Book Review Policy

Welcome to Mom's Small Victories! I'm Tanya. Planner addict, avid reader, recipe hoarder & world traveler through books & food. Inspiring you to celebrate life & THRIVE with chronic illness.


Hello, I’m Tanya, the reader who can’t seem to read enough to quench my bookworm tendencies and writer behind Mom’s Small Victories. With a mountain of books I own but have not read yet,  I am currently only accepting Kindle copies of books for review through my Netgalley profile. I will read it as it fits in with my schedule, I tend to read review books in the order they were received.


Take a look at my Book Review Index by Rating to see the types of books I read and enjoy before sending me the book suggestion.  I will review books within the below genres and post the review to my blog. I typically also promote the review across my social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Goodreads, and Amazon pages.  I do not accept compensation for reviews.  My reviews are always honest and I will not provide spoilers.


My Policy on Negative Reviews:

I tend to avoid writing negative reviews on my blog. I certainly appreciate the time, treasure and talent it takes for an author to write a novel. Authors pour their blood, tears, heart and soul onto the page like I pour mine into my blog. I also hope you appreciate that I cannot possibly love every book I read (though I really wish I could).


Normally for negative reviews (1 or 2 stars), I will post the star rating/review on Goodreads and in my Netgalley feedback as I track every book I read on those sites. However, I will not necessarily spend my time writing a review for my blog and promoting on social media as I do for books I like/love (3 to 5 stars). My blog is my happy place for inspiration and the things I love and want to celebrate. If I don’t have something glowing to say about the book, then I’d rather not say it on my blog. I work hard to avoid negativity on my blog for my personal health and battle against Rheumatoid Arthritis



Genres I Enjoy:

  • World/Cultural Fiction
  • Historical Fiction
  • Dystopian YA
  • Fairy Tale Retelling YA
  • Nonfiction biography and autobiography
  • Self Improvement/Personal Productivity
  • Parenting and Family Activities
  • Classic Literature
  • Chick Lit
  • Adult Fiction (not New Adult or Romance that is the primary theme)
  • Mystery/Thrillers
  • Children’s Fiction (preschool, elementary school and middle grade levels for reading with my kids)


Genres I Will Not Accept:

  • Strong Sexual Themes, New Adult
  • Westerns



My book review policy is pretty specific because I want to protect and be fair to both the author and myself, a humble book lover. Thank you for your interest in Mom’s Small Victories and I look forward to reading your latest creations!