10 Facebook Groups You Need to Grow and Beautify Your blog for when your blog posts go viral. A couple of my blog posts went viral when I shared them in these amazing Facebook groups for bloggers. What I learned from these groups helped me convert one time visitors into loyal readers.
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The 10 Blogging Facebook Groups You Need to Grow and Beautify Your Blog for When Your Posts go Viral

10 Facebook Groups You Need to Grow and Beautify Your blog for when your blog posts go viral. A couple of my blog posts went viral when I shared them in these amazing Facebook groups for bloggers. What I learned from these groups helped me convert one time visitors into loyal readers.

Do you wonder what it takes to make a blog post go viral? We think we have killer content, but how do we get people to visit our blogs and want to stick around? I’ve had a couple blog posts go “viral”, and by that I mean far outside the normal traffic for a post. My Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge post was repinned 26,000 times (63,000 pageviews) and my 7 habits free weekly planner post 13,000 times (143,000 pageviews)! And you know what helped launch the viral traffic to those posts? Blogging Facebook groups.


For each of those posts, I had shared the posts in a few key Facebook groups where bloggers leave links to their posts and share others’ posts in return. Much to my amazement, they got repinned or reshared by another blogger and since then as you can see, the traffic from them has SKYROCKETED! 


I love finding bloggers with similar passions and free Facebook groups are a wonderful way to connect, collaborate and learn from other supportive bloggers. Not only did these 10 Facebook groups help me skyrocket my traffic, they also helped me learn, grow and beautify my blog so that I can take advantage and convert visitors into loyal readers when these posts go viral. I love to share the keys to my blogging success so be sure to visit my Blogging Tips and Tricks to Take Your Blog to the Next Level page for more great resources.


Some of these groups are niche specific to topics I blog about but I think it’s important to look for others that promote and support similar niches as yourself. 


Note: This post contains affiliate links as indicated by an asterisk. Purchases from these links provides a small commission to me at no extra cost to you. Thanks for supporting my blog should you decide to purchase.


1. Bloggers Get Social

Bloggers Get Social is a free group dedicated to growing your blogging network and boost your social media. Krystal puts up daily threads where members leave their links for blog post comments and social media links so other members can like, comment, RT, repin and stumble the posts. The daily Facebook really helps my blog Facebook page with engagement since very few people who like my page are actually served the post. 

Bloggers Get Social also hosts podcasts, periscope challenges, Instagram challenges and weekly Twitter chats using the hashtag #BloggersGetSocial. Find out more about the Facebook group and other details on Bloggers Get Social main site.

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2. Growing Social Media for Bloggers

Growing Social Media for Bloggers is another free group dedicated to promoting your social media posts and growing your accounts. I enjoy this group because I can focus on particular social media on different days, they have monthly pinterest group board and follow all threads to grow your followers.


3. Pinning Perfect 

Pinning Perfect Students is for people who have taken the Pinning Perfect e-course* offered by Blog Clarity. I took this class a year ago and since implementing their tips, it’s taken Pinterest to my #1 traffic referral source. In this group, members can ask questions and course instructors Melissa and Anna and other members chime in with answers and tips to help one another grow their Pinterest audience and improve their Pinterest strategy. It’s also helpful in finding Pin70 groups to help promote your pins. 

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4. Blog Beautiful

Blog Beautiful is hosted by the talented Marianne of Design Your Own Beautiful Blog. I was so thrilled to find Marianne’s group. I could not afford a custom blog design yet and purchased the Hello Trending theme* from Hello You Designs. As hard as I try, I’m not a designer so I turn to this group where Marianne offers design tips and help for those of us who want to improve the navigation, flow and appearance of our blogs and images.


There are daily threads to share our goals for the week and tips and tricks we learned. We can also ask design questions and share helpful articles with each other. Marianne always has constructive advice on how to improve our designs. I’m often pinning the articles she shares to my Blogging Tips and Design Inspiration board so I can come back to it when I’m ready to tackle a certain area. Find out more about Marianne and how to build a beautiful blog on her site.

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5. Learn to Blog Hangouts

Learn to Blog is hosted by Crystal and Kelli who also authored the Skyrocket Blog Pageviews with Google Analytics* and Dominate Search Engines* courses. These classes are excellent resources and gave me several easy to implement ideas that really have an impact on my blog. 

Crystal and Kelli have tons of videos on their Learn to Blog website to help bloggers with SEO, blog design and time management. As a forum where you can ask questions, the Facebook group allows you to ask questions, they have social media and post sharing days and Crystal and Kelli are very helpful often doing video tutorials to answer bloggers’ questions. There is also a paid version of the group called the VIP Forum. Find their blogging videos and useful advice at Learn to Blog Hangouts.

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6. Simple Pin Pinterest Strategy Group

Not only do I ENJOY stalking Pinterest all the time, Pinterest is without a doubt my largest source of traffic to my blog. Kate from Simple Pin Media is another Pinterest guru I turn to and her Simple Pin Pinterest Strategy Facebook Group is great for learning effective strategies from her and other bloggers to drive traffic from Pinterest to your blog.

I love using Tailwind (grab a free trial here)* to schedule out my pins. Tailwind optimizes when my pins are posted for when my followers are most active so that they are more likely to be repinned. Tailwind tribes are groups of users who schedule repins of each others’ content and they have been awesome in getting more reach for my pins, in one tribe, the 71 pins I shared have had 813,000 potential impressions (reach). That’s fabulous visibility.

Anyway, this Facebook group has an extensive list of Tailwind tribes to join covering all sorts of topics. I even found a Tribe for autoimmune diseases (like the Rheumatoid Arthritis I have) which is a very niche specific group so that would be perfect to find another traffic source for my RA posts. Joining several Tailwind tribes has been vital to optimizing my traffic from Pinterest.


7 & 8. Facebook Fabulous & Instagram Fabulous

Run by the same group, Facebook Fabulous for Business Owners & Bloggers & Instagram Fabulous for Insta-Users are amazing Facebook groups for promoting interaction and gaining followers on Facebook and Instagram. There are various threads for liking statuses, commenting and following all accounts in the thread. With over 7,000 members in the Facebook group and 21,000 members in the Instagram group, threads can easily get over 100+ participants a day, so be sure you can commit to completing the thread rules when you leave your link. However, receiving those 100+ interactions can certainly boost your engagement and visibility in Facebook and Instagram. 



9. Book Bloggers Do it Better Discussion Group

Book Bloggers Do it Better is a fun group of book bloggers. Blog self promotion is only once a week but this community is great for networking with other book bloggers and discussing issues regarding our niche. I love the moderators Becca and Tamara who also moderates all the great Twitter chats for SheReads. I love the camaraderie of the book blogging community and this is a great group to join for book lovers.



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10. Chronic Illness Bloggers

I didn’t realize just how many people battle and blog about their chronic illnesses until I joined the Chronic Illness Bloggers Network. It is a fabulous network that offers support and sponsored post opportunities for chronic illness bloggers.

Their dedicated Chronic Illness Bloggers Facebook group is a collaborative place for bloggers to share posts and encourage each other on their health and blogging journeys. 

Participating in blogging Facebook groups has been one of my secrets to getting viral traffic to my blog. There are a variety of Facebook groups to help you improve how your blog looks and functions and help grow your social media presence to drive constant traffic to your blog. For more amazing Facebook groups, be sure to check out these 12 Best Facebook Groups for Bloggers to Increase Traffic.


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10 Facebook Groups You Need to Grow and Beautify Your blog for when your blog posts go viral. A couple of my blog posts went viral when I shared them in these amazing Facebook groups for bloggers. What I learned from these groups helped me convert one time visitors into loyal readers.

What Facebook groups do you love? 



  1. Love this! I really need to step up my FB game – I did a lot of work last month figuring out Twitter and Pinterest and need to work on Facebook. I love the FB group for helping with blog growth. I wish I had seen this earlier in the month, I would have gotten my own goals together in a post! I’ll just have to do it next monht 😉

    1. Yes, and Facebook’s algorithms make it really hard for your posts to get seen by the people who already liked your page. So the groups definitely help boost engagement. Glad this post helped you. Hope you’ll linkup your goals with us. Our linkup is open all month so better late than never!

  2. I’m several shades of inspired. Once I am finished with the home schooling gig, I need to come back and read this again! It’s so hard to find the time to take all these courses. It sounds like you have gained mucho expertise! Your design looks adorable too.

    1. Thanks April, I was thinking of changing the design but glad you like this one. 🙂 I hardly have time to blog, how do you manage homeschooling, family life, chronic pain AND a blog? Glad to help you be inspired. I am inspired by so many who help me grow my blog.

    1. It does sound like a full time job doesn’t it? I wish it could be but I squeeze in what I can when I can. I just like really big lists so I have a good variety to choose from when the mood strikes. Thanks for hosting the goals linkup!

  3. I was looking for your monthly goal linkup earlier this month and must have missed it! I enjoy reading the posts linked up here.

    Great list of Facebook groups! I am in a few of the groups listed above. I also enjoy The Nectar Collective’s Facebook group. 🙂

    1. Thanks Emily, I was really late in writing up my goals so glad you came back to linkup! I will have to check out Nectar Collective’s Facebook group, I get the emails but didn’t join the group yet. The groups help my blog so much. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Thanks for the great facebook resources! I’ve just started doing my own monthly wrap-up and I found your detailed goals inspiring. I might trying something a little more details for my next one 🙂

    1. I have to keep mine detailed and S.M.A.R.T. so I can feel like I got something accomplished! You’re welcome for the Facebook resources, so excited to breathe some life into our Book Lovers Boost Group.

  5. I’d love to collaborate for Feature Fridays. Thanks for the great resources and direction for blogging. It’s very helpful for a new blogger such as myself.

  6. It looks like you’ve got some great goals for February! I also love that you shared all of those groups. Some I’m familiar with but there were a few new ones listed that I might check out. 🙂

  7. I did not hear about the SITS Girls Skyrocket Your PageViews class; that sounds like something very helpful. I am a part of Blogger Get Social – such a helpful group, and I have Pinned this post to remember the other resources that you mentioned.

    1. The Skyrocket Your PageViews class was great and gave us a good teaser of the tools in the book of the same name. Thanks for stopping by, I love Bloggers Get Social!

  8. Thanks for sharing such an inspiring post. You have really great goals and you are quite focussed in which direction you want to go and what you would like to achieve.

    I found the list of facebook groups very useful and have already sent requests to join a number of the groups you.

    Despite my blog only being three and a half months old and still having low traffic I have just wrote my very first income (or lack of) and progress report which I wrote as a way of making myself accountable and encourage myself to work harder to reach the goals that I set.

    Hopefully as time goes on and everything goes to plan this will give both myself and my readers a clear transparent view of what happens and can be achieved with a little bit of hard work and focus.

  9. These are fantastic goals! I’ll have to go through the list of blog groups, those have helped my blog tremendously as well! I can’t wait to see how your new blog design comes out! 🙂

  10. These are great! I definitely plan to visit some of these. Here’s another one that’s absolutely excellent, Beyond Your Blog, http://www.beyondyourblog.com . It really helps in offering advice and how-tos about getting published on other sites. I cannot recommend it enough.

  11. I’m so impressed with your blogging goals – and that you’re making them happen! I love the LTB Hangouts. I haven’t heard of the other groups before. I’ll have to check them out. I feel like I’m part of too many groups sometimes!

  12. Thank you for sharing and inviting me to link up! These are great tips; I have recently joined the Bloggers get social and will check out your other suggestions.

  13. Shout out to Bloggers Get Social! I love this post and so helpful! I need to focus on the design of my page more. It needs to look more professional.

  14. Such a great post about goals and black going! I definitely learned from the post! Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work!!

  15. Oh thank you so much for sharing this! I just found Bloggers Get Social and my blog has changes SO MUCH in the last 24 hours!! Ha! I’ll check these out!

  16. Wow, you’ve been busy!!
    I am a brand new blogger and have loved Build Your Own Beautiful Blog and Bloggers Get Social! It’s been an amazing resource!

  17. This post was so helpful! I added myself to a few new groups too. I am in love with Bloggers Get Social, as it’s upped my views and comments dramatically. I just started a brand new blog, so I’m happy I’m getting the attention I am so far. I also went ahead and ‘liked’ your page. 🙂

  18. I like that you are so organised with your blog! I’m also thinking to start planning my posts ahead to make my life easier. Thanks for sharing these groups too, some I knew, some I didn’t.

  19. I don’t even have a Facebook page for my blog! I think it’s something I should rectify, especially now there’s all these exciting Facebook groups for me to check out! Maybe I’ll make it one of my February goals!

  20. This is really helpful! Thank you so much! I haven’t seen much about some of these groups (except for Blog Beautiful, obviously) and I will definitely be joining some. Thanks for the recommendations!

  21. I’m always interested to hear about FB groups that are recommended by others. I have had a bad experience with some in the past. I love Blogging On Your Own Terms, Daniela is Great! Stopping by from The Pinterest Game have a great week.

    1. Aw, thank you Melinda, glad to help. I really love blogging, and there’s so much I want to do to improve my blog. Glad you found some useful tips too!

  22. I tried to get more specific with my blogging goals this month, but after looking over your blogging goals I think I could have done better! I love how you are so specific and have broken it down into areas of blogging. (There are SO many areas of blogging!!)

    Thanks for hosting the link up!

    1. Hi Tonya with an O! Down in NC where I live, people spell my name with an 90% of the time. Though the lady at Home Depot helping me with our water heater fiasco spelled it Tanyia. She must ALWAYS get her name spelled wrong! Anyway glad my list was helpful to you, there are some fab groups out there with such helpful and knowledgeable bloggers. It’s really been helping me up my blogging game. Thanks for commenting.

  23. That is such a great list of blogs! I have added a few of them to my list to check out! This is a great resource for new bloggers. As for your goals for this month. I am impressed! I wish I could be that organized 🙂

    1. Oh Cat, I’m the master of to do lists 🙂 So the list itself is organized so I can corrale the crazy chaos of thoughts running through my head at any moment. Case in point, I sat down to write tomorrow’s post and am instead responding to you! Hope to see you in some of these groups with me!

  24. Wow, your goals and organization are so impressive, Tanya! My blogging goals are just to try and keep up! ha ha I’ve actually had a lot of paid writing work lately – which is really good! – but it means my blogging time has been very limited. So little time & energy each day to spread in so many directions! I was thinking that my blogs don’t contribute to my income at all…but then I realized that each of my two blogs helped me get a regular paying writing job last year that is still on-going, so that certainly counts. I do have one blogging goal for the year (besides just trying to keep up) – to learn more about how my blogs can help contribute to my writing income.

    Love your list of FB groups for bloggers – I joined several – though my problem with those is the amount of extra e-mail they can generate, so I will have to try to limit that somewhow.

    And I didn’t realize Travel the World in Books was still ongoing! I just posted my “final” results for it in my 2015 challenge wrap-up. Glad to hear it is still going – I will add it to my list of 2016 reading challenges (which I still need to post – see what I mean about trying to keep up??)

    Great post – thanks for the info & good luck on your February goals!


    1. Well the good thing about the Facebook groups is you can join the free ones and they don’t send emails unless you subscribe to emails. I like it better that way too because you can check on them whenever you have time. They have become such a part of my routine that I enjoy visiting most of them everyday. Oh yes, Travel the World in Books is a perpetual challenge, i wanted to do a 5 year challenge personally but participants can do whatever length of time they choose.

    2. I’m usually just trying to keep up too. I hear most bloggers that make money don’t make it from the blog itself, but from launching a business out of it. For you it sounds like it gets you freelance work, which is awesome. I hope one day I’ll figure out which direction I want to head and until then I just keep blogging cause I love it! 🙂

  25. These are definitely great groups! I’m in so many I can’t keep up, but I joined a great small tribe that has been wonderful, and I’m also part of the International Bloggers Association (they have an open and a paid group). I love the Tweak me v2 – I just spent last weekend rebranding my family lifestyle look using it. The book blog has been running the original tweak me for a while now too. Pinned this post 🙂

  26. Thanks Tanya for posting this I think that I will create a post and post my goals for the month. I hope I can link the post by Thursday. I have my goals written in planner s this would be a great way to put it out in the universe!

    All of the resources you post are so helpful! Thanks

    1. You’re welcome Daniela. I really loved the Blog Makeover Challenge and still have to catch up on a few days. Thanks for providing such a great resource for us!

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