Amazon Prime Day Deals You Don’t Want to Miss

Amazon Prime Day Deals for home, self care, planning, reading and gift ideas to save you money that you don’t want to miss.

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What is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day happens once a year on and for 2022, it’s a two day sale event for Amazon Prime members (get a free Amazon Prime trial here). They have some deals that last for the entire event and lightning deals that have deeper discounts and last only a very limited time. There is usually a clock countdown for the lightning deal items that tell you both what time a deal starts and once it does, how long until the deal ends. Lightning deals are also limited in quantity so you have to act fast before it sells out and all the special offers are claimed.

Collect Stamps to learn about Being A Prime Member and Get a $10 credit

You can do these four easy things to earn a $10 credit. Even though I already am a Prime Member, I did the 4 things and still got a credit to use! You basically learn about the benefits of being a prime member. Personally, we do take advantage of the Prime Video streaming and the Prime Kindle Lending Library and Amazon First reads benefits. Of course, my favorite feature of Prime is the free 2 day shipping on eligible purchases (which is most everything we buy) and handy because I am still avoiding the stores if I can help it because of my autoimmune disease.

2022 Amazon Prime Day Deals

I’ll be updating this page as I find Amazon Prime Day deals that are worth the money. My favorite products and things I’ve bought myself to make our life easier, and so we can have more fun! Please note, you must be logged in as an Amazon prime member to see the current Prime Day deal price and they are subject to change.

Kindle Amazon Prime Day Deals

First up, are the Kindle deals. I LOVE my Kindle Paperwhite and just bought a 2022 version a couple weeks ago. But I should have waited because the Kindle Prime Day deals are better! I still recommend the Paperwhite out of the 3 versions of the Kindle. It’s a great gift idea for you or the book lovers in your life!

8 GB Kindle Paperwhite with 3 months free of Kindle Unlimited, with ads.

8 GB Kindle Paperwhite with 3 months free of Kindle Unlimited, without ads – this is the one I have

8 GB Kindle Paperwhite Essentials Bundle includes Kindle without Ads, Fabric Cover and Power Adapter

All the Kindle deals including the base model, the top of the line Kindle Oasis and Kindle Kids

Kindle Oasis Essentials Bundle including Kindle Oasis (Graphite, with Ads), Amazon Leather Cover, and Power Adapter

Home Amazon Prime Day Deals

There are many robotic vacuums on sale but I bought the Eufy 11S robotic vacuum (lightning deal) because it’s slim, had 58K reviews, is quiet since hubby works from home and works on our hard floors downstairs and carpets upstairs. Reviewers say it transitions well from wood to carpet but I will have to make sure cords and Legos are picked up before running it (which I do anyway before vacuuming)

Shark vacuums – robotic, cordless and upright vacuums. I’ve had my eye on a new upright or cordless and I hear great things about the Sharks.

Kitchen Amazon Prime Day Deals

Kitchen Pantry Food Storage Containers

Wrap Dispenser with Cutter – get rid of the annoying aluminum foil and plastic wrap boxes with this wrap dispenser and built in cutters for your kitchen drawer

48 square glass spice jars with pour/sift lids, labels, chalk marker and funnel

Expandable Spice Drawer organizer

Kitchen Dish Soap Dispenser – I love mine, so much easier than wrestling with a slippery dish soap bottle when I’m trying to wash dishes!

GreenLife PFAS and PFOA Free Skillets – I’ve wanted some new nonstick skillets and had my eye on these

Rachael Ray Nonstick Large Flat Bottomed Wok – I have this and love it. I don’t think it’s a Prime Day special but it’s 35% off and it’s the lowest price in the last 30 days so I’m including it for you here.

Planning Amazon Prime Day Deals

I’m a fan of the Pilot pens (the Pilot Precise v5 and the G2s in particular) for planning. People love the Frixion eraseable pens and highlighters too. They are on a good Amazon Prime Day Deal right now.

Stormy Creatives Planner Stickers – Amy is a local to me small business and I love that she has her handmade stickers on Amazon with a Prime Day Special!! Check them out!

Happy Planner Academic Year 2022-2023

Zebra Mildliner Highlighters – my favorite highlighters for my planners. I wish they had this pack when I got mine.

Papermate InkJoy Gel Pens, bright colors – 20 pack, 75% off!!

Cricut Maker in Blue and Digital Content Library – 58% off (lightning deal, grab it fast) ! I don’t have a Cricut but I know lots of people love theirs. Great deal if you’re looking for one!

Cricut Explore

Books Amazon Prime Day Deals

Harry Potter Illustrated Set, books 1-3 – limited time! 48% off

Wheel of Time boxed set, books 10-12 – limited time! 63% off

Trials of Apollo hardcover boxed set, books 1-5 – limited time, 62% off

Popular books including the Last House on the Street by Diane Chamberlain (my favorite author and her newest book), House on the Cerulean Sea, Outlander series, Lunar Chronicles Boxed set, Lord of the Rings set, the All Souls Set, and many more!

Self Care Amazon Prime Day Deals

I have lost the cartilage in my feet caused by Rheumatoid Arthritis, which means I cannot walk on the ground without very cushioned shoes. It’s also meant I can’t even get in the swimming pool for the last few years because regular swim shoes are not cushioned enough and it still hurts really badly to walk/stand to get in and out of the pool. So I found these water shoes for water aerobics that some reviewers said they walked on river rocks with. I’m hoping they will allow me to get in the pool with my kids this summer! This is totally a self care thing as I know it would help me move more if I could walk in the water while they swim.

I love purses, totes and handbags as much as planners. Leather purses tend to be too heavy for me by the time you add in my planner, medicines and all the “honey/mom, do you have….” accessories I tend to carry. So I need lightweight purses. Here are my 2 favorite brands:

Vera Bradley are some of my favorites because they are colorful and unique (and I can throw them in the washer). I used one for a diaper bag for many years and now I have my eye on the backpacks. Some of these are 50%+ off!

Baggalini are made of nylon (at least the ones I had) and so they are easy to wipe down. They also got me spoiled with lots of pockets. I have a medium sized crossbody right now and it fits all I need and is so lightweight. My shoulders and joints are thankful. 40% off some of these! yay! and they last!!

Other Non Amazon Christmas in July Deals

You don’t need an Amazon prime membership for these Christmas in July deals from some of my favorite planner companies! Click on the links for more info.

Erin Condren Planners Free shipping on orders of $50 or more. See my Erin Condren planner recommendations and answers to FAQ

Inkwell Press Planners – free shipping within US and Canada, free pen loop and all three of colorful sticker packs free when you use promo code 48HOURS at checkout. Offer valid July 12 and 13 only.

Cultivate what Matters up to 60% off Warehouse sale – beautiful journals, bible journals, notepads, conversation starter decks, intentional action card decks, art prints and more. Some items as little as $3! This shop is dedicated to help you live with intention, and grow from where you are. Inspiring and encouraging accessories. My favorite Powersheets goal planner and their new reading journal are out of stock but I hope they restock that reading journal! Free shipping on orders of $75 or more.

Simplified Planners – 2022 planners and 2021-2022 planners (end in July 2022) are on sale. If you don’t mind redating the 2021-2022 planner or just want to test out the paper, the 2021-2022 daily planners are only $10. I love the Simplified Daily planner and reviewed it here if you want more details.

Passion Planner – Get a FREE Daily Elite Black V1.0 Planner with ANY Paper Sticker Book or Passion Highlighters 12-pack! Great way to try out the daily planner and I love the Passion Planner stickers and highlighters! A good deal!

Wonderland222 Planners – 40% off overstock sale on 2022 planners with the wonderfully thin 52 gsm Tomoe River Paper. if you want everything in one slim, portable book then these planners are for you. This is what I’m currently using, see it on Instagram: my monthly, my weekly that I use for a review and daily bullet journal style pages. The Wonderland planner is a great hybrid bullet journal planner and the best planner for ADHD (the owners both have ADHD and in the Facebook group, one of them wrote all about how they designed it for people with ADHD because it both has enough structure so you don’t get overwhelmed, but then enough blank space and generic headings so you can customize and be as creative as you like. I have suspected I have ADHD and I can see why I’m loving it so much right now and it’s fitting my needs to needing everything in one place, having trackers I want already drawn out and then plenty of blank space to keep up with all the chaos and ideas running through my head.

National Planner Day Sales

National Planner Day is typically on August 1st. Here are the 2022 National Planner Day Sales I’ve found so far. It’s a great time to try out a new to you planner!

  • Day Designer: 20% off a Flagship daily or weekly with the code FLASH20. Ends today
  • Erin Condren: 20% off all planners, ends tomorrow
  • Emily Ley: $10 off academic year planners and discounts on school supplies whether you are a teacher or student (pen/cil pouches, printables, pens. notepads and more) Teachers get an extra discount too! I’m going to order their new homeschool planner so I can review it for you!
  • Inkwell Press: enter a giveaway for a free planner on their Instagram account, ends today.
  • Silk and Sonder: get $10 off your first purchase of $19.95 or more (first time customers only) . Use within 30 days.
  • Amplify Planner clearance: you can get an outdated (a previous quarter’s) planner for $10. It’s easy to redate and try it out so you can see if you like it.

Planner Sales August 2022

More planner sales in august 2022.

Full Focus Planner – 10% off using code TANYA10 for new customers. New fall colors out and a portfolio size on a coil!