2014 Personal Goals

momssmallvictories 2014 personal goals

For years, I’ve fought a losing battle against my personal goals and to-do list. I often read books on how to manage my time, conquer clutter and improve myself and my home.  But still, my daily tasks depended on which wheel was squeaking the loudest at the time. I was definitely in “survival mode” just doing what I needed to get to the next day. Have you ever felt like that?

In 2013, I read both The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and Say Goodbye to “Survival Mode and found the “a-ha” inspiration I needed.  These books spoke to me. They changed my outlook on how to set goals, break them down into manageable pieces and achieve them. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Fellow blogger Tammy from Creative K Kids also read Say Goodbye to Survival Mode and was inspired to start a personal priorities linkup, Pinterest board and Facebook group where we can write about our goals and achievements each month. Discussing the goals and our work towards them helps us stay accountable and motivated. To find out more about this linkup, visit Creative K Kids.

My original list of 2014 personal goals

January 2014 Goals and Achievements

February 2014 Goals

  • Health Goals Weekly Update February 7, #12MonthstoaHealthierYou, #BookBlogWalkers
  • Health Goals Weekly Update February 14, #12MonthstoaHealthierYou, #BookBlogWalkers
  • Health Goals Weekly Update February 21, #12MonthstoaHealthierYou, #BookBlogWalkers
  • February 2014 Achievements & March 2014 Goals

    March 2014 Achievements & April 2014 Goals

    April 2014 Achievements & May 2014 Goals

    May 2014 Achievements and June 2014 Goals

    June 2014 Achievements and July 2014 Goals

    July 2014 Achievements and August 2014 Goals

    Weigh in and let me know what goals you are working towards. Join the discussion whether you’re a blogger or not. Let’s cheer each other on to achieve our 2014 personal goals! 

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