Feel Good Friday: Coups for Troops Donation

Originally posted September 16, 2011…

Today’s small victory is my first donation of expired coupons to Coups for Troops.  I learned about this organization that sends expired coupons to military families overseas. They can use manufacturer’s coupons at the commissaries for 6 months past the expiration.

Certainly an easy way to help these families and a good way to recycle what I had not used yet.  I took a hiatus from couponing for a few weeks so had plenty to send.

Well for $2.22 I sent off this envelope stuffed with coupons and feel good that a military family can use these…a small token of my appreciation to troops and their families who make such sacrifices for our freedom.

Coups For Troops


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  2. Having been one of those overseas military spouses many years ago, I fondly remember the fact that we could use coupons after their expiration date. This is such an admirable cause!

    1. Hi Michelle, thanks to you and your spouse for your service. It’s the least I can do and am working on another big box to send off. I am glad to help and it is a worthy cause! If you know military families overseas who could benefit, have them email coups for troops, they had lots of volunteers collecting coupons but needed more families to send them to! Thanks for spreading the word and for stopping by! Hope you’ll visit again soon.

  3. I’m really not much of a couponer simply because I don’t purchase convenience, pre-packaged, canned or big name foods. But coupons seem to be everywhere and how simple it would be to participate in this!
    Thanks for the post – and I’ve shared it on my The Bottomless Heart FB page!

    1. Hi Cynthia, I know what you mean, so many of the coupons are for processed foods. I end up throwing out more than half the coupons I get in the Sunday paper. That’s why I was so glad to find Coups for Troops site. I signed up for their Direct Mail program so I could mail directly to the families. It’s the same shipping cost as mailing within the US. The families are so appreciative, when I am the one who is so thankful for their service! It’s a great cause and I appreciate you getting the word out for them!

      Have a good weekend! Tanya

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