2022 Goals and February Action Steps

It’s not too late to set your 2022 goals. Peek at my 2022 goals and how I’ve broken them down into actionable and achievable steps for February.

Set the 2022 goals that matter to you and break them down into actionable steps you can achieve. Pictured: Powersheets goal planner in Clear Skies cover, Cultivate What Matters gold foiled keepsake box and Franklin Planner Wild Asparagus green floral binder.

Today, I’m going to give you a quick overview of how I setup my 2022 goals and break them down into action steps. They include the tidbits and things I’ve found helpful so far this month to help me achieve my goals.

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I am a big fan of the Powersheets goal planner and it’s the tool I use to not only setup my 2022 goals plan but also how I break those goals down into actionable steps. I’ve been using this goal planner since 2018 and it has changed my life. This year, I also used what I learned in The Lazy Genius Way by Kendra Adachi (one of my favorite nonfiction reads of 2021) to “lazy genius” my way through goal setting.

Kendra Adachi’s core philosophy is to “be a genius about the things that matter, and lazy about things that don’t.” 

That has been so pivotal to me because I tend to get influenced by all these “experts” who tell me, I need to do this, that and the other and it’s sooo overwhelming to try and do all. the. things. Do you feel that way too?

So for 2022 I have been trying to focus on what I want to be a genius about and how they align with my 2022 goals plan and action steps from my Powersheets goal planner for this year.

The Powersheets helps guide you through the goal setting process including brainstorming your goal ideas and then guides you through narrowing it down so you only cultivate the goals that truly matter to you (that’s where being a “lazy genius” comes in). And it helps you break down those goals into action steps so you can achieve it. As they say, little by little progress matters!

My goals for this year that I want to be a genius about are: 

2022 Goal 1: Improve my health so I can feel better physically and emotionally

  • February action step: move daily
  • February action step: track my self care habits, pain scores, mood and sleep
  • February action step: eat breakfast (i usually skip it)
  • February action step: drink 90 oz of water daily

2022 Goal 2: Free ourselves of physical and mental clutter so we can make our home easier to manage and relieve the weight on our minds.

  • February action step: working through the A Bowl Full of Lemons Home Organization Challenge. I’m already behind the group, but next up for me is the office/paperwork.
  • February action step: journal daily. Here’s how to start journaling if you’re trying to start a journaling habit too. You can grab free journaling prompts from the Subscriber Library (password: msvthanksyou)
  • February action step: donate books I read in January that I don’t want to keep (see Goal 5) 

2022 Goal 3: Make sure my husband and sons feel love, cherished and respected.

  • February action step: give them little love notes and punny valentines throughout the month. I hang them on their doors (and for the kid away at college, I text it to him)

2022 Goal 4: Manage our money well so we can achieve our financial goals

  • February action step: no spend month
  • February action step: save money in sinking funds each paycheck
  • February action step: continue with Budget by Paycheck method in my Stalogy notebook.
  • February action step: meal prep and cook 30 meals so we eat in. 

2022 Goal 5: Read for fun and self improvement so my bookshelves are filled with books that truly bring me value and joy. 

  • February action step: read a fiction book a week for fun from my to be read bookshelves.  
  • February action step: read a nonfiction book a month from my to be read bookshelves. 
  • February action step: Borrow books on audio from the library so I can listen while driving, cleaning, folding laundry.
  • February action step: Donate books I don’t want to keep forever to the library so they can bring others joy (also part of Goal 2). 
  • February action step: Get book notes into Notion. I saw this YouTube video from Ali Abdaal and will be using his book notes template to record my thoughts. He’s got a good series on using Notion and I have a feeling this will be my new productivity tool obsession (and it’s free).

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What are your goals for 2022?

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