Gilmore Girls Gift Ideas. Brightly colored purple, red and yellow gift bags in front of a green background

39 Fun Gilmore Girls Gift Ideas She Will Love

Want fun gift ideas for the Gilmore Girls fan in your life? You need this list of Gilmore Girls gift ideas that she is sure to love!

30 Fun Glmore Girls Gift Ideas She will love. Brightly colored purple, red and yellow gift bags on a bright green background.

I am a big Gilmore Girls fan. I was hooked from the first time I binge watched it on Netflix and there’s something about Lorelei’s love for how the snow makes everything quiet and magical that makes me want to watch it every Christmas season. It’s getting colder out all of a sudden so my Gilmore Girls marathon has begun again. 

I thought it would be fun to create a Gilmore Girls gift ideas list for women and girls like me who love the show. There are some great ideas there – Lorelei’s love for all things snow, coffee, junk food and style with comfort,  Rory’s love for books and reading and Sookie’s love for food and cooking are all things I love too. 

So without further ado, let’s find some great gift ideas for the Gilmore Girls fan on your Christmas list. 

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Gilmore Girls Gift Ideas for Women Who Aren’t Afraid to Wear It

We will start off the list for women who love the show and aren’t afraid to show it. 


1. Be Like a Gilmore Girl Shirt

This raglan Be Like a Gilmore Girl shirt is a casual, comfy gift idea for the Gilmore Girls fan on your list.


2. Dragonfly Inn T-Shirt

I love this purple Dragonfly Inn T-shirt, peace, quiet and coffee sounds pretty ideal to me! Lots of different designs and colors to choose from though. 


3. Luke’s Diner T-Shirt

I could totally see Lorelei or Rory wearing this Luke’s Diner shirt if Luke had them. Casual and fun, available in gray or black.

4. Luke’s Diner Socks

These Luke’s Diner socks would go great with the t-shirt or as a stocking stuffer for your Gilmore Girls fan.

5. I’d Rather Be Watching Gilmore Girls Bracelet

I love these adjustable bracelets because with Rheumatoid Arthritis, they are much easier to get on and off! This I’d Rather Be Watching Gilmore Girls Bracelet has a cute charm representing the Gilmore Girls, a coffee cup, a book and a dragonfly! 

Gilmore Girls Gift Ideas for Women Who Love Coffee

What Gilmore Girls list would be complete without Lorelei’s love and complete adoration of coffee? Every time she starts talking about it, I want a cup too. 

6. I Drink Coffee Like a Gilmore Girl T Shirt

The I Drink Coffee Like a Gilmore Girl T shirt makes a cute gift on it’s own or paired with the coffee mug down below. Roll up the T shirt, put it in the coffee mug, tie with a ribbon and put it in a gift bag for a quick and easy gift wrapping idea. 

7. “Talk Like Lorelei, Read Like Rory, Drink Like Emily…” 15 oz. Coffee Mug

This large “Talk Like Lorelei, Read Like Rory” coffee and tea mug is a great tribute to the characters and what made them each unique.

8. You Like Coffee? Only With My Oxygen Coffee Latte Mug

I laugh every time I hear this quote and it’s so Lorelei! The You Like Coffee? Only With My Oxygen Coffee Latte Mug will put a smile on your coffee loving Gilmore Girls fan’s face! 

9. First I Drink the Coffee, then I Do the Things Bullet Journal

This journal can be personalized so she can be one of the Gilmore Girls/Stars Hollow community!


Gilmore Girls Gift Ideas for Women who Love Books

Rory is always carrying a book, in fact, there are 369 books that appear in the series and I’m doing the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge. I don’t know that I’ll ever finish her list but I’ve got a good start on the ones I want to read

I love my Kindle and it totally turned me into a book lover. I don’t know if Kindles and e-readers were around when the show was on but Rory always carried a physical book. It makes me wonder if she’d like a Kindle for Christmas? What do you think? I think she would love it! 

Anyway, here are some fun book Gilmore Girls gift ideas for book lovers. 


10. My Favorite Books from the Rory Gilmore Girls Reading Challenge

Of course, no Gilmore Gift List would be complete without some of Rory’s favorite books. I love hearing her get into heated debates about why one of her friends should read a particular book. Here are some of my favorite books worth reading from the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge.

You can find many more of my favorites from the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge list in my Amazon shop.


11. Gilmore Girls Magnetic Bookmarks

I don’t think Rory would ever dog ear a book page, she would want a bookmark and these are cute Gilmore Girls magnetic bookmarks.

12. Books written by Lauren Graham (the actress who played Lorelei Gilmore)

Lauren Graham has written a few books some memoirs (the one about cancer is not by the actress), some novels so I threw my favorite Kindle in there too! I have an older model 32gb without special offers and it holds enough books even for Rory! 

13. Gilmore Girls Backpack

This Gilmore Girls Backpack would be great to carry all those books readers like Rory want to have with them. 

Gilmore Girls Gift Ideas for Women Who Love Snow


14. “I Smell Snow” Mug

This is one of my favorite episodes when Lorelei is all excited because “it smells like snow”, and I totally get what she means, the crisp air does have a distinct fresh smell before the snow starts to fall. This I Smell Snow mug is perfect for snow lovers and fans of the show.

15. “I Smell Snow” Ornament

The “I Smell Snow” ornament would look great on your fan’s Christmas tree and would make a fun stocking stuffer. 


16. I Smell Snow Slouchy Sweatshirt

I smell snow slouchy, comfy sweatshirt. This has my name written all over it.


Gilmore Girls Gift Ideas for Women Who Love to Eat and Drink


17. Gilmore Girls Lunch Bag

What a fun and happy Gilmore Girls lunch tote this is!

18. Gilmore Girls Pint Glasses

Classic and etched with Stars Hollow landmarks and the “Where You Lead, I Will Follow” from the title song, these Gilmore Girls pint glasses are a great gift idea.

 19. Gilmore Girls Coasters

This Gilmore Girls Coaster set is colorful and features iconic quotes and scenes from the show. 


Gilmore Girls Gift Ideas for People Who Love to Cook

Sookie is the chef on the show and she loves to cook for Lorelei and Rory who love to eat! Here are some tasty Gilmore Girls Gift ideas for people who love to cook like Sookie! 

20. Eat Like a Gilmore Cookbook

A delicious Eat Like a Gilmore cookbook with all the things Lorelei and Rory would love to eat and Luke and Sookie would cook for them. It would be so fun to host a book club reading books from the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge with food and treats from this cookbook! This one is for a steal right now!

21. Gilmore Girls Wooden Spoon Set


Gilmore Girl Gift Ideas for Mothers and Daughters


22. “Where You Lead, I Will Follow” Mother-Daughter Bracelet Set

This “Where You Lead, I will follow” bracelet set is a lovely gift idea for the mother and daughter on your list, a gift for a mom to give a daughter or a daughter to give a mom with the lyrics from the title song of the Gilmore Girls show.

23. You’re the Lorelei to My Rory and You’re the Rory to My Lorelei Keychain Set

The You’re the Lorelei to My Rory and You’re the Rory to My Lorelei Keychain Set is sweet gift for moms and daughters, sisters or best friends. 

24. Matching Bracelet Set

Gilmore Girls Gift Ideas for Women Who Like to be Ready for an Adventure

In omnia paratus and the umbrellas signify a memorable Gilmore Girls episode. It’s one of my favorite scenes where Rory has to decide whether to play it safe or not. 

I love soft comfy T shirts as you can tell as these are my favorite ones with the saying and umbrella. Available in a raglan scoop neck, crew neck or tank. Click on images for further details.

25. In Omnia Paratus Raglan T Shirt

26. In Omnia Paratus Crew Neck T Shirt

27. In Omnia Paratus Tank Top

In Omnia Paratus Jewelry

These are lovely jewelry ideas for your Gilmore Girls fan!

28. In Omnia Paratus Adjustable Wrap Ring

Adjustable wrap rings are great for people with Rheumatoid Arthritis like me in order to able to adjust them when fingers are swollen and painful.

29. In Omnia Paratus Cuff Bracelet

I love cuff bracelets for the same reason I love wrap rings and they are easy to get on and off for people with arthritis. I love this one, stainless steel and guaranteed not to change color!

30. In Omnia Paratus Bar Necklace

This In Omnia Paratus bar necklace is classic and stylish.

31. In Omnia Paratus PopSocket for Cell Phones

This In Omnia Paratus Popsocket is adorable. I don’t have a Popsocket on my phone yet but I’m wondering if it will help my arthritic hands hold it! I’m putting this on my wish list!

32. In Omnia Paratus Vintage Print

This In Omnia Paratus vintage print is an eye catching addition to her home. It serves as a great reminder to be prepared and take a chance on what life offers.


33. In Omnia Paratus Canvas Print

This In Omnia Paratus canvas print with waterproof ink comes unframed and ready to add some Gilmore Girls style to your home.


Gilmore Girls Gift Ideas for People Who Like Lounging Around Home

What Gilmore Girls fan or Gilmore Girl herself doesn’t like lounging around home, reading books, watching movies and hanging out with friends? These are great Gilmore Girls gifts for lounging around home. 

34. Honorary Gilmore Girl Throw Blanket 

I have quite a collection of throw blankets and this Gilmore Girl Throw Blanket would be perfect for a Gilmore Girls fan! 


35. “Where You Lead, I Will Follow” Pillowcase

Put your favorite pillow in this “Where You Lead, I Will Follow” pillowcase. Available in several sizes.

36. “Where You Lead, I will Follow” Rustic Wood Sign

This hand painted “Where You Lead, I will Follow” wood sign and wall art would make a cozy addition to the Gilmore Girls fan’s home.


37. Gilmore Girls Colored Pencils

Each of these Gilmore Girls colored pencils is cleverly named, like “Loreleililac” for lilac, “Luke’s hat” for the blue, “I smell snow” for white, and “coffee in an I.V.” for brown. This would make a great stocking stuffer for your Gilmore Girls fan or pair it with a Gilmore Girls coloring book in #8! 

38. Gilmore Girls Quotes Coloring Book

This Stars Hollow coloring book has coloring pages from around the show’s cozy, kooky town. Would go great with those Gilmore Girls colored pencils in #7.

39. Gilmore Girls Wall Calendar

These Gilmore Girls poetry magnets can add some fun and relaxation to your office or kitchen.

Well I hope you enjoyed these Fun Gilmore Girls Gift Ideas for the women on your Christmas gift list. She is sure to laugh, smile and love any of these gifts. Tell me, which are your favorites?

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  1. This was such a fun list of Gilmore Girls gifts! I am a huge GG fan but I only have one tee that says something about Gilmore Girls and Coffee. My little town of Watertown, NY, has always reminded me of Stars Hollow. I should revisit it on Netflix! I don’t think I have ever watched the series in its entirety in order.


    1. Thanks, Shelbee for stopping by. I do love binge watching GG in order. I want to update my Rory Gilmore reading list, I hear the list I was using is missing some so I want to check it out for myself!

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