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2023 Reading Challenges and Goals for Fun and Personal Growth

The 2023 reading challenges I’ve picked and other reading challenge ideas to inspire you to read more for fun and personal growth. Around the World, Popsugar and a master list of 2023 reading challenges.

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I love creating my own reading challenges and participating in other book lovers’ reading challenges to help me expand my reading horizons, have fun reading and learn things along the way. You could say i’m hooked on reading challenges for sure. I may not always reach my reading challenge goals, but it’s always fun to try! You can see the reading challenges I’ve done since 2013 on my blog here.

So here are the 2023 reading challenges and reading goals I’m tackling for 2023 and I’ll keep updating this list as I read books that qualify.

Around the World Reading Challenge 2023

I have been doing a lifetime travel the world in books reading challenge since 2014. For 2023, I’m kicking that challenge up a notch and doing the Around the World Reading Challenge. My goal is to read 52 books in 52 different countries, a book a week. I’ve mapped it all out already (find the schedule here) as I’m trying to use all the books I already bought for this challenge. But I encourage you to choose your own travel reading adventure for the countries and cultures you’d like to read about.

Get a free 40+ page workbook to make reading around the world even more fun. Log or map the books you read, and track your daily reading for the Around the World Reading Challenge! Join us in the free Around the World Reading Challenge Facebook group so we can talk about where in the world we’re reading about. Even the group members are from around the world, and I love getting their recommendations for books to read in translation..

Books Read for the Around the World Reading Challenge 2023

My goal: 52 books in 52 different countries

  1. Ethiopia – Cutting for Stone – Abraham Verghese – 5 stars (more books set in Ethiopia ideas)
  2. Ireland – The Guest List – Lucy Foley – 5 stars

Free Around the World Reading Challenge Printable

When you subscribe to my book lovers newsletter, you can get the whole list and 40+ pages of fun reading logs and trackers in my free Around the World Reading Challenge Workbook.

Around the World Reading Challenge Goal Progress: 1/52

2023 Popsugar Reading Challenge

I love the Popusugar Reading Challenge though I’ve yet to complete it fully. Since Around the World is my priority, I’ll use the books I read for that to see what Popsugar prompts they fit. I may use audiobooks to supplement so I can get more of these prompts completed. I’m just going for completing the Basic challenge.

Books Read for the Popsugar Reading Challenge 2023

My goal for the 2023 Popsugar Reading Challenge: 40 books

A book:

  1. you meant to read in 2022 – Cutting for Stone – Abraham Verghese – 5 stars
  2. you bought from an independent bookstore
  3. about a vacation – The Guest List – Lucy Foley – 5 stars
  4. by a first time author
  5. with mythical creatures
  6. about a forbidden romance
  7. with “Girl” in the title
  8. celebrity memoir
  9. with a color in the title
  10. romance with a fat lead (their words, not mine)
  11. about or set in Hollywood
  12. published in spring 2023
  13. published the year you were born
  14. modern retelling of a classic
  15. with a song lyric in the title
  16. where the main character’s name is in the title
  17. with a love triangle
  18. that’s been banned or challenged in any state in 2022
  19. that fulfills your favorite prompt from a past challenge
  20. becoming a tv series or movie in 2023
  21. set in the decade you were born
  22. with a queer lead
  23. with a map
  24. with a rabbit on the cover
  25. with just text on the cover
  26. the shortest book (by pages) on your tbr list
  27. a #BookTok recommendation
  28. you bought secondhand
  29. your friend recommended
  30. that’s on a celebrity book-club list
  31. about a family
  32. that comes out in the second half of 2023
  33. about an athlete/sport
  34. historical fiction book
  35. about divorce
  36. you think your best friend would like
  37. you should have read in high school
  38. you read more than 10 years ago
  39. you wish you could reread for the first time again
  40. by an author with the same initials as you

Popsugar Reading Challenge Progress: 1/40

Mount TBR Reading Challenge 2023

I called reading books off my TBR my Bookshelves of Joy Reading Challenge and I managed to read 22 out of my goal of 40 and I unhauled some books I know I won’t read. Still I have 230 books I have not read. I’m trying to read my oldest books first.

This year, I’m joining Bev’s Mount TBR reading challenge at the Mount Vancouver level to read 36 of my TBR bookshelf.

Books Read for the Mount TBR Reading Challenge:

My goal for the Mount TBR Reading Challenge 2023: Mount Vancouver – 36 books

  1. Cutting for Stone – Abraham Verghese – 5 stars – owned since 2012 and will keep because it’s wonderful, beautiful, heart breaking and stunning!

Mount TBR Reading Challenge 2023 Goal Progress 1/36

Nonfiction Reading Challenge 2023

I love reading nonfiction for personal growth. My goal is usually one nonfiction book a month. This year, Book’d Out is hosting a Nonfiction Reading Challenge so jumping in on that one.

Books Read for the 2023 Nonfiction Reading Challenge

My goal for the 2023 Nonfiction Reading Challenge – 12 books

Monthly Keyword Reading Challenge 2023

I’ve been a fan of the GirlXOXO blog for awhile and I enjoy the reading challenges they host. I’ve never completed the Monthly Keyword Reading Challenge, but I like to try!

The goal is to read a book with their keywords in the title (synonyms and suffixes are ok) each month.

Books Read for the Monthly Keyword Reading Challenge 2023

My goal: 12 books, a book a month

Other 2023 Reading Challenges

I may not set goals for these but will be tracking the stats of the books I read as I like to know how many i complete:

My 2023 Reading Goals

In addition to the 5 main reading challenges above, here are my reading goals for 2023:

  • Read 75 books total (a big jump from 52 read in 2022) – read 2/75
  • Read daily for 30 minutes (pick up a book instead of a phone!)
  • Track my book stats:
    • daily pages read
    • format (physical, kindle, audio)
    • author stats for diverse reading
    • location
  • Read 1 nonfiction book a month
  • Post reviews on my blog for all the 4 and 5 star reads (i only enjoy writing about books I love, so I don’t write negative reviews).
  • Post book suggestions for each country I read about on the blog (52 posts)
  • take a bookcation

More Reading Challenge Ideas and Inspiration You’ll Love

Around the World Reading Challenge Bingo Boards!

Use these free Read Around the World bingo boards for another fun way to read around the world. There are two different boards to choose from with different reading prompts. Get bingo or try to complete all the boxes for an advanced challenge. When you subscribe to my book newsletter, you can download your free bingo boards and get access to my Exclusive Subscriber Library that has free book club discussion question printables, book bucket lists and more.

Well there are my 2023 reading challenges and reading goals, I love challenging myself to read more every year and it’s so fun to track my stats to see how I improve each year. Are you doing any reading challenges or setting any reading goals for this year?

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