Erin Condren Wonder Woman Planner and Accessories Review

Peek inside the new Erin Condren Wonder Woman Planner Collection and the Be the Hero campaign. Gorgeous Wonder Woman Erin Condren planners, notebooks, stickers for you and the hero and Wonder Woman in your life.

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Erin Condren Wonder Woman collection: Be the Hero

In honor of International Women’s Day, Erin Condren released a new Wonder Woman collection for us to celebrate the superwomen in our lives who have empowered and inspired us to be stronger, healthier and better women. Recognize the heroes in your lives by sharing on social media, tag @erincondren and use the #ErinCondrenHeroProject #WonderWoman to recognize the superwomen among us.


You can order several different planner styles, including their most popular Erin Condren weekly coiled lifeplanner with a Wonder Woman themed cover (there are 5 covers to choose from). You can get the cover customized with your name or short quote or phrase and choose your color scheme. Here are the covers available:

Wonder Woman covers are also available on their:

  • deluxe monthly planners (which are great for budgeting, meal planning, a business planner, projects or fitness planner)
  • teacher lesson planners
  • academic planners, and
  • wedding planners

If you already have an Erin Condren coiled planner, then you can just order the cover to bring some Wonder Woman to your planning and life.

Erin Condren Wonder Woman Coiled Notebooks

The Erin Condren Wonder Woman coiled notebook comes with a Wonder Woman logo cover and you can choose the colors you want to customize it. The one they sent me has a dark blue and white logo colorway and is a classic lined notebook with gray and dark green stickers.

As I’ve gushed before, the Erin Condren paper is amazing. The productivity notebook they sent me has lined pages on one side and a margin for to do list tasks on the right page.

I think I’m going to use mine for either bugdeting and financial tasks/goals, to write notes for the blogging/business courses I take or for my blog and business ideas.

erin condren Wonder Woman softbound notebooks

I love the cover on the coiled notebook, but as a new bullet journaler who needs an easy bullet journal, these Wonder Woman softbound notebooks are my favorite things in the box! I received a dark blue classic lined notebook with the Wonder Woman logo and starburst embossed on the cover (the two notebooks on the top with the ribbons hanging out).

This navy Wonder Woman Erin Condren softbound notebook is my favorite! I love the inside with the gold pages and the gold leaf on the page edges. This is a GORGEOUS journal! This would be a perfect gift for the Wonder Woman in your life or for you to journal, bullet journal or record your dreams, goals and memories.

I also received the white Wonder Woman softbound notebook with the Starry sky pattern and small Wonder Woman logo in the bottom right corner. This is also a college lined ruled notebook and the title page has a golden reminder to Be the Hero. Isn’t it stunning?

The paper is amazing and although there is some shadowing of my gel pens and the Erin Condren dual tip markers, they don’t bleed through the paper. They really are perfect for bullet journaling!

Erin Condren Wonder Woman Petite journals

I received the pink Erin Condren Wonder Woman Productivity Petite Journal and the navy Erin Condren Wonder Woman Be the Hero lined petite journal. Both are beautiful, embossed with gold foil accents on the cover (shown in the photo above, the 2 journals on the bottom).

The inside of the Erin Condren Wonder Woman Productivity Petite Journal (top) has a colorful Believe You Can message on the title page. The productivity pages have spaces for notes and a right side margin for tasks and to do lists so you don’t lose sight of them. I love the color scheme on this journal!

The inside of the Erin Condren Be the Hero Lined Petite Journal (bottom) is a red with the Wonder Woman logo and college ruled lined pages. The back cover has a classic picture of Wonder Woman and gold stars.

Erin Condren Wonder Woman Stickers

I got as excited as a little girl when I saw these Erin Condren Wonder Woman stickers, the puffy kind!!! They are so pretty I don’t know if i’ll use them but they made me so happy I want to put them everywhere!

Stickers of logos, stars, Pow’s, everything you and your Wonder Woman needs to bring some power and strength to her planning and journaling. These are sure to bring a smile to your hero’s face!

Erin Condren Wonder Woman Be the Hero Lined Notepads

One thing that makes Erin Condren planners stand out above the crowd is the paper quality. Now, you can get the same amazing paper in these Be the Hero notepads, available in red and blue.

Use the Wonder Woman notepads to write a note of thanks to the Wonder Women in your life to recognize the contributions and sacrifices they made to inspire you to be the woman you are today.

Erin Condren Red Planny Pack

This red planner accessory pack holds all your favorite pens, stickers and gold ruler. It coordinates perfectly with the other Wonder Woman planner accessories.

Erin Condren Dual Tip Markers

I love the Erin Condren Dual Tip Markers, i use them to bring a pop of color to my planning and journaling pages. The pack Erin Condren sent me is the classic set with black, red and blue pens.

The bold side is inky and great for drawing attention to your page while the thin tip side is great for writing. I love to use this for color coding my tasks in my GTD capture journal. I have the 10 color set, the pastel set and the neon gel pen set. As you can tell, I love these pens!

Here’s the Wonder Woman I paid tribute to on Instagram but I used some of the dual tip markers so you could see how great they are. The colors are vibrant!

Erin Condren Metallic Markers

A stunning duo of gold and platinum bold metallic markers bring some shimmer and shine to your pages. I was surprised at how well they wrote, I thought it would be too thick, but they did pretty well.

Erin Condren Wonder Woman planners, notepads, pens and accessories are gorgeous and high quality and sure to inspire you to do and be your best. Go grab one and be sure to tag #ErinCondrenHeroProject and #WonderWoman to share the superwomen in your life.

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  1. Wonder Woman definitely rules! I was actually looking pretty seriously at the Classic Comic Life Planner since the cartoon cover was so cool. Unfortunately, the inside had nothing related to WW. It was just like several other EC planners I looked at. All you’re getting when you buy it is the cover on a regular planner. If you already had a planner, you could just order the cover only and you’d be good to go. Kind of disappointing.
    Do any other WW planners have actual WW designs on the inside?

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