Catching up on Writing Goals

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What better way to wrap up a Read-a-thon than with a Write-athon? Two of my favorite bloggers are hosting write-athons this week, so how do I pick between them? I won’t, I’ll sign up for both!

Michelle of The True Book Addict is hosting Sit Down & Write 4
. If you’ve got any kind of writing that needs to be done, novels, short stories or blog writing, join us there for extra motivation and comraderie.

Kristen and Kate of The Book Monsters are hosting a Monster Review-a-thon. They have a couple Twitter chats but knowing me I need to dedicate more time to just writing!

My goals for both are to:

Update 5 old reviews for the Ultimate Book Blogger plugin
Write and schedule 5 book reviews

That’s it. With my blog going down over the weekend and learning some bloggy lessons the hard way, I didn’t get to post my Small Victories Sunday post. However, today’s small victory was getting my blog back up and running today. How do you like my new blog design?

What are you reading and writing this week? What small victories do you have to celebrate?


  1. Awesome, two to motive you, good luck with your goals. I am reformatting my older posts and placing them in categories on the new website, I try to do 3-5 daily.

  2. I noticed the new design right away and love it! I especially like the gorgeous photo in the banner – did you take it? I wish I knew HOW to do some more creative stuff with my blog, but I barely seem to have time to squeeze in a couple of reviews each week!

    The writing challenges both sound great! I really need that, especially after a crazy summer with very little writing time. My oldest son moved back into the dorms yesterday and my youngest starts back to high school on Wednesday. So, I still don’t have much time for writing until next week…but I will have two quiet days to myself this week. So, maybe I will sign up, too!

    Thanks for the inspiration.


    Book By Book

    Live with CFS

    1. Hi Sue, thanks, glad you like the new design. Thankfully that beautiful header picture was one of my theme choices, I didn’t take it. But I do want to change it soon to a picture I did take, like the one on my Small Victories Sunday button. 🙂

      Hope you join in on the write-athons whenever you get the chance! Glad to hear from you!

  3. Yay for double motivation to make your goals a success! I love the design, I’m such a fan of blue. Kate always gives me the stink eye when I ask for anything blue design-wise lol. I hope you get lots done this week!

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