Finding Sweetness Among Taxes

Few things are certain, right? Death and Taxes are a certainty, we all know.  Well, every year I say I am going to get my taxes done early and yet here we are..a beautiful Friday night and I am stuck at the computer working on our taxes 3 days before they are due.  Friday after hours is not the best time to get started especially when the bank is closed and I can’t find our tax documents or get into the online system.  So, it’s been a frustrating couple of hours to say the least.

However, in the midst of poring through emails looking for receipts for online purchases and charitable donations, I found this gem that brings tears to my eyes.

Einstein, my oldest son, is a smart cookie and overwhelms us at times with his thoughtfulness, caring and profound love for his family.  We went out to eat at a steak restaurant and sitting next to me, he takes this picture and writes,

“I love you so much so I am going to send a picture to show you how pretty you are.”

The picture he took of me
Einstein & I at Mother's Day Tea

With the constant juggling of work, home and life, I read his note and realize I must be doing something right.

I love you Einstein!


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