60+ Awesome Harry Potter Christmas Gift Ideas for the whole family and your pets too! Clever and fun Harry Potter Gift Ideas for Him and Her, cool Harry Potter Christmas Gift Ideas for Teens, fun Harry Potter games for the whole family to play together, fun toys and costumes for the kids, adorable Harry Potter Christmas gift ideas for babies and even gift ideas for your pets! We've got the entire family covered with gift ideas that are sure to bring magic and joy to them on Christmas morning! #christmas #harrypotter #giftideas

60+ Awesome Harry Potter Christmas Gift Ideas (for the Whole Family)

Struggling to find perfect gift ideas for a Harry Potter fan? Here are some unique and awesome Harry Potter Christmas gift ideas for the whole family and your pets too! 



60+ Awesome Harry Potter Christmas Gift Ideas for the whole family and your pets too! Clever and fun Harry Potter Gift Ideas for Him and Her, cool Harry Potter Christmas Gift Ideas for Teens, fun Harry Potter games for the whole family to play together, fun toys and costumes for the kids, adorable Harry Potter Christmas gift ideas for babies and even gift ideas for your pets! We've got the entire family covered with gift ideas that are sure to bring magic and joy to them on Christmas morning! #christmas #harrypotter #giftideas


I’m a book lover and even though it took me forever to get to it, the Harry Potter series is the only series I’ve ever finished. I loved getting lost in the magical world of Hogwarts and the adventures of it’s students. 


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Harry Potter Christmas Gift Ideas For the Whole Family

My family loves doing things together so here are some family gifts we can all enjoy. Lego building and puzzles are our favorite indoor activities and we sometimes have the movies playing in the background while we build, laugh and talk.

Of course, the list starts with the books and here are some unique versions that can be read aloud together.


1. The Illustrated Editions of Harry Potter

Gorgeous illustrations bring the story to life in a new visual way. Great for getting the littlest ones in your family to love Harry Potter!

Also comes in:

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Illustrated Edition


2. LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle

This is an amazing Lego Hogwarts castle and high on my family’s wish list! Over 6,000 pieces but incredible detail and lots of character minifigures. We have a lego haunted house and with all the accessories and detail, it’s fun to play in them even after it’s built. I can only imagine the adventures my kids would have playing with Hogwarts after it’s built! 

Here’s the smaller, more affordable version and it’s super cool too! 

3. LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Express


4. LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar 

This new for 2019 Harry Potter Advent Calendar would be so fun to do leading up to Christmas day. With adorable minifigure characters and legos from iconic scenes like wizard chess, the Christmas feast at the Great Hall and a Hogwarts Express, you can all enjoy playing and building scenes and adventures together!


There are lots more LEGO Harry Potter ideas here priced starting at around $5, the minifigures would make fantastic stocking stuffers and come in a wide assortment of students, teachers and magical creatures!
For Him


5. Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set

Recommended for ages 7 and up, this beautiful wizard chess set has finely detailed figures and will provide hours of strategy and fun for your family.


The dining room table in our house is usually covered by Legos on one side and a puzzle on the other. It becomes a place where our family comes together to work on fun activities and when people come over they can’t help wanting to work on the puzzle too. I have always loved puzzles but didn’t realize how much fun they can be as a family activity. Now we have a collection of over 30 puzzles and here are some Harry Potter ones to add to the mix!

6. Harry Potter Marauder’s Map Puzzle

I like puzzles that are over 1000 pieces for our family and this Marauder’s Map puzzle looks suer challenging! 

7. Harry Potter Cast of Characters 1000 piece puzzle

Ravensburger is my favorite brand of puzzles, they have high quality, thick pieces and gorgeous scenes and photos like this Harry Potter cast of characters puzzle.

8. Hogwarts at Night Puzzle

9. Harry Potter Movie Cover Puzzles

The entire collection of the movie posters in a 3000 piece puzzle! 


10. Harry Potter Book Cover Puzzles

The whole set in mini 100 piece jigsaw puzzles 

Or each individual original book cover art in a 1000 piece puzzle. Here’s what the Sorcerer’s Stone looks like:

But you can also get each one in the series:

How amazing would it be to do them all and line them up side by side or in a grid! i wonder how long that would take and how big it would be! I think you’d definitely need some puzzle glue to stick it together and frame it! 


11. Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit

Put your Harry Potter knowledge to the test with Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit and find out who the biggest Potterhead in the family is!

12. Harry Potter Clue Mystery Board Game

The classic Clue mystery board takes on a Harry Potter twist when a student disappears from Hogwarts and players have to figure out who did it!

13. Harry Potter Headbanz Game

Headbanz games are so fun both because everyone looks goofy with a headbanz on and we all know is on the other people’s headbanz while trying to guess what we ourselves are wearing. A fun game for the whole family to play together as long as they know their Harry Potter characters and creatures!

14. Harry Potter Gringotts Checker Set

Love this unique board with Gringotts coins as checker pieces!

15. Harry Potter Triwizard Tournament Game

Like the classic Sorry! game, this is a pop and run game where players try to race to the Triwizard maze finish line like in the Goblet of Fire.

Need more Harry Potter board game ideas? Check out:


Harry Potter Christmas Gift Ideas for Her


A special woman in your life a major Harry Potter fan? Then here are some unique gift ideas she is sure to love!


I love Alex and Ani bracelets because with hands that have been deformed by Rheumatoid Arthritis, it is really hard for me to find bangles and bracelets that fit. The Alex and Ani bangles are adjustable so I can make them as wide as possible to slip over my hand. And they have so many wonderful combinations of bangles with charms ranging from the houses, to inspiring (and mischevious) quotes from the books, to iconic charms like 9 3/4, the sorting hat and the deathly hallows. I love also that she can stack or combine different bangles together depending on her mood and make something as unique as she is! 


Anyway, my favorites are pictured below:


16. Alex + Ani Harry Potter Mischief Managed in Gold Bangle

I typically like rose gold or silver over shiny gold but I can’t help myself with this Mischief Managed bangle!

17. Alex + Ani Harry Potter The Ones that Leave Us in Shiny Silver Bangle

Wise words from Sirius Black and help us to remember when we are coping with intense grief.

18. Alex + Ani Harry Potter It’s Our Choices Two-Tone Bangle

Wise words from Albus Dumbeldore on this lovely two-tone silver and shiny gold bangle. Sorry, there’s no picture for this one but the charm reads “It is our choices that show what we truly are” on the front and “far more than our abilities” on the back.

We got our wedding rings with silver and gold bands fused together so that it always matched our other jewelry. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry besides my rings and Alex and Ani bangles anymore but this bangle would go perfectly with my ring and coordinate well with any of the other bangles she wants to stack with it.


19. Alex + Ani Harry Potter Glasses Ring Wrap

Alex and Ani makes rings too and I love ring wraps because they are easier to put on and are adjustable so she can make it bigger or smaller depending on the season when fingers tend to shrink or swell slightly and one size fits all. This Glasses wrap is adorable and comes in silver or gold.


20. Alex + Ani Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Expandable Necklace

It says this Deathly Hallows necklace expands from 21 to 24 inches and is available in gold or sterling silver.

Here’s the entire collection of Alex + Ani Harry Potter jewelry which includes bangles, necklaces, earrings and rings in shiny gold, silver and rose gold you are sure to find something awesome that she loves! 


21. Harry Potter Planners and Journals

I wish I could show you all the adorable Harry Potter Planners that Purple Trail has but we will start with my favorite. Purple Trail makes custom planners, journals, cards, invitations, and gifts. This cute wizard planner cover can go an daily, weekly or monthly planners or if you are like me , a 3-ring custom planner binder with daily AND blog content pages and wizard stickers! 

Cute Wizard Divination Sewn Weekly Planner

Turn on the Light Quote Tiny Planner

If she’s a teacher too, she’ll love this teacher planner! 

Magical Watercolor Pattern Teacher Planner

Harry Potter Marauder’s Map Heat Reveal Mug

Know a woman who needs her coffee? This clever mug appears black when cold and the Marauder’s map messages “I solemnly swear I am up to no good” on one side and “mischief managed” on the other when your favorite hot beverage is poured in. Of course, this would make a great gift for a man or teen too, but I want one of these so I put it in the Harry Potter Gifts for Her section of this post in case my family is reading 🙂 

22. Harry Potter Stemless Wine Glass


Does she prefer wine to coffee, here’s a lovely stemless wine glass for happy hours, girls nights and date nights! 


23. Harry Potter Coloring Book

Coloring is a fantastic activity to help women destress and be creative. This Harry Potter coloring book is a lot of fun. I recommend these twistable colored pencils so the pen or markers don’t show through the other side and she doesn’t get frustrated having to sharpen pencils. Anyone else think manual pencil sharpeners are stressful? I never can do it quite right. Even the battery operated and electronic ones stress me out. Go figure. 


24. Harry Potter Bamboo Spoons

Know someone who loves to cook? These beautifully burned wooden spoons and spatulas would make a gorgeous addition to any kitchen. I don’t know, I might hang these on the wall, they’re too pretty to use! 


Harry Potter Christmas Gift Ideas for Him


25. Harry Potter Polyjuice Potion Flask

What a great groomsman gift this would make if he is a Harry Potter fan! 

Also available in:



26. Harry Potter Insult Comebacks Book

The guys in my life sure are great at comebacks, here’s a whole book of Harry Potter insult comebacks. A fun gift for the man in your life! Let’s hope he doesn’t need to use them but I bet it’s a fun read anyway. 


27. Harry Potter Wallet

28. Harry Potter 12 Sock Gift Set

29. Harry Potter Wall Clock

How cool would this be in an office or movie room? 

Harry Potter Teacher Planner

Available in red, green, blue or yellow, if your guy is a teacher too, this planner may be just what he needs!

Swish and Flick Teacher Planner

Accio Coffee T shirt

If your guy loves coffee, maybe a spell to bring him coffee would help!

Accio Coffee Custom Tshirt



Harry Potter Christmas Gift Ideas For Teens 


Harry Potter Student Planners

Show of your House loyalty with these Harry Potter Student Planners customizable with your student’s name, year and even matching stickers your student will love!

Red & Yellow Shield Student Planner

Cute Round Glasses Student Planner

30. Harry Potter Knee High Socks


Let her show her Hogwarts spirit with these Harry Potter knee high socks in all the different houses. 

Pictured is Gryffindor, the house that Harry Potter, the Weasleys and Hermoine Grainger belong to. The house symbolized by a lion for it’s loyalty and bravery! Any of these would make a great stocking stuffer for your Harry Potter fan! 

Also available in: 


31. Harry Potter Ties

Does your teen need to wear a suit? Make it fun and show some personality with one of these Harry Potter ties!


32. Harry Potter Blender Bottles

Does your teen like protein powder or making smoothies? These Harry Potter themed blender bottles would be a great gift or stocking stuffer. How cool is this one? 

But you can find a surprisingly large assortment of Harry Potter blender bottles here


33. Harry Potter Wand Makeup Brushes

How cute are these Harry Potter wand makeup brushes for girls who love makeup? 



34. and 35. Harry Potter Glitter Cup and Insulated Tumblers

36. Harry Potter “Don’t Let the Muggles Get You Down” Mug

Being a teen can be tough. Cheer on your favorite witch or wizard with this awesome mug!


Harry Potter Christmas Gift Ideas For Boys


37. Harry Potter Hooded Towels

Perfect for the bath or pool

38. Harry Potter Golden Snitch Fidget Spinner


38. Harry Potter Wizard Training Wand


With 11 spells to learn, your young witch or wizard will be casting spells in no time!

39. Harry Potter Facts Trivia Book


My boys love reading trivia books so here’s a fun one. Great for girls too, of course and a fun stocking stuffer!


40. Harry Potter Joke Book

My boys love joke books and they make for fun dinner conversations!

41. LEGO Harry Potter Build Your Own Adventure

My littlest son, who is also my most reluctant reader and my most avid Lego fan, loves these Lego books because they are part story and part pretty cool minifigure. Your boys are sure to have fun adventures of their own creation!


Harry Potter Christmas Gift Ideas For Girls


42. American Girl Doll Magic School Uniform accessories


43. Harry Potter Gryffindor Girls Costume

Your little Harry Potter fan can match her doll with this Gryffindor girl’s costume.

 44. Harry Potter Headbands or Ponytail Holders

Another great stocking stuffer for your Harry Potter fangirl.

Also available in:

Harry Potter Ponytail Holders

Ravenclaw Hair Bow

– available in the other houses too!


45. Harry Potter Necklace Set

Set of 10 jewelry pieces of necklaces and 1 bracelet featuring iconic Harry Potter symbols.


46. Harry Potter Water Bottles

47. Harry Potter’s Hedwig stuffed animal

Oh I would totally get this one for myself! Hedwig is Harry’s beloved owl and this plush owl looks just like her!


Harry Potter Christmas Gift Ideas for Babies


Oh if I had another baby, they’d so be getting these adorable things to wear and for their nursery! 

48. Snuggle This Muggle 3 Piece Set

49. Hogwarts and Wizard Bodysuit 6 pack


50. I Solemnly Swear That I am Up to No Good 4 Piece Set


51. Baby Girl’s Gryffindor Ruffle Dress with Cape

Click through on the image to see the full top and skirt, it’s adorable!

52. Harry Potter Blanket 

What is it babies love about tags? This blanket has adorable and colorful Harry Potter icons and lots ot tags your baby is sure to love! 



53. Harry Potter Collapsible Storage Box 

Perfect for baby’s toys! 


54. Harry Potter Inspired Milestone Blankets

These adorable blankets to make it easy to record your baby’s milestons as they grow! I wish they had these when my boys were babies, I might have actually rememered to take thier photos! 


55. Glow in the Dark Harry Potter Hat and Glasses Decal and You Are So Loved Decal

A simple decoration for your baby’s nursery.


Harry Potter Christmas Gift Ideas For Pets


I love these adorable ideas for pets. 


56. Harry Potter GryffinDog Bandana

Show your house allegiance with this bandana for your favorite furry friend.

I know a mischievous dog or two who could use this bandana:


57. Dog Scarf

Just like those Gryffindors wear, this dog scarf and glasses would make an adorable Harry Potter costume for your pet!


58. Harry Potter Dog Tags

There is a wide selection of Harry Potter dog tags. here are some of my favorites, you can even personalize the first one:

Also available in Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Slytherin colors.


59. Harry Potter Dog Collar and Leash

60. Up to No Good Pet Collar

Phew! That was a lot of fun to put together and now I’m ready to read the Harry Potter books again and go shopping! I hope you found some Awesome Harry Potter Christmas Gift Ideas for the whole family or to give your favorite Harry Potter fans, young, old and furry! 


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60+ Awesome Harry Potter Christmas Gift Ideas for the whole family and your pets too! Clever and fun Harry Potter Gift Ideas for Him and Her, cool Harry Potter Christmas Gift Ideas for Teens, fun Harry Potter games for the whole family to play together, fun toys and costumes for the kids, adorable Harry Potter Christmas gift ideas for babies and even gift ideas for your pets! We've got the entire family covered with gift ideas that are sure to bring magic and joy to them on Christmas morning! #christmas #harrypotter #giftideas

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