Emily Ley Planner: What You Need to Know

An Emily Ley planner can help simplify your life. Get the Simplified Planner reviews, pros and cons, and what you need to know before you buy.

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Emily Ley planners

There are a few different lines of Emily Ley Planners so I thought I would break them down for you and where Emily Ley planners are sold.

The Simplified Planner is Emily Ley’s signature planner and is only sold on emilyley.com. There are both a coiled daily, and bookbound weekly and monthly versions. This planner line is colorful, has some extra prep work pages and emphasizes simplifying your life.

The Dapperdesk by Emily Ley is also only sold on emilyley.com and is only available in a daily. This line is more professional with vegan leather solid covers and is a bookbound planner. There is no color on the inside and just has monthly pages, daily pages and notes pages. Very minimalist.

The Emily Ley planner at Target – ok that’s what most people think of but really this is Emily Ley’s planner collaboration with At a Glance. These planners are sometimes available at Target, Amazon, Staples and Office Depot. This line is different than her signature planners sold on her website. The paper and coil binding quality is not as good as her signature planners but they are more budget friendly and readily available especially if you are an Amazon Prime member and get free 2 day shipping. The planning pages are similar to her signature line and are available in the daily or weekly.

Emily Ley Simplified Planner

Here are the Simplified Planner reviews I’ve done and try to update each year when the new planner comes out. I write super detailed and comprehensive reviews and this is what info they include:

  • Planner specifications
  • Tons of pictures walking you through the planner
  • Examples of how I used the planner
  • How I color code and time track in the planner
  • How I use the planner to achieve my goals
  • How the planner compares to its competition
  • Best pens to use in the planner / favorite supplies used
  • Free printables that the planner company offers (if applicable)
  • Sales and coupon code info (when possible)
  • Where to buy the planner
  • The bottom line review (who the planner is good for, what makes it unique, what I like, what I don’t like, whether I recommend it)

Emily Ley Daily Planner review – aka Simplified Daily – this is one of the best daily planners I’ve used and the first daily planner I stayed in all year. I say it feels like home and I love flipping the page for a fresh start. This one got me hooked on daily planners.

2022-2023 Daily, Simplified Planner, Happy Stripe

Emily Ley Weekly Planner review – aka Simplified Weekly- this one is excellent for all the notes pages, great for a hybrid bullet journal! I looove the way these look on a bookshelf with their colorful covers and spines. I think they make great supplemental planners too like for a meal planner, home management planner, budget planner or memory planner.

2022-2023 Weekly, Simplified Planner, Navy Bluebonnets

Emily Ley Monthly Planner review – coming soon! I love this slim planner if you need a simple monthly overview for your desk.

2022-2023 Monthly, Simplified Planner, Gold Pineapples

Emily Ley Dapperdesk review – this one is great for people with busy weekends because Saturdays and Sundays have their own planning page too. Professional and elegant exterior, minimalist interior. Great for a business planner, work planner or daily diary/journal.

2022-2023 Dapperdesk, Cognac

Emily Ley Teacher Planner Review – coming soon! Can you simplify the job teachers do? I don’t know about that, but this Emily Ley Teacher Planner sure is clean and beautiful.

2022-2023 Simplified Teacher Planner

Emily Ley Homeschool Planner Review – coming soon! Emily Ley just released this homeschool planner and I’m super excited about this undated option, I think it will be great for any mom, even if you don’t homeschool because of the weekly grid format and the family core values worksheets!

Emily Ley Wedding Planner – I won’t be reviewing this one as I’ve been happily married for decades. But if I was getting married now, this Emily Ley Wedding Planner is a beautiful option!

Emily Ley Planner Pros and Cons


  • the paper is beautiful to write on, 80# smooth and bright white
  • the Simplified planner prep work pages really do focus on helping you simplify your schedule, routines and around the home.
  • the Simplicity challenge has easy tasks which you can do to simplify daily for a month (and repeat as needed). These tips are also on the monthly calendar
  • The daily weekday planning page has space for your schedule, to do list and a large notes space so you can write in whatever you need.
  • Love their accessories – especially their coordinating stickers. Pilot precise pens and notebooks


  • Wire O binding on the Simplified Daily planner can bend. If you will be carrying your planner daily back and forth to work, school or on errands, I recommend one of their planner pouches to help protect the coils during travel.
  • Similarly, the gold foil on the cover can rub off over time. planners come with a keepsake box that you could use to store your planner after the year is done.
  • The Simplfiied Daily planner has only a few notes pages. If you need a lot of notes, I recommend one of their slim notebooks to put in the front cover
  • The signature higher quality Simplfiied Daily, Simplified Weekly and Dapperdesk are only available on their website so you can’t see/feel the paper or craftsmanship before you buy. I recommend grabbing a prior year planner on sale to test it out and use my referral link for a coupon to save some money off your first purchase.

Ultimate Planner Comparison

Want to see how the Emily Ley planners compare to other popular planners in the market, check out my Ultimate Planner Comparison (and a free comparison chart) to help you decide.

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Emily Ley Books

I love to read and I’ve read a few of Emily Ley’s books. What makes her books unique is that they are like a photo book, the pages are glossy, the print is larger and they have gorgeous photos from Emily’s daily life and gorgeous home. I think it helps you connect with her as a person and they are quick and very helpful reads. I really like the quality of the physical hardcover books.

Note: She is a Christian and although the books aren’t too preachy, she does talk about her faith and the impact it has on her life.

Grace, Not Perfection: Embracing Simplicity, Celebrating Joy – my rating 4* – giving yourself grace

A Simplified Life: Tactical Tools for Intentional Living – my rating 4* – I really loved the practical advice in this one to simplify your life, home and schedule

When Less Becomes More: Making Space for Slow, Simple and Good – my rating 4*

A Standard of Grace: Guided Journal – just like the photo quality books, this journal is made in the same style and is beautiful.

Emily Ley Printables

You can find beautiful Emily Ley printables here for free to download and print as you need. It’s a great way to test out the daily, weekly or monthly format before you buy. She also has some life, home and family management printables too.

Well I hope that gives you all you need to know to make an informed decision whether one of the Emily Ley planners is right for you. Be sure to leave me a comment if you still have questions and I’ll be glad to help!

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