Biannual Blogathon Bash – June 2014


The Biannual Blogathon Bash is here and starts today!  A chance to catch up on our blog to do lists, learn new concepts in mini-challenges to improve our blogs and network with other hard-working bloggers.

My goals are short and sweet this weekend:
1. Post to sign up for Book by Book’s Big Book Summer Reading Challenge.  scheduled!
2. Wrap up post for Spring Reading Thing Challenge. – done, find my wrap up here, I was pretty happy with it.
3. Finish button for Around the World in Books reading – Choose Your Own Adventure Challenge that I will be launching on July 1st. – done! And I can’t wait to show it to you.
4. Finish updating a recipe post. – scheduled!
5. Find which book reviews and recipes are missing from the indexes. – done, 4 book reviews to get into the UBB plugin.

Other Accomplishments:
1. Participated in a Twitter chat this afternoon about guest blogging. If you missed it, my first guest post was earlier in June for Just One of The Boys’ In Her Shoes series. I encourage you to share you story with my blogging friend Ginger!

If you are interested in guest blogging for me, send me an email. I really like I’m Dancing in the Rain’s Guest Series where she hosts a guest blogger once a week. That would help me get some more consistency in the busy summer months.

2. Completed 7 Key Things Your Blog Should Have mini-challenge, I have everything except consistency! Which I am working on during the Blogathon to get some posts scheduled for next week and keep momentum going.

3. Completed past mini-challenge to create a favicon, the little 16×16 picture next to the website name in the toolbar. My face since my blog initials wouldn’t fit and it matches my picture in Google authorship.

4. Having trouble with Facebook engagement like I am? I love being social on Facebook but it saddens me that only 1% of my “likes” actually see my posts. So, I started a Book Lovers Boost group on Facebook. By liking, commenting and sharing each others Facebook status updates, not only will you find other book lovers through the blogosphere but you’ll help your fellow bloggers gain exposure, reach and engagement in Facebook. And we know that’s hard to come by. It works in another group I’ve joined so thought this one would be dedicated to book lovers. You don’t have to exclusively blog about books, but if you blog about books/reading at all, please join us and invite others as well!

Are you working on your blog this weekend? What are your goals? Thanks for stopping by,  I would love to hear from you!


  1. Yes I am working on the blogathon too. My goals were to get things on my sidebar and to update a couple of my pages. I did that and some of the mini challenges.

    1. We just got back from the pool. I think now they’ll be ok with some quiet time so I can blog! 🙂 good luck Tammy, your list is impressive.

  2. Hi Tanya,

    I love your list of short but sweet goals – makes the event so much more fun!

    Have a wonderful and productive weekend and hope to catch you at one of the chats!

  3. I’d like to learn more about SEO’s and fill in more info on my posts. Focus on getting a bigger reach.

    Another goal is to focus on twitter a little more. I’m not really using it the way I could.

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