Book Review: Finish What You Start by Craig Copeland

Book Review: Finish What You Start by Craig CopelandFinish What You Start by Craig Copeland
Publication Date: 2010-03-31
Pages: 274
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Synopsis from Goodreads:

“Want to achieve your goals? The Top 1% get things done, and their methods have been distilled into five simple principles. Using them, you can create dynamic results for successfully reaching your goals. This easy-to-understand valuable guide is your blueprint for taking your personal and business objectives to fulfillment. Whether your desire is to create the next great idea, enrich your lifestyle, strengthen your objectives, improve your career status, increase your finances, enhance your health & fitness, elevate your relationships or you just can t figure out the next step, this book is for you. You ll discover how to: – Gain more Drive, Momentum, and Creativity- Increase your Energy and Focus while Eliminating Roadblocks- Break through the “Limitations” ceiling that’s holding you back- Eliminate Fear, Anxiety, and Overwhelm- Get Greater Results by Learning the Secret to taking the “Self” out of Self-Help- Master Time Management and Productivity.”

My Thoughts:

I bought this book because the title seemed to address just the problem I have being the queen of procrastination and finding excuses. I start off plenty of projects or goals with enthusiasm but my enthusiasm wanes and eventually it’s like pulling teeth to get me to finish. That box when we moved into our house that my hubby labeled, “Tanya’s Box of Unfinished Projects” is still unfinished and it’s been 12 years. I hoped that Mr. Copeland’s book would give me some insight to help me overcome the lack of self-discipline that prevents me from reaching my personal goals.

Mr. Copeland describes 5 Power Principles in achieving your goals. They are good insights, common sense, and reasonable to execute for accomplishing your large, purpose of life goals.

The Good: I found the exercises very useful. I need to invest more time in completing them and I liked his ideas of stretching beyond your comfort zone and overcoming fears. As an introvert, it is not always easy for me to strike up conversations with strangers or express myself clearly verbally. He gives good suggestions on how to overcome the anxiety of dealing with people you don’t know and the reassurance that it takes practice to make progress. His advice on the kinds of people to surround yourself with and those to avoid are common sense but worth repeating to prevent the reader from falling into a destructive rut.

The Bad: He focuses quite heavily on the first 2 principles so the book seems very redundant and drawn out. It’s easy to lose focus and start skimming when he drones on. The goal was to finish what I started so I wanted to finish the book but it was difficult to get through the redundant parts when I had already received the message. I also hoped that his solutions would focus on how to change my mentality and help myself overcome my obstacles. I feel pressed for time as it is, so his suggestions to increase personal interactions with people I don’t see everyday is going to be difficult. Worthwhile, yes, if it’s a life long dream you are trying to pursue but my goals are not that lofty.

The Ugly: Mr. Copeland worked as a Personal Assistant to many celebrities and top executives. After all the point of his book is to share the strategies these top 1% of people used to earn their success. However, I did not like how Mr. Copeland name dropped without dropping names. I understand him needing to maintain his client confidentiality, so then why say that he worked for this A-list celebrity who is still a household name today when the details he gave about the situation provided no added value?

Overall, I think I will find this book more useful as I dedicate more time to the exercises which will provide more insight into what are my roadblocks to completing my goals. My personal goals that I thought of during the exercises were pretty simple. I am not looking to make a life-altering change at this time. His principles will not apply to many of my simpler goals. However, I think this book is useful for larger goals like if you wanted to be the top 1% of your profession, start a business or nonprofit organization, fulfill your life-long dream or change your career.

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Are you scatter-brained like me and start lots of projects at once? Or are you focused on one project at a time? What books have you read that motivate you to want to finish what you’ve started? Leave me a comment and let me know! As always, happy reading!







About Craig Copeland

From Barnes & Noble: “Craig Copeland is the owner/founder of the Reach Now Institute, whose mission is to increase their clients’ personal and professional success by training them to finish what they start.

Prior to Reach Now Institute, Craig worked for 15 years as a high-level Personal Assistant for some of the top CEOs of major corporations, Entrepreneurs, Venture Capitalist, top Producers, Directors, A-list actors, Grammy winning performers, and heads of major movie studios. In 2009 he was chosen by Celeb Staff Magazine as one of the Best of the Best Personal Assistants. His first book, The Celebrity Assistant’s Handbook is considered to be an authoritative nuts and bolts guide for the industry.

He served for several years as the Executive Personal Assistant for two top motivational speakers and trainers; Eben Pagan, and Neil Strauss. Through Pagan, Craig learned the keys to successful seminar programs, impactful marketing promotions and writing books that sell. Craig was a guest speaker at Strauss’ workshops and assisted in creating seminar programs. For several years, Craig has been a featured speaker at numerous events.

Additionally, Craig has worked for several years as a trained Crisis Intervention Counselor, logging hundreds of hours counseling, and working with people on how to improve their lives to make a difference.

Craig’s life goal is his foundation, the Theophilus North Foundation, the focus of which is to enable third-world children to be fed, clothed and attend school.”


  1. Well…I think I have the same box of unfinished projects! I love a good self-help book, but I am like you and I think that name dropping (or lack thereof) would drive me crazy. If it doesn’t add value – leave it out.

    Thanks for sharing – I will add to my list of things I should consider reading. #throwbackthursdaylinkup

    1. Thanks for commenting Heather. I think this book would be helpful when deciding to pursue a new endeavor, business or life changing event. Perhaps I should have reread it when I was deciding to leave my full time job to become a SAHM mom 🙂

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