3 Amazing Resources Busy Moms Need to Start a Work From Home Business. Conquer the overwhelm and or fear that it is too expensive to start a work from home business. You can grab these amazing resources for less than $50 and achieve your work from home dreams starting now.
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3 Amazing Resources Busy Moms Need to Start a Work From Home Business

3 Amazing Resources You Need to Start a Work From Home Business. You can start chasing your dream life now for less than $50!


I’ve wanted to work from home and dreamed of starting an online business since my oldest son was a baby. At the time, I was obsessed with scrapbooking and wanted to open a scrapbooking supplies store online and make my own note cards. Life, 2 more sons and a full-time job outside the home got in the way of pursuing that dream. Little did I know that in 2011, when I first started blogging as a way to cope with depression from my Rheumatoid Arthritis, I would find perfect springboard to the work from home business I dreamed of launching.


Are you a busy mom who dreams of starting a work from home business too? But where do you even begin? Believe me, it can be difficult and completely overwhelming to get a business started. Especially when you work from home with kids and live on a single income. So I decided to give you 3 simple tips to conquer the overwhelm and get started to become a work from home mom with a thriving business.


I don’t have around the clock hours (or even 40 hours a week) to dedicate to my business. I don’t have tons of money to invest in mentoring programs or consultants to build the perfect business. I wish I did because I totally would make the investment to start my business off right. The reality is as a stay at home mom, I have to build my business with a small budget and around an unpredictable kid and health schedule. 


Not the easiest of tasks but completely doable thanks to some amazing resources I’ve been researching to help me (and you) achieve our work at home dreams. So let me tell you about what I’m using to make my work from home dreams a reality…


1. A Passion Planner to Identify and Pursue Your Passions


First up, you need to find your passion. Starting a business requires investing a whole lot of time thinking, worrying, dreaming and breathing about your business. It needs to be centered around something you enjoy thinking about every waking minute of every day. It has to reflect a true passion. 


My blog became my passion over the years and I have probably 5 different service and product based ideas of work from home businesses I can start using what I’ve learned from my blog to best serve my readers. What are you most passionate about? If you need help, check out this post on 3 Ways to Find YOUR Passion in Life (Besides Your Family). I know many moms can easily identify their passion for their families, but finding work you truly love doing can take more soul-searching. 


I started using the Passion Planner in 2017 and I am continually amazed at how this planner helps me stay focused on my goals for my family, my home, my self-care and my blog. With a Passion Planner roadmap that gets me thinking about what I want from my life, it’s the perfect exercise to complete to help you identify your dreams so you can make them your reality. You can see more pictures and details of exactly how I bullet journal in my Passion Planner for the perfect planning solution here.

The Passion Planner Roadmap helps identify what your dream life looks like and what steps you need to take to achieve it.


Now that we’ve got the ideas flowing for where your passions lie, let’s see how we can turn that into a work from home business.

Investment = $0 – 35 plus shipping. Because you can find the free Passion Planner printables here there are so many ways you can customize this planner to work for your budget and planning needs. Here are a few ideas:

  • print out freebie and put it in a binder you have around the house, a pretty 8.5×11 binder*  or a  small Carpe Diem binders* if you like the compact size
  • get the pages you want printed and bound at your local copy store
  • get a Happy Planner ARC system* and put the Passion Planner pages you want in it for a fully customizable planner 
  •  get Passion Planner’s beautiful bound planner with the faux-leather cover and amazing high quality paper (pictured above) on Amazon* (if you’re a Prime Member you can get free shipping) or more variety of color cover, dated vs. undated, or Sunday vs. Monday week start in the Passion Planner shop


2. Learn Everything You Need to Launch and Grow an Online Business with Busy Moms Building E-course

 Busy Moms Building e-course is an amazing resource to launch and grow an online business. Full of valuable videos, actionable worksheets, planners and an e-book, this course has everything you need to start your online business off on the right foot and achieve your work from home dreams.


I honestly think Monica underpriced the incredible amount of work and information she put into this course. Busy Moms Building*  takes you step by step what you need to think about before you start your business through building your network and growing your customer base. 

What makes this course awesome:

  • While 95% of blogging and business courses won’t touch the financial and legal aspects of setting up a business and tell you to talk to an accountant and lawyer, Monica dives in and brings the accountant and lawyer to us in videos to discuss exactly what kinds of things we need to do and WHY. While the advice may not replace the need to hire professional services, at least the videos gave me plenty of things I can get done on my own now, and what I need to research down the road so I can be a more informed client and hopefully reduce my lawyer’s fees. The lawyer covers type of business to setup, disclosures your blog needs now, the difference between copyrights and trademarks, and contracts you need and what provisions they must contain. 
  • Other expert bonus videos from coaches and branding experts
  • each of the 12 modules has at least one video (but most of them have multiple videos) ranging from 6 to 44 minutes
  • actionable and useful worksheets so you can work through your blog or business to implement her recommendations
  • free bonuses including her e-book of the same name, 101 Free Website Traffic Ideas, Launch an E-book in 30 days spreadsheet and blogging and family budget planners
  • relevant to all types of businesses, both product and service based, good for people like me who are unsure what type of business to pursue but know they want to work from home

This course is worth the $147 price tag on it’s own but what’s even better? This is just ONE of the courses in the Ultimate Work at Home Bundle, $1,500 worth of resources on sale for a limited time for only $47! Other favorites of mine in the Work at Home Bundle include:

  • the Rockin Virtual Assistants Course by Sadie Roach
  • Live: Creating a Life You Love by Mandi Ehman
  • Spend Less, Work Less by Loralee Hutton
  • Tell Your Time: How to Manage Your Schedule So You Can Live Free by Amy Lynn Andrews
  • Mom Boss on a Budget by Holly Chubb
  • The Work at Home Survival Guide by Caitlyn Pyle

Grab the Ultimate Work at Home bundle here* while you still can!

Investment = $47 for the Ultimate Work from Home bundle* that includes this phenomenal course and $1,500 worth of other resources too!


3. Master Your Productivity with Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen


There are tons of productivity tools on the market and the Ultimate Work from Home bundle* I mentioned has some valuable resources in it (including Amy Lynn Andrews’ book Tell Your Time). But the productivity book that STILL stands above the rest for me is Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity* by David Allen.

I listened to it once before on CD* back when I worked outside the home full-time and it got overwhelming trying to translating everything in my head onto an organized way. I did not have a sustainable system in place so I completely failed at achieving “stress-free productivity” which was the goal for me. Is stress-free productivity one of your goals?

But I reread Getting Things Done* once I discovered bullet journaling and the Passion Planner I talk about in #1 above.  I can’t say that I’ve got everything completed on my to-do lists, but I CAN say that this book has been life changing in the way it taught me to FINALLY capture all my ideas and to perform an effective weekly review to continually improve my productivity and minimize my stress. I can’t say I’m 100% stress-free but I am stress-free when it comes to my productivity. I know I’m making the best use of my time at any particular point and giving my family my best. 

Investment = $0-$30: Borrow it from the library for free or buy the paperback, hardcover or CD on Amazon* 


Starting a work from home business is not going to be easy. It will take hard work, dedication and perseverance. Do YOU have what it takes? It’s time to stop fantasizing about pursuing a career you truly love and start taking steps to make your dream life a reality. With these 3 inexpensive and amazing resources, you can start your dream business for less than $50 TODAY! Together, we can make this happen. Ready? Let’s do this! 


Until next time, keep chasing those dreams and celebrating your small victories!


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3 Amazing Resources Busy Moms Need to Start a Work From Home Business. Conquer the overwhelm and or fear that it is too expensive to start a work from home business. You can grab these amazing resources for less than $50 and achieve your work from home dreams starting now.

3 Amazing Resources You Need to Start a Work From Home Business. You can start chasing your dream life now for less than $50!

50 Resources for less than $10! Everything you need to learn about launching and growing a profitable online business.



  1. I so admire your dedication and vision. I am constantly distracted by new ventures and adventures. Maybe I need one of those courses to keep me on track. Thanks for all the heat refommendations (even though I am addicted to my bullet journal right now). 😉

    1. Thank you, I can understand your addiction to your bullet journal, I bullet journal in my Passion Planner and I’m pretty obsessed with it too. But the PP is helping me stay on track because getting distracted is my problem too.

  2. Wow, I never knew there exist a online service that would help you to improve your online business like Ultimate Work at Home Bundle. It is worth considering.

  3. I received a planner at an event and it totally changed my days. I loved being so organized but then I got out of the habit of writing in it. I need to start using it again.

  4. I love working from home and some people may think it’s so easy but its true what you said. You HAVE to be efficient with your time and not fall through the cracks because then things don’t get finished.

    1. Yes it will! A fellow passion planner user, anadelplans, recommended using the the monthly reflections as a weekly review instead and it’s game changing to see what worked during the week and what needs to be improved on. Seriously love this planner!

    1. Learning is the best thing you can do to grow your business. I love when people share their expertise with each other so we can all thrive in a tough market.

  5. I love the idea of a passion planner, I am now self-employed which is something I am really thankful for since my son was born but I definitely want to expand it into a full business

    1. I’m trying to expand into a business too and this planner has been so motivational to me. Every week I feel good that I can check off some goals and see how my time was spent if i didn’t meet a particular goal. Working from home doing something you love is a gift. What do struggle with in wanting to expand into a business?

    1. I love the Passion Planner, it’s the one planner that holds me accountable, I think it’s the monthly reflections pages I am using for weekly reviews to help me stay on track. I love taking courses to improve my blog, I listen to the videos while I clean or fold laundry, which with 3 boys, I do a lot of laundry! Makes my cleaning time feel more productive 😄

  6. Even though I have been a WAHM for almost 8 years, you have some really amazing resources here for me. I need to look into all of these! I love that planner!

    1. I felt the same way when I started going through these courses. Things are always changing and there is still much to learn to improve. And yes, the planner is awesome! Check out my Instagram to peek inside mine, I share my pages often.

  7. This is fabulous! My husband is wanting to start working from home so this will be good for him. He has been researching for a little bit now!

    1. yes, definitely! There are so many valuable resources in this bundle and it is a great steal! It’s so exciting to start a work from home business, lots of work but very rewarding. Best of luck to your husband! What kind of work would he like to do?

  8. There are so many awesome reasons to work from home! It’s the best choice especially for moms and for people who would rather not become a slave to that dreadful 9-5 routine! I think these are awesome resources to start with as well.

    1. It’s so much more rewarding to work from home and create your own dream job. Avoiding the 9-5 is making me work harder at making my dreams a reality!

  9. The Work at Home bundle is great! I have personally been loving it and I’ve been working at home for a while now. There is so much opportunity for working at home now that it really is amazing.

  10. This is awesome. There are plenty of things that you can learn from e-courses. I think a lot of people would appreciate this one, ETSY can be a little confusing if you’re new to it.

  11. I really need a course that will help me with the legal aspects of blogging because I never researched that aspect. I will consider these and the savings makes it a great deal.

  12. I really do need a good planner. I need a better way to keep myself organized and a Passion Planner sounds awesome.

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