April Achievements and May 2014 Personal Goals

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Each month, I’ve been blogging about my progress in achieving my 2014 personal goals. Getting my goals down on my blog helps me focus on what I want to accomplish and at the end of the month, check my progress against what I set out to do.  It helps me stay accountable and motivated to achieve my 2014 personal goals.

And I thought March went fast, April flew and here we are halfway through May already! Here are some of the April achievements in my quest towards my goals for the year.

    • Home – Our container garden is thriving, more lettuce than we can eat but we are trying. Blueberries and strawberries were planted and seem happy.
    • Home – Sold about 100 outgrown kids’ outfits. It feels good to get them out of the house but just a tip of the iceberg.
    • Family – We took a field trip to a kid’s museum
    • Reading – Finished 4 books, that’s a good reading month for me!
    • Blogging – Had a record # of pageviews in one day and lowered my bounce rate 🙂
    • Using my weekly planner to focus and accomplish my weekly goals, it’s really been helping me!
    • Blogging – 15 blog posts.
    • Blogging – My free weekly planner printable based on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, now available as a Google Doc,continues to be my most popular post followed closely by my 50 Bookish Things to Do, a bookish bucket list
    • .

    • Blogging – Small Victories Sunday linkup ended April with 70 great posts linked up. I’ve met many new bloggers who inspire me to be a better parent, patient, cook and reader. I’m so excited to watch this linkup grow and encourage each other to celebrate the positive, inpsiring small victories in our lives!
    • Financial – registered with Remistart and received $2800 to help with my out-of-pocket Remicade costs.

So now we can say Goodbye April and half of May! Uh yea, some of my goals are still carried over from the prior month, seriously need to tackle home clutter! I’ve been enjoying sharing my journey towards achieving my goals with you…one small victory at a time!

1. Make exercise a priority, 4 times a week. With the pool opening next week, this should be easier to do!
2. Floss, everyday…because Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) impacts my gums, I can’t afford to slack anymore!
3. Achieve my goal for ideal weight, the one my joints feel the best at. As of today, about 7 5 to lose – avoid sugar!
4. Track food, sleep, exercise and RA symptoms to better understand if there is a connection to foods I eat and RA. I know weather, hormones and stress impact my body already.
5. Drink more water, at least 64 ounces a day.

Home Organization
6. Organize two areas in the house.
7. Sell outgrown kids’ clothes and toys.
8. Pick up paint samples for kitchen and 2-story family room.

Family Fun
9. One new field trip/fun outing a week with Daredevil.
10. Start teaching kids piano. We have a piano and although I can no longer play, I really should encourage the kids to. They love music and art!
11. Make Mother’s Day and Father’s Day presents.

12. Accomplish 2 items from my 50 Bookish Things to do Before I Die list.
13. Read 2 books.
14. Read 25 books with my kids.

15. Share more recipes!
16. Increase monthly pageviews by 1,000.
17. Add 5 more linky parties to my Linky Party Page.

18. Save $300 towards my $1000 annual goal in groceries.
19. Stay within our budget.
20. Stay debt-free (besides mortgage).

What are your May 2014 personal goals? Share with me the tools that help you get organized or save you money! Be sure to link up your goals posts or achievements in the linky below. Thanks Tammy at Creative K Kids for sharing this linky and inspiring us to reach our small victory at a time!


  1. You are killing it in the goals department! I am so inspired by these posts. I have been feeling unproductive lately and I know that’s because I’m not taking the time to write my expectations and goals out each month. Time to start doing that and linking up with you!

  2. Way to go, Tanya! From your goal update looks like you’ve made some great progress.

    I finally achieved my water intake goal this week after missing it for weeks on end. That was my victory for this past week. 🙂

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