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Felicia at the Geeky Bloggers Book Blog is hosting a fitness challenge inspiring book bloggers to walk 30 minutes a day during October.  A month of walking to get in better shape and improve fitness before the irresistible food of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I decided to join in the challenge because I’ve been indulging in a few too many sweets during my birthday month and I can tell the negative impact it has on my energy level and joints.  Having Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), it’s especially important to keep my weight in checks and my joints moving. Walking is the best, low-impact exercise to improve my mobility.  Since my kids aren’t getting any slower, I need to help myself get faster!

If I don’t get outside to walk for 30 minutes, I will walk on the treadmill and my treat will be to read while I walk. I don’t normally read during the day and the desire to keep reading may help the time go quicker or maybe I will even walk longer than 30 minutes. I will be trying to walk or exercise every day.

Need more convincing to join Felicia, other book bloggers and I on this fitness challenge? Well, she’s hosting a giveaway to participants so sign up now! Here’s more info about the challenge from Felicia’s website:

Alright I am going to get a little fitness orientated for the month of October.  Leslie Sansone is doing a Slimmer byThanksgiving 30 day challenge.  No purchase necessary and you can play along on Twitter. I thought it would be super cool if we could get a group together to keep each other on track!

Here is my plan:

  1. I will do a post on Oct 1rst announcing that it is time to get your walk, run, fitness on!
  2. For the month of October I will be following the hashtag #bookblogwalkers on both Facebook and Twitter!  If you decide to play along then just use that hashtag! If you want to include her hashtag, it is #whyiwalkathome
  3. Every Sunday in October I will be doing a shout out to all the blogs that participated (5 to 7 days) on Facebook, Twitter, and here on the blog.  Figure it will be fun to see who is getting their walk on!
  4. At the end of the month, I will put all the participants names in a hat and giveaway a $10 amazon gift card!

So what do you think?  Can you commit to 30 min a day for 30 days?  I am really looking forward to getting my heart a little healthier before I destroy it with Thanksgiving, Birthday, and Christmas Food!

Ready? Sign up here!

So, will you join us? Stop by to cheer me on, I will need the extra motivation to keep going! What do you do for exercise? How often do you exercise? How do you keep motivated to stick with a routine?

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  1. That’s great motivation! Good for you for getting out and moving. Sweets are just the worst! They’re sooo good but sooo bad too 🙂 Like a terrible paradox given to us by the universe. Enjoy the walking. It’s my absolute favorite exercise to do and so easy to work into your day.

    1. Thanks Stephanie, the boys and I took a gorgeous walk today at lunch. I gotta agree with you on the sweets, “a terrible paradox given to us by the universe” sounds about right to me. I know I shouldn’t indulge, but I do. Thanks for stopping by!

    1. It is hard to get to every day Tammy, I hope by changing it up often that I will stick with it. I hope! I fall off the wagon too easily but really need to do this!

  2. It is hard to find space walking around here. I ‘d prefer return to my weight training routine. It’s been a long time I have missed it. you have remind me to prevent the fat before Christmas and birthday party. LOL. Thanks a lot.

  3. Two weeks ago I decided that i would walk at least 10,000 steps a day, so this fits in perfectly with what I am feeling right now. Not only that, I want to keep upping my minimum. Great idea guys, see you all on Twitter. @SeeTanyaRead

  4. I’m not a book blogger, but I need to be walking 30 minutes a day! I was just telling Ashley this yesterday! I was doing so well with exercise at the beginning of the summer, then it just sort of collapsed. I am taking your post as a sign that I was on the right track yesterday and I need to devote 30 minutes a day to exercise! You go, book bloggers! You’ve inspired me! 🙂 –Lisa

    1. I know what you mean Lisa, I get in my fitness spurts and then fall off the wagon quite easily. I hope you do and stop by and keep me motivated! I usually do great for a week but need to make it 3 weeks to make it a habit.

  5. This sounds so motivating! It’s always great to use challenges and groups to stay with fitness and weight loss goals. I know you’ll be able to stick with this for sure! Thanks for sharing with us at Mommy Monday! xoxo

    1. Thanks Brittnei, it’s hardest for me to get through the second week. I really need to make exercise a habit because I can’t give up sweets!

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