stuff organized before the moving tasks really kick in. My husband and I plan on doing this one together! Still not sure how we are going to organize the recipes though.
    Tif recently posted..Monday Maunder: February in ReviewMy Profile

    • Tanya M

      Thanks Tif for the encouragement. There were a few days I did not feel well and worked on my sons birthday party the last week, and I even forgot to mention it.

      Handmaid’s Tale was haunting to me, i dont think I fully processed it either. Both that and First Darling were intense and emotional though the subject matter/plot were very different. I am thankful for Harry Potter at this point, escaping into a magical world is what I need now!

      I found a link on how to use Evernote to store recipes, I forgot to leave the link. Here it is, I like it because it has ways to store both online recipes and clipped recipes by taking pictures from smartphone directly into the Evernote app.

    • Tanya M

      lol, I hear ya about the laundry. Now that my blog post is up and Daredevil is awake, it’s back to mommy duty…and laundry folding!

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