Clever Fox Planner Review – the Best Planner for Tight Budgets

In this Clever Fox Planner review, see the best features, pros and cons and what makes them the best planners if you’re on a tight budget. Find more super detailed planner reviews here.

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Planners can be an amazing tool to help you achieve what matters to you but they can be overwhelming and have a high price tag. Many times, people invest the money in a paper planner and then abandon it because it doesn’t work for them. So I do these super detailed planner reviews, so you know exactly what you are getting so you don’t waste your money on a tool that doesn’t work for you.

In this Clever Fox Planner review, I’ll walk you through the following to help you decide if the Clever Fox planner is right for you and your life:

  • the best features that make the Clever Fox Planners unique
  • pictures inside the Clever Fox Ultimate Achievers Planner
  • pros and cons of the Clever Fox planners
  • where to buy Clever Fox planners
  • Clever Fox discount code
  • is the Clever Fox Planner worth the money

Clever Fox has a wide array of planners and journals all with the signature colorful covers and black and white minimalist style inside. In this review, we will be talking about Clever Fox planners in general and photos of the inside pages are from the Clever Fox Ultimate Achievers Planner (the Clever Fox goal planner), which is the one they sent me for review.

For full detailed specifications about the Clever Fox Planners, please visit the Clever Fox website.

Best Features of the Clever Fox Planners

Here are my favorite features of the Clever Fox Planners that makes it unique in the planner market.

Clever Fox Planners Promote Work Life Balance

I love that all the Clever Fox Planners have elements to help you think through and promote work life balance.

The Clever Fox Weekly and Daily Planners have sections for Self Discovery, Awareness and Gratitude, goals pages split out between 8 life areas and the planning pages have sections for top priorities as well as personal to do lists so you don’t forget to schedule some time and fun activities for your self care.

The Clever Fox Achiever’s Planner takes work-life balance a step further by encouraging you to break down your “activity for today” which is a section on each daily page for you to schedule your self care and rejuvenation. It has spaces to write in your:

  • health & fitness
  • personal development
  • family & friends
  • fun & recreation
  • spiritual
  • relationship

The daily pages also have equal sized spaces for your work and personal to do lists.

Weekly AND Daily Review and Reflection Prompts

Many planners on the market have monthly review and reflection prompts and a handful have weekly reviews, but Clever Fox Achiever’s Planner is the only one I have seen that has both weekly and daily review and reflection prompts.

Clever Fox Achiever’s Planner Weekly review prompts include:

  • did i reach all my milestones? if not, why?
  • what were my 3 biggest wins?
  • what made me happy?
  • what did i learn?
  • how do i feel about my progress?
  • how will i make next week even better?

The Clever Fox Achiever’s Planner Daily Review prompts include:

  • morning review:
    • affirmation
    • grateful for, and
    • excited about
  • today’s wins
  • how i’ll improve tomorrow

If you noticed my blog is called “Mom’s Small Victories” because I am all about celebrating the small wins in everyday life. With Rheumatoid Arthritis, sometimes, cooking a meal is a small victory and on bad RA days, taking a shower is a small victory. If you have a chronic illness or struggle with energy or focus like I do, then I bet you can relate.

Celebrating those wins and writing them down is key for shifting your mindset to one where you are achieving the best you can (instead of being overwhelmed by what you can’t do). And I love that there is space for daily reflection too because by the time the end of the week comes, I honestly probably forgot my wins and successes unless I write them down!

The other Clever Fox Planners also have review pages throughout the planners, be sure to check the one you are interested in but they are very prevalent throughout the line.

Clever Fox Planners are Undated with Minimalist Design To Maximize Functionality and Creativity

I love that Clever Fox Planners are undated so you can use them when you need them. This helps you not feel guilty when you don’t feel like using your planner and keeps the footprint small so you can use up the entire book before buying a new one, no matter how long that takes. The Clever Fox Achiever’s Planner that I show in this review is 3 months worth, but the other Clever Fox undated planners vary between yearly planners (like the weekly) and 6 month planners (like the daily) so be sure to check the product description before you buy.

I also love the minimalist black and white design of the Clever Fox Planners. This allows you to use it bare bones if you are a purely functional planner who just needs a pen and a space to write down all the things. But it also allows for great creativity as well as you can add color with pens, markers or stickers as you like without worrying about conflicting with colors already on the page. The thick 120 gsm bright white paper is lovely and will hold up well to your artistry.

Clever Fox Planners are the Best Value for What You Get

I have done a lot of planner reviews, but I do think that the Clever Fox Planners are the best value for what you get. The hardcovers and bright white paper are high quality, they pack thoughtfully designed pages into their planners and the price point is very affordable. You can use my coupon code MSV10 for 10% off your order! Plus right now there is Free shipping on all U.S. orders!

Clever Fox Planners has a huge line of planners covering everything you need to manage your busy life, such as:

  • weekly planners
  • daily planners
  • goal planners
  • pro planners
  • premium planners
  • finance and budgeting
  • journals (gratitude, bucket list, recipe, self care, wedding, baby, dream, dotted and more!)
  • medical & health
  • diet & fitness
  • password books
  • record books (teacher planner, appointment book, inventory & sales, auto mileage, accounting ledger and more!)
  • travel, and
  • stickers!

Clever Fox Achievers Planner

As I mentioned, Clever Fox has a huge assortment of planners to choose from. In this Clever Fox planner review, I am showing you pictures inside the Clever Fox Achiever’s Planner as it is the one I chose for them to send me for review. The Achiever’s Planner is a 13 week planner focused on achieving goals based on breaking them down into milestones that you work through each week and day. It contains 3 monthly calendars, 13 weekly planning pages and 91 daily pages. This makes it a great alternative to the 13 week Full Focus Planner and is great for people implementing a 12 Week Year since it includes the 13th week for wrap up and strategy for the next 12 week year.

Clever Fox Planner review: pros and cons

It wouldn’t be a proper planner review, without going over the pros and cons.

Clever Fox Planner pros:

  • high quality materials looks professional and is durable
  • minimalist design promotes functionality and creativity
  • undated so you can use it whenever you need it without wasting pages when you don’t feel like planning
  • well thought out review prompts on their monthly, weekly and daily pages (depending on the planner) to help you celebrate your victories and strive for improvement
  • prompts and spaces to promote work life balance and wellness (varies by planner)
  • very reasonably priced for what you get so you can try it out and see if you like it
  • wide assortment of planners by topics including gratitude, wellness and finance so you’re planners will look nice together
  • different binding options, most planners are bookbound but they do have some spiral planners and just came out with a binder!
  • look amazing on a bookshelf and the 120 gsm paper will last!
  • comes with stickers and a pen loop
  • you can get 10% off with my discount code MSV10
  • Free shipping on all U.S. orders
  • 100% money back guarantee

Clever Fox Planner cons:

  • no dated options. You’ll need to write in dates or use stickers. I don’t think undated is a con but you might.

That’s it, that’s all I can think of for the cons!

Clever Fox Planner Discount Code

You can get 10% off Clever Fox Planners with my discount code MSV10

Clever Fox Digital Planner

To my knowledge, Clever Fox does not currently make digital planners

Clever Fox Planner Alternative

I think Clever Fox planners are great, but if you need a Clever Fox planner alternative, i’d recommend checking out the Passion Planner.

The Passion Planner is:

  • also book bound (but has a softer vegan leather cover),
  • has black and white minimalist pages,
  • comes in a variety of sizes, and
  • comes in calendar year or academic year dated or undated options.

Where to Buy Clever Fox Planners

Clever Fox Planners are available to purchase on the Clever Fox website with free shipping on U.S. orders and 10% off using my discount code MSV10. That’s a great deal!

You can also find Clever Fox Planners on Amazon and available for Prime free one-day or overnight shipping if you need it super fast.

Is the Clever Fox Planner Worth It?

My general thought is any planner is worth it if you commit to using it and giving it a good try. The Clever Fox planners are great for people who are new to planning or have trouble sticking to a planner because it has well thought out prompts and spaces to help you fill it in and document your days and review them so you can celebrate your wins and improve to make your life better one day at a time.

I think the Clever Fox planners are the best bang for your buck in the planner market. The materials are high quality, beautiful and durable and it will last you whether you want to use it and toss it or store it on your bookshelf as a keepsake.

The Clever Fox Planners work well for students, moms and professionals alike. There’s a huge assortment of coordinating planners to pick from so you can manage and organize various aspects of your life. They’re undated so you can use them when you need it and this helps you not waste money (as long as you commit to using it!). There is even a 100% money back guarantee so there is nothing to lose to try it out and see if it works for you!

I think that any planner that helps make life easier for you and helps you achieve what is important to YOU is worth it.

If you still have a question about the Clever Fox planner, be sure to leave a comment below and I’ll give you my honest feedback!

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