The Best Black Friday Deals for Bloggers 2019. The best blogging courses, hosting, themes and tools you need to skyrocket your blog's income in 2020.

Best Black Friday Deals for Bloggers 2019

It’s time to save money on great gift ideas and those things we need to skyrocket our blogs to the next level. Here are the best Black Friday deals for bloggers 2019!

The Best Black Friday Deals for Bloggers 2019. The best blogging courses, hosting, themes and tools you need to skyrocket your blog's income in 2020.

Black Friday is when I typically find amazing deals to improve my blog and invest in courses and systems that will help me grow my blog and business in the following year. I wanted to have one place where you could find the best deals for Black Friday 2019 if you are a blogger who needs something to make your blog business skyrocket and run smoother in 2020.

Be sure to check back often as I’ll be updating this for sales I learn about and think you will find helpful and worth the money. I only recommend what I’ve purchased or would purchase myself.

Every Black Friday since I started blogging, I’m able to score some major deals on blogging themes, hosting, courses and photos to help run my blog, make it look fabulous and learn how to grow it into a sustainable business. Here are my favorite Black Friday Deals for bloggers in 2019.

Note: This blog contains affiliate links or referral links. Purchases from these links provides a small commission or discounts towards future purchases to me at no extra cost to you. Medical and health information and these recommendations are from my personal experience and do not constitute medical advice. Please seek professional medical advice for your health. Refer to my Full Privacy Policy and Disclaimers here.

cultivate what matters black friday deal

I gush about my Powersheets intentional goal planner by Cultivate What Matters all over this blog too and I use it for my blog and personal goals. I’m even attending their live Cultivate Your Year Live event next month as a table leader. I think it’s important to start your year and month with setting effective goals for your blog, so I’m starting this post with my favorite goal planner too.

To say Powersheets changed my life is an understatement, it really helped me find focus when I was lost, break down some irrational fears I had about making money from home and growing this blog business, and cultivate more of what truly matters to me (encouraging others in the way they need it. whether it’s people I know or you do blog readers and throwing simple yet meaningful celebrations).

Cultivate What Matters is a 20% off Black Friday sale that has already started! While you can’t get the Powersheets alone at 20% off, you can get the Powersheets starter bundle for 20% off which includes the goal planner, wildcard pages, goal cards and sticker book. I have all of these things and they are gorgeous and I can’t wait to get started using them!

Everything else in the shop is 20% off and they have gorgeous calendars, notebooks and accessories and there are free gifts with qualifying purchases. These are my favorites (besides what’s in the Starter Bundle above):

The Cultivate What Matters Black Friday sale runs from now through Monday, 12/2/19 at 11:59pm. Stop by and be inspired to live your best year in 2020!

Depositphotos Black Friday Deal

Last year Depositphotos had a Black Friday deal to get 100 stock photo credits for $49, that’s about 50 cents a photo! Depositphoto has gorgeous, high quality stock photos and such a wide variety to choose from. I definitely like having these in my blogging arsenal when I can’t take my own photo for something (which is for just about everything except my planner posts).

I usually search for the particular keyword for the blog post I’m working on and see what photos come up to start. In fact, the photo for this pin image is from Depositphotos. Red and clear, vibrant images do well on Pinterest so I’m excited to see how this pin and post do.

It’s definitely a great time to stock up on stock photos especially since the photo credits never expire. I still have 61 left in my account from last Black Friday but at the rate I’ve been creating new pins for Pinterest, I will run out of those in no time. Time to snag some more. I’m hoping they offer this Depositphotos Black Friday deal again in 2019!

Last year, I got the deal from AppSumo, I’m not sure if the deal will come through AppSumo or Depositphotos itself, so we have to be on the lookout in both places!

restored 316 themes Black Friday deal

I always get antsy for a new theme on Black Friday and well, even though I loved the appearance of my old theme, it’s causing some problems in the background so I needed to switch.

I’ve heard such wonderful things about Restored316 WordPress themes from current customers in my blogging groups that I decided to take the plunge. The Restored316 themes are beautifully designed and work with the Genesis framework so they are super light and fast.

I installed the theme myself (their install services were too expensive for me with an existing site) and the documentation was excellent with videos and screenshots to help walk through all my issues. I have installed themes and got them running on my site before so I’m hoping I can do it without breaking it.

I had a plugin conflict and the documentation even helped me identify the plugin causing the issue and fix it so that the theme worked like the demo. I did need their support’s help to tweak a couple of problems that the plugin caused but the support responded right away and I was up and running in no time.

Their support is great, I’ve been working with Lani and she answered all of my crazy questions promptly. Since Restored316 has a team to respond to questions and you can email support directly if you can’t find an answer on their support page, I think that will work well for me.

I chose the Captivating theme because I love that it has:

  • another H2 heading for SEO description
  • is optimized for ad placement when I eventually qualify for Mediavine or Adthrive
  • works well for affiliate marketing
  • has a beautiful shop page to feature my products (coming soon!)
  • is compatible with Gutenberg
  • and the light and airy feel goes well with the calming vibe I want my blog to have when readers visit.

The other theme I really loved is Splendor as it has:

  • 4 business styles to choose from (the agency, blogger, photographer and author),
  • a Gutenberg block based homepage to make it easy to customize
  • clear and bold fonts
  • gorgeous email optin forms (in their demo anyway)

Market and Beloved are themes worth checking out too! I also got matching Pinterest Canva image templates because I want all the images on my blog to match. I normally put a Pinterest image in my blog post so I want it to match the theme. Luckily, that will be on sale too!

Restored316 also has a beautifully designed business planner that I have my eye on! You know how I love planners!

Restored316 will be having a 25% off sale Black Friday through Cyber Monday, 11/29/2019 through 12/2/2019, use the coupon code r316cm19 (case sensitive). Now’s the time to figure out which theme you want so you can take advantage of this great sale!

Pinning Perfect Course by Blog Clarity Black Friday Deal

I don’t know if you’ve heard me gush about Pinning Perfect but I bought it back in January of 2015 and it has shown me RESULTS. I definitely think it’s the best Pinterest blogging course I’ve taken that takes you through all stages, from setting up your Pinterest account to developing a killer strategy. The things I love most about Pinning Perfect are:

  • Free updates and lifetime access to the course. With Pinterest algorithms always changing, strategies for dealing with them change too. Students always get free updates to the latest course so you can access info when you need it and learn latest strategies. Melissa and Anna typically update it twice a year and have inside knowledge dealing with Pinterest so we know their info is accurate. I can’t remember exactly what I paid for it in 2015 (I want to say $149), but they keep updating and adding content so the price has increased by about $200 since then (and I get all that additional content and updates for free for being a current student). That’s gold, people!
  • Self-paced. I love self-paced courses so I can squeeze the content into when it is convenient for me. Separately, chronic illness and children are unpredictable. Together, I never know what the day will bring. Completing the course at my pace is essential for success. 
  • Dedicated Facebook group. Instructors Melissa and Anna are in a dedicated Facebook group where we can ask questions anytime. They also have monthly Facebook LIVE hours too to answer questions! 
  • Valuable cheat sheets. I loved their cheat sheets and strategy tips. Everything is explained in simple, practice terms.
  • Scheduling strategy. The low down on scheduling pins. I chose Tailwind and took advantage of their discount! And a super awesome spreadsheet to help track what you are pinning and where.

Anyway, Blog Clarity usually puts Pinning Perfect on sale but this year is the biggest sale ever and the lowest price they’ve ever offered it. Since the content has been updated, the regular price for Pinning Perfect is now $349 and they offer payment plans too.

With your purchase you also get holiday bonuses, including:

  • their Holiday Pinit Guide, 23 pages of awesomeness to help you take advantage of the holiday season now. It highlights the course lessons to do first so you can skyrocket your traffic and income this Q4.
  • Gift Guide Canva templates, and
  • Free Holiday Keyword Cheatsheet (which you can get now even if you don’t purchase, you’ll want this!)

For their Black Friday deal, Blog Clarity is offering Pinning Perfect for 30% off on both upfront payments and payment plans! Use the code blackfriday19 to snag this deal. Sale starts early too! You can get Pinning Perfect on sale from Monday, 11/25/19 through Monday, 12/2/19.

Adventures in Blogging Black Friday Deals

I love Lena from Adventures in Blogging, her blogging courses and e-books are always very thorough and clear. She gives great insight and breaks down complicated concepts into easy to understand lessons. I think I’ve taken just about everything she has offered and these are my favorites:

Lena’s putting almost everything in her shop at 30% off if purchased individually (Adventures in SEO is not on sale at this time), use the coupon code 30DEAL to get the discount.

But you could also get 10 of her most popular courses in a bundle that saves you 40% off. If you are new to her products, this Income and Traffic Boost Bundle is an amazing value!

Convertkit Email Marketing Black Friday Deal (and is it worth it?)

My email list is definitely my biggest asset and even though my traffic is rocky and lower than I’d like, my email list continues to grow with loyal fans and that’s what helps me earn a decent income from my blog. I can’t emphasize enough how important an email list is to a growing blog and business. An email marketing system that you use is worth your time and money investment.

Convertkit is a robust email marketing system that has nicely designed embedded forms that you can put in your blog posts to grow your email list and easy to setup tagging, automations and sequences.

I used Convertkit for a year and I loved it. I love being able to track, tag and segment my email subscribers so I could send them only what they are interested in.

The problem with Convertkit? It is really expensive especially as your list grows past 3,000 subscribers, which I just did this month (yay!). The good news is that if you know Convertkit is right for you, then Black Friday is the time to get it when they typically have a buy a year and get 3 months free sale. I hope they have it again this year for those of you who want it.

But I have to say…

I am currently with Mailerlite, which I think is an absolute steal. It has the same tagging, segmenting and workflow capabilities I loved from Convertkit for a fraction of the price. Mailerlite is about 78% cheaper than Convertkit if you paying annually for 3,000 subscribers without the Black Friday deal. I am paying $168 annually for Mailerlite until I hit 5,000 subscribers used.

I did like the embedded optin forms in Convertkit better than Mailerlite’s embedded forms out of the box. To make Mailerlite’s embedded form prettier, I use a Bluchic social media image template that goes in my blog posts and when readers click on it, it takes them to my Mailerlite form to enter their email address. This has had excellent conversion rates (at least as good as I had with Convertkit’s forms).

Convertkit offers a 14 day free trial I think and Mailerlite is free up to 1,000 unique subscribers (which is how many subscribers you emailed during the month). They are worth trying out to see how they work for you before you buy/switch. In my opinion, 14 days is too short to get a good taste of what Convertkit can do.

So is Convertkit worth the money? Well, it really depends on how big your list is. IF your list is smaller (I’d say less than 5k) AND you have the money to invest in it AND you make the time to use, learn and grow your email list, then I believe that investing your money into an effective email marketing system is worth it (maybe Convertkit if you try it out and just like it better). If you have a large audience already, or don’t have the money to invest or don’t want to make growing and nurturing your email list a top priority, then don’t pay for Convertkit until you are ready to devote the time and money investment in it.

Mailerlite is a European company so I doubt they will have any Black Friday deals. If they do, I’ll be sure to let you know. I wanted to make you aware of the Convertkit sale though if you think it’s right for your business, you definitely need to snag it at Black Friday!

New Blog Hosting Black Friday Deal

I switched to New Blog Hosting during Black Friday a few years ago, they are my current host for my self-hosted WordPress blog and domain name. I was with Hostgator and GoDaddy in the past and I really have to say I love the personal customer service that I get from the owner, David, and his growing team.

I really feel like he’s the tech guy in my corner and I go to him with any questions I can’t answer and I know he’ll give me good, trustworthy advice. I’ve used him to do a site optimization and to help me get my Woocommerce shop setup behind the scenes. Basically, whenever I have a tech question I can’t answer or need help getting something done right behind the scenes, I turn to him and he willingly helps out at a very reasonable price.

My blog has rarely been down in the years I’ve been with NBH. My blog is smaller so I have the basic WordPress package, and I recommend it wholeheartedly.

NBH offered hosting at a steal that Black Friday when I switched to him (and honestly his regular price for $50/year for the hosting is a very reasonable, competitive price). This year’s Black Friday deals for bloggers are awesome too! You can get:

  • 50% off all hosting services except for domain names (use promo code BF50)
  • 25% off Site Optimizations (only $75! – use promo code BF25)

macbook air Black Friday Deal

I couldn’t blog without my 11-inch Macbook Air.

My husband worked for PC companies for most of his career and we would loyally throw our money at a new PC after 3 years or so. They were so glitchy and virus ridden. When he switched companies, the first thing he did was go buy a Mac for himself and me one a year later, that was 6 years ago and we’ll never go back to PC’s.

The Macs are superior in ease of use, lightweight and no viruses, ever! I just wanted to share about our story in case you are a loyal PC user wondering about whether you should switch to a Mac. Obviously, i think you should, I have never regretted it.

Anyway, Black Friday is the best time to buy a Mac, and my husband has been on the lookout for the best price because he wants one to replace his 7 year old MacBook Pro too. He’s been tracking it all year and said $200 off is about the best he’s seen. Luckily, the 13-inch Macbook Airs are already on sale on Amazon for $200 off (it looks like you can’t even get the smaller 11-inch anymore) and this MacBook Pro is $400 off!!

I already got my new MacBook Air I got on a Black Friday sale and it’s sooo nice, light to carry and fast!


I love pretty designs and I know how invaluable well designed images and products can bring readers to your blog and turn them into customers. Unfortunately, I am in no way a graphic designer.

So I rely on professionally designed templates and Kara from Simplifying DIY Design does some of my favorites, including:

  • Complete Blogger’s Toolkit – which she just updated to include 459 images and product templates!
  • Product Creator’s Toolkit – which not only gives you templates to create products like ebooks, workbooks and planners but also walks you through developing your product idea and funnels to launch your product.
  • Holiday Template Toolkit
  • Mega Pin Creators Bundle

Kara is having a great Black Friday sale including 20% off and special Bundle deals. Get all the info at her Black Friday sales page.

bluchic themes and templates black friday deal

If you are looking for a new theme that does not require the Genesis framework or beautifully designed Canva templates for social media, landing pages and so much more, you will love Bluchic’s themes and templates Black Friday Deal.

I started off using Bluchic’s Canva social media templates and you see them for a lot of my pin, blog post and Facebook images. They have definitely helped some of my pins go viral in the past couple years and are so easy to drop in your own image, change the text, save and you’re done.

Bluchic has made preparing beautifully designed pins and social media images so easy for me that I went and bought their landing page templates to use for my products sales pages and tripwires and freebie library templates to update my freebie library (so excited to do this!)

If I didn’t have Genesis, I would totally get their newest ChicShop theme focused on selling products (and if I was a service provider, I would get their ChicServe theme).

Bluchic will be having great Black Friday deals and bundles for you. They will have 30% off everything in their shop and awesome ChicShop and ChicServe and social media, landing page template bundles too! You can start getting the deals on Thanksgiving night 11/28/19 at 9pm ET and the deal ends on Monday, 12/2/19.

Inkwell Press Planner – sALE ENDED 11/22/19

Inkwell Press planner would make great planners for juggling your home and blog life. They have the highest quality paper of all the planners I’ve compared, possibly in the market. They have their traditional ringbound and new discbound systems so you can customize your planner to get exactly what you want.

They have neutral colors and gorgeous covers which makes them perfect for a professional blogger, work from home mom or virtual assistant. I’ve got my eye on that pacific blue vegan leather discbound planner with daily pages, weekly kickstart pages, goal pages and lots of notes pages!

I had to go ahead and tell you about this because their sale is a Not Black Friday Sale. Their emphasis is on their family during the holiday so they are having a Not Black Friday sale that ends tomorrow 11/22/19 on eligible purchases. Get $10 off purchases of $50 or more, $30 off purchases of $100 or more and $60 off purchases of $150 or more! Go see what beautiful customizable discbound planners Inkwell Press has to offer and build a perfect blog and life planner!

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Well, I hope you found some great Black Friday deals for bloggers that will help you take your blog and business to the next level in 2020 and beyond! What’s at the top of your blogging wish list. Be sure to let me know in the comments or email me at tanya{at}momssmallvictories{dot}com if you need help deciding if a particular resource is right for you. I’d be glad to help you on succeed on your blogging journey!

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