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Armchair BEA wraps up today and what a fantastic event it has been!

Blogger Shout-Outs. My favorite part of events like these is meeting new-to-me bloggers. Here are some of my favorites that I met or got to know better this week:

1. Lexxie at Unconventional Book Reviews for great discussion, her recommendation and support for using the Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin and I enjoy reading her reviews on books outside my usual genres. I won her giveaway of 3 Paulo Coehlo books and I can’t wait to read them! Thanks Lexxie!

2. Michael at Literary Exploration for bringing up a good point about writing negative reviews. He enjoys classics, cultural books and has a great list for the 1001 books to read before you die on one of his pages. He mentions in his wrapup he was looking to connect with other male book bloggers, not sure how many he found but Adam at Roof Beam Reader is great too.

3. Julie and Rose at Chapter Breakfor their unique blog design and I like their tag team approach. They have lots of giveaways and have introduced me to some new-to-me books.

4. Lisa at Lit and Life since she blogs about both books and family life and is a member of the Classics Club. I like that she takes part in a Pin It and Do It Challenge. As much as I stalk Pinterest for recipes and have tried out a number of them, I totally want to do that. Can I? It’d be my first non-reading challenge!

5. Kim at Bookmark to Blog. She hosts the Monthly Keyword Challenge that I have been doing but I enjoyed conversing more with her this week. She wrote a great post about being true to yourself which was spot on and a great reminder for new and veteran bloggers alike. I won her giveaway for a Women’s Prize for Fiction book and chose Where’d You Go, Bernadette? I can’t wait to read it, thanks Kim!

Cheerleading! Yay!
I was a cheerleader and visited over 100 blogs and commented on at least 45 a day (which is why I haven’t had a chance yet to respond to those of you that stopped by but…I will!) It was great filling up my Bloglovin and email with all these blog subscriptions of new-to-me bloggers. I look forward to discussing great books with many of you.

Post Recap
I posted more this week and actually kept up with the agenda. I was so excited to write about the various topics that I could not pass up the opportunity to share my thoughts.

Day 1 – Introduction – Get to Know Me! and Classic Literature Recommendations.
Day 2 – Blog Development and Best Books Read in 2013 by Genre. This was one of my favorite days getting ideas from other bloggers on ways to improve our blogs.
Day 3 – Giveaway Day and Books that won my Thanks for Changing My Life Awards. Each phenomenal in their own ways, changing my perceptions and making me appreciate the life and blessings I have.
Day 4 – Ethics and Non-Fiction Books. Ethics was another great discussion topic.
Day 5 – Keeping motivated, keeping it “real” and my kids’ book recommendations
And finally today’s wrap up and World Fiction Recommendations

I will definitely be participating in this event again. It was more than I usually post in a week but I felt like they were great discussion topics. The one suggestion I would have for next time is to post the full set of discussion prompts on the agenda so we can better prepare our posts. On the day where I posted the books that changed my life, the agenda said to talk about books that changed our lives and then on the link-up there were other questions I would have liked to weigh in on. It would help people like me schedule our posts better. But that’s a minor thing and overall I thought it was well organized and a lot of fun. I really liked the Behind the Scenes posts inside the BEA and pictures from the actual event. I so would’ve loved to be there for the Capstone Young Readers display, it was covered in our favorite Justice League superheroes encouraging kids to read, we love the Justice League AND reading in this house!

Thanks to all the organizers for a fantastic and phenomenal event, you’ve got a fan in me! See ya next time and till then around the blogosphere.

*****World Fiction Recommendations*****

I saw Becca at Lost in Books wrote her recommendations in world fiction, a genre that was not specifically addressed during the Armchair BEA. I love reading about other cultures and journeying around the world through a book and decided to give you my recommendations as well.  For more books I read as part of my Around the World in 80 Books Challenge and a map of the places I’ve traveled to through books, click here.

Picture links to my reviews:


snow flower


sarahs key


book thief

secret daughterthe world we found

Not Yet Reviewed but Coming Soon…(links to Goodreads)

Covers Netherlands, Switzerland, Qatar, Iceland, England, and interesting research on the happiest and saddest places in the world

geography of bliss


girl with a pearl earring

Well that wraps up Armchair BEA for me, what was your favorite part of the event? What other bloggers did you enjoy meeting (besides yours truly)?  Which discussion was your favorite?  Thanks for joining me this week and hope to keep the conversations going.  As always, happy reading!

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  1. Yay! Thanks so much Tanya! This week has been awesome and I have loved getting to know other bloggers better. It’s been fun hosting my reading challenges this year but I often feel bad that I don’t have the time to follow and comment on each and every persons blog who is participating. I’m super glad I got a chance to converse with you some more though.

    1. I can imagine it’s a lot to keep up with all the reading challenge participants monthly and do your own reading/post writing. You host so many challenges also! I’m still contemplating the Nerdy Non-Fiction challenge since I’ve been reading quite a bit of non-fiction lately.

  2. WOW – what an impressive blogging week for you! All those posts and visiting so many blogs, too. That is fabulous. I did a few BEA posts and visited about 10 blogs a day (a lot for me!)…but then I had no time to write any reviews!

    I just finished The Book Thief (for the second time) last night and loved it again! I also loved Thrity Unrigar’s The Space Between Us. And I still need to read a Lisa See novel – keep meaning to get to that.

    Hope you enjoy your books this week –


    Book By Book

    Big Book Summer Challenge

  3. Thanks for explaining a little more about World Literature – I was confused by it as a genre – but I get it now 🙂 I do read authors from quite a lot of different countries, and I also love it when the action in a novel takes place somewhere else than Europe or US / Canada 🙂

    It’s been really great to chat with you this week, and I look forward to getting to know you better, Tanya 🙂

    Have a wonderful week with lots of great reads!

  4. It was great getting to chat with you this week and getting to know you. Wow, 100 Blog! I did about half that, and didn’t comment as much as I had wanted to but I am working on that. One of the things that I learned this week is that it is important to comment and be an active part of the community, so I am trying to comment on at least 5 or 6 different blogs every day now.

    1. lol, yea I see that men are quite a minority in the blogosphere. You’re very welcome Michael, I look forward to talking with you more. I never really watched Gilmore Girls but Rory does have quite a list of books she read. What a unique challenge that is!

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