A Blog With a Purpose

My first blog post, originally posted January 29, 2011…

Let the blogging begin! The idea to start this blog came from the great night I had on Thursday. As a working mom of 3 amazingly adorable and active boys, I hardly ever take the time to do something for myself….sound familiar? It’s so much easier to focus on accomplishing what needs to be done, ticking off those items on my ever extensive to-do list. I thought it would ease my stress to constantly be doing something that I have to do rather than investing that time in something I enjoy. Let’s face it, there are plenty of things us moms feel we should be doing!

I enjoy taking pictures, I think it borders on the obsessive. I have thousands of digital pictures of my family on my computer. When my kids are so cute, I cannot help myself! I haven’t taken the time to do “scrapbooking” that I so enjoyed for at least a year…maybe two. Thursday night, I decided to put the hundreds of pictures I ordered into albums and frames. During those couple of hours, I relived each wonderful memory and experience, reveling in the bright, shining faces of my family and completely forgetting about that dreaded to-do list. I could hardly sleep I was so overjoyed by those pictures. The euphoria of that night stayed with me through the whole next day…through the challenges of work and mommyhood. It made me realize that taking that time to invest in my hobby, made me a happier woman, wife, mother and employee and that made everyone around me happier too! How can you beat that? My small victory on Thursday was focusing on the happiness my family brings to me through those great pictures.

So I’m starting this blog to keep this euphoria going. It’s so easy for me (and I suspect a lot of you too) to get overwhelmed by everyday life. So here is my blog with a purpose…my accomplishment journal, if you will, to celebrate and appreciate those small victories in my everyday life that make me realize what a lucky, blessed and happy woman I am.

I hope you will share your small (or big) victories with me to share all those things that went right with you today!

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