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Free 2015 Online Blog Planner


Free 2015 online blog planner can be used in Google Drive, Excel or printed

Update: My 2016 Free Blog planner is available now. All the same great sheets and a couple new ones to help your blog rock in 2016. Stop by and download it today!

I must confess I am a bit of a planner addict. I love shopping for planners for my personal life and blog but am super picky about what I want the planner to have. It has to have room for everything because if I can’t write it down, there is no doubt I will forget it. I have tried a couple different printable blog planners and I was always leaving it in my desk. I never had it with me when it was time to blog or needed it.

After doing NaBloPoMo in November, I realized I can do quite a bit of blogging on my smartphone when I get a few minutes and can’t grab the laptop. I relied on the WordPress app and the Google Sheets app to jot down blog post ideas, figure out my editorial calendar and start drafting up blog posts on the go (it’s amazing how much can get done in the carpool line). I always say “every little bit helps” and that is so true for blogging. There are many tasks that do not take a lot of time individually but when you add them up blogging can easily become a full-time endeavor.

I decided to create my own 2015 online blog planner in Google Sheets and share it for free with you. I got a great editorial calendar with the Content Brew Class from Blog Clarity that I took. I tweaked it and added sheets that I thought would be helpful to me and I hope to you too. Feel free to download it and customize it to suit your needs. The planner is printable if you choose to do so or you can access it in Google Sheets on Google Drive. If you have a smartphone, you can always have your blog planner with you when awesome ideas and the blogging mojo strikes.

Please note: I installed a fonts add-on in creating my online Google Sheets version as shown in the pictures. However, the Sheets app version and printable version will show a more basic font. The important thing is it works and is accessible.

Free 2015 online blog planner can be used in Google Drive, Excel or printed

Peek Inside the Planner

There are 33 spreadsheet tabs/pages in my free 2015 blog planner. Here’s a breakdown:
1. 12 Editorial Calendars – Monthly View

Monthly Editorial Calendar in our Free 2015 online blog planner can be used in Google Drive, Excel or printed

Type in your blog post idea for the respective day to see an overview of your blog content for the month. Can’t write what you thought you would or had a new better idea? Just copy and paste your idea to a different day. A separate tab for each month, January – December 2015.

2. 12 Editorial Calendars – Checklist and Social Media Promotion

Monthly Editorial Calendar Checklist and Social Media Promotion Tracker in our Free 2015 online blog planner can be used in Google Drive, Excel or printed

This version of the editorial calendar allows you to keep track of post title, date, category and status for each post. It’s my pet peeve when I hit publish and then find I didn’t set a nofollow link or featured image so I included additional columns of things to check before publishing a post. Since I am a book blogger, I included columns to cross post my reviews to Goodreads, Amazon and B&N too.

3. Evergreen Blog Post Ideas

Evergreen Post Ideas in our Free 2015 online blog planner can be used in Google Drive, Excel or printed

Evergreen blog posts are those posts that are not time specific and readers can search for anytime. Examples include book discussions, nonsponsored product reviews, recipes, home organization and blogging tips. I used to include an unscheduled draft in WordPress every time I came up with a blog post idea. The problem is if I didn’t write the post relatively soon, the unscheduled draft was pushed down further and further until it falls off the main posts page. Out of sight, out of mind. Instead, by jotting down the idea in my Evergreen Blog Post Ideas Tracker, I can access it anytime I am ready to write and I don’t lose the fabulous idea in the cemetery of forgotten drafts.

4. To Do List

To do List in our Free 2015 online blog planner can be used in Google Drive, Excel or printed

What would a planner be without a to do list? Jot down those blog maintenance tasks and things you’ve been meaning to do. I sort mine by how long I think it will take me to complete so when I have a block of time to blog, I know just what tasks I can set out to accomplish.


5. Monthly Reminders Checklist

Monthly Reminders Checklist in our Free 2015 online blog planner can be used in Google Drive, Excel or printed

A checklist to remember important monthly maintenance like backing up your blog.

6. Google Analytics Statistics

Google Analytics Stats Tracker in our  Free 2015 online blog planner can be used in Google Drive, Excel or printed

Taking some of the key elements from Google Analytics and putting it into a chart form to get a better understanding of how my readers find me and what they enjoyed reading during the month.

7. Subscriber and Social Media Stats

Subscriber and Social Media Stat Tracker in our Free 2015 online blog planner can be used in Google Drive, Excel or printed

Track number of blog and comment subscribers and followers on various social media platforms. I’m a numbers gal, I like to see how my readership is impacted from the content, linkups and events I share.

8. Income and Expenses Tracker

Income and Expense Tracker in Our Free 2015 online blog planner can be used in Google Drive, Excel or printed

Track blog income and expenses in one place and get a general idea of your blogging net income/loss. You still should hold onto your paperwork to substantiate your income and expenses but this tracker gives you a simple overview for hobby bloggers.

9. Password Tracker

Password Tracker in our Free 2015 online blog planner can be used in Google Drive, Excel or printed

I made this primarily to be printed. While much of my blogging information I am ok with being on Google Drive, I do not want my passwords on any sort of cloud. Still the tracker is here to print because it’s near impossible for me to remember all my passwords.

10. Linkup Party Schedule

Linkup Party Schedule in our Free 2015 online blog planner can be used in Google Drive, Excel or printed

Are you a linkup fanatic like I am? Linkups are great ways to get new readers to your blog and share your content with a new audience. Jot down the info regarding your favorite linkups including host URL, type of linkup (ex. recipes, books, general), the time the linkup goes live & duration and any restrictions or requirements to complete. I have taken the liberty (aka shameless plug) of adding the Small Victories Sunday and Throwback Thursday linkups I host as examples because I would love to have you link up with us!

11. Posts Linked Up

Posts Linked Up Schedule in our Free 2015 online blog planner can be used in Google Drive, Excel or printed

Do you forget what post you linked up where? Or when a post earned a Featured Blogger spot? Use this tracker to indicate which posts you’ve linked up with which parties and when Featured Blogger awards are earned.


Download Now!

I am giving away these for free and I’m not requiring you to subscribe or follow me on social media as I don’t want to bribe you into following me. I sure hope I earn your subscription with the content and hard work I provide. I will be updating this planner throughout the year, I enjoy making printables and sharing blogging tips so stay tuned!

Free 2015 Online Blog Planner – Google Sheets Version (to save a copy to your computer, go to File > Make a Copy once the file opens)

Free 2015 Online Blog Planner – PDF Version

Free 2015 Online Blog Planner – Excel Version

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Looking for more great planning and organizing printables for your blog or home? Be sure to follow my Planning & Organizing board and Blogging Tips board on Pinterest!



What is important to you in a blog planner? What tools do you find most helpful?


  1. Hi!

    I was working on this planner in 2015 and i can;t find it on my google drive anymore. Is it possible that I was working on shared file and you delete it? Please contect me.

  2. You’re very welcome, i appreciate the comment. I was working on 2016 version as we speak. I know it’s hard to stay organized and motivated and hope this helps you in some small way.

  3. Wow, that is great work.

    I will definitely be using this and I am sure this will help me to run Girl Geek In A Dress so much easier.

    Thank you a thousand times

    Lisa x

  4. This is awesome and amazing! I can’t believe I am just finding this in June! But you’ve made it so easy to use it year after year. I love Google drive, and I’ve tried developing my own planner pages, but I’ve not come close to this. Thank you.

  5. Thanks so much! It was very sweet to compile all of these. I just may try out your google drive docs. I have an irrational hatred for excel (I know it’s great) and google docs looks close to it. Maybe I can get over my Excel dislike by easing into google docs.

    1. Thanks Kim. I am a former accountant and lived off Excel for years. I can put anything in a spreadsheet 🙂 but I do really love having stats, income/expense and checklists at a glance. Spreadsheets keep it better organized and in better alignment, imho. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and giving it a try!

  6. Wow, this is amazing! I’m still new to this blogging journey & I didn’t realize how many more details there are into creating a strong post. I really like the checklist to all the social media linkups, too. Thank you for being so generous & sharing this with other bloggers. Your ROCK! 🙂

    1. Thanks Tiffani, it’s my pleasure to help. I know if it helps me, it’s bound to help someone else too. I love blogging and creating planners like this!

  7. I know I’m a little late, but I just found this. I’m starting a blog and I love how everything in your planner is organized efficiently. This will help me really get on a track and hopefully stay there!


  8. Tanya, this is by far the most comprehensive and useful blog planner I have come across. I am ashamed to admit I don’t really have an organiser with the exception of about a zillion sticky notes everywhere. I will start to use this immediately. Thanks so much for sharing such a valuable resource! Stopping by from Wednesday’s Wisdom Link Up Party

    1. Thanks Kelly! I hope it helps you get your blogging thoughts organized. Let me know how you like it when you start using it or any other sheets you would find useful.

  9. I just downloaded the excel version. I’ve never had anything for a blogging planner other than a traditional paper desktop calendar. haha I think it’s time for me to move forward with technology, huh?

    Thanks for the planner! I’ll give it a try and see how it goes!

  10. ha! I’m so glad you’ve posted this one again. I’ve been meaning to tell you that I love this planner 🙂 I thought the link-up section would be the most helpful, but it turns out the Income/Expense sheet has been the most helpful so far 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing this!

  11. This is fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing. I’m definitely going to download your ed calendar! I need to be more organized this year! 🙂

  12. Thank you so much for sharing this. I am more a pen and paper person, so I have not learned to use editorial calender yet. Maybe I should try it as well:)

  13. Wow Tanya–you thought of everything! I’m trying to get more organized with the business side of blogging this year so a planner like this would be super helpful. Thanks for sharing yours with us!

  14. Tanya,
    I’ve been blogging for years and my first year was easy to keep up content, but since then I’ve struggled, although had a greater desire, passion, and purpose to write. I’ve tried several different methods of planning and the only thing I manage to get right is using a printed one (on the computer fails me every time.)
    I love that you made this available in easy to use, pdf, printable format and I look forward to using it! I printed it all out and bound it in a small notebook for use while I’m working everyday.
    Thanks a ton!

    1. You’re very welcome Shelby. Let me know how it works out for you as you use it more. I always appreciate free resources and glad to offer one to fellow bloggers!

  15. I am new to blogging and am still figuring out the best way to plan and organize. You have provided a great resource! I LOVE using excel, so it’s the perfect place to record info and stats.

    1. You’re very welcome! I hope you’re linking up with both of mine 🙂 I love linkups and really needed to get a better way to track them. Glad you found it helpful!

    1. My pleasure Gina! I’m not familiar with the 3D linkup so I hope you let me know where that is 🙂 Let me know how it works for you or if I can help you modify it to suit your needs. Happy New Year!

      1. lol. I found you when I clicked on a link at 3D Lessons for Life’s Thought-Provoking Thursday linkup that had a link (Faith Hope & Cherry Tea) to your website. Sorry for the confusion, but God’s path clearly brought me to you for this wonderful give away. Thanks again!


  16. Wow! This is amazing. Thank you so much this must have taken some time. I can’t wait to start using it. I have a printed planner already but I have often thought it would be nice to have one on the computer that can be accessed from wherever!

    1. I hope it helps you Michelle. I kept leaving my printed planner tucked in my desk and never had it when I needed it. I’m hoping the online version helps me stay on top of things better. Let me know how it works for you or what else you’d like to see! I’m always open for constructive feedback.

    2. You’re very welcome Michelle. It did take some time and I’m always tweaking it. I figured if I was going to spend so much time on it I might as well share with my readers who’d appreciate it too! Let me know how it works out for you. I like it being accessible from my phone or laptop too, chances are I have one of them with me and you never know when a random post idea strikes! Thanks for commenting and stopping by!

  17. Thank you for sharing this!!! This is an amazing planner. It’s so comprehensive and is set up exactly the way I like to work. I can imagine how long it took to put together and I’m so grateful you were generous enough to share it to save others the time and effort. I’m sharing your page as far and wide as I can and following you everywhere in a meager effort to repay you for this wonderful gift.

    1. Sharing my post is the best thanks you can give me Corinne! I love your WonderMom Wannabe page. As the mom of 3 boys who love superheroes and loving Wonder Woman growing up, they call me Wonder Woman in our band of superheroes 🙂 Thanks for sharing and hope to hear from you again soon!

  18. OMG, these are some great blog planning ideas and utilities. I sure need some of them to keep on top of things. Thanks for making these and sharing!

  19. I think this is a great idea for those who blog a lot. I’m blogging about once a week, at least for now, and maybe at the most three times a week, so I don’t know if I’ll need it. It’s good to know, though, so I can pass along to others.

  20. I have a 2015 weekly planner that cost about $10. It helps me jot down ideas and things to do, but your planner is so much more comprehensive. I’m downloading the Excel version for now, but I plan to get a bluetooth keyboard so I can use my phone more! Keeping track of multiple blogs is a challenge! Thank you so much for sharing for free! Stopping by from SITS!

  21. I have been on the hunt for this forever. I wanted to have one when I started my blog last year, but had no clue. I carry around a blank journal FULL of notes and Ideas, this will be great to transfer all of that information. Thank you!!!

  22. WOW – this is so detailed & I love all of the forms you created! I’d love to see a list of your favorite link-ups, that’s a great idea to keep track of those and your posting/sharing schedule.

  23. This is a wonderful idea! I find myself more and more using my phone when I’m out during the busy season to get my blog work in. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks Natasha! I found myself doing more on my phone too. I am not a full time blogger yet so working on the phone helps me get little things done throughout the day. Hope the planner helps you!

  24. Thank you, Tanya! This is definitely something I need. I actually got the blog content course in December when you talked about it being on sale, but I haven’t had a chance to look at the materials from it yet. Must get to it soon, I think!

    1. Oh Content Brew is great. I won Blog Clarity’s Pinning Perfect class later this month and I can’t wait. Glad you like the blog planner and hope it helps you out. I was using it this morning and had forgotten to do some things before I published the post. Thank goodness filling out the schedule worked for me in catching my mistakes. I am so scatterbrained sometimes. I have been stopping in for your daily blogging challenge. How’s it going? Thanks for stopping by Belle!

    1. You are very welcome CraftyHope! I am happy to share. I have found lots of great free resources since I started blogging and I am glad to give back! I hope you stop by our Small Victories Sunday linkup and add some crafty projects 🙂

  25. I just downloaded the planner. I have been searching for a while for one that I like and that is free. I like that yours in on Google+. Now I don’t have to print really.

    1. Yes Gail, save paper! I like having it electronic so its easy to access when I am on the computer blogging away. Hope it helps you. Let me know your thoughts and if there are particular sheets you would like to see added.

      1. I am loving the planner. Especially the linky related pages. I just posted a link to your blog page for this to someone else. I also shared it with other on google. Great job.

      1. I’ve been using your planner since the beginning of the year and it’s really helped keep me on track! I tweaked it a little to customize it for my needs, but kept most of it as-is. I use the Editorial Calendar the most, but tweaked it so I can keep track of daily visits to my social media accounts and meeting my blog commenting goals. Also use the To Do List and Monthly Reminders checklist all the time. I love being able to keep track of my book review obligations in one convenient spot! So convenient!

        Thank you again for sharing this awesome tool with us! You’re the best!

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