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Health Goals Weekly Update February 14, 2014 #12MonthstoAHealthierYou #BookBlogWalkers


After publishing my February 2014 health goals, I found that Money Saving Mom and the Geeky Bloggers Book Blog were hosting fitness challenges with weekly check-ins to help keep us accountable and motivated. They each have linkies where we can post our goals and updates to support one another in achieving our exercise goals…one small victory at a time!

Crystal from Money Saving Mom is challenging us to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables this month in her 12 Months to a Healthier You challenge.

12 months to a healthier you

Update: I’m mixing it up this week by adding in some fruit salad.  This salad I made of mango, blueberries, blackberries and clementine pieces drizzled with honey and lime juice was really tasty. Other than that, I was able to eat more salads for lunch or dinner and snacked on apple slices with peanut butter today. Slowly but surely, I’m sneaking extra fruit and veggies into my diet.

fruit salad


Felicia from The Geeky Bloggers Book Blog is continuing to host her Book Blog Walkers challenging us to walk (or do some form of exercise) for 30 minutes a day.  My goal is to exercise 4-5 times a week.

book blog walkers 2014


Feb 8: none
Feb 9: none
Feb 10: Stationary bike for 45 minutes, burned 373 calories, 6.8 miles
Feb 11: Stationary bike for 30 minutes, burned 305 calories, 5.8 miles
Feb 12: It was a snow day, so we played our favorite indoor game, push back the kitchen table and chase kids around downstairs.
Feb 13: Snow day #2, more chasing plus dusting/vacuuming. Too bad I can’t track calories but vacuuming is always a workout for me.
Feb 14: Snow day #3, stationary bike for 30 minutes, burned 342 calories, 6.6 miles

It’s not too late to join in getting some extra exercise and healthy fruits and veggies into your day. Visit these wonderful bloggers and the participants who have linked up to get that boost of motivation you need to accomplish your exercise goals.

How did you do with your exercise goals this week? How are you doing with your healthy eating goals? Share your thoughts and what works for you!

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  1. I’ve just started visiting you blog so I’m not completely informed about your dietary needs with your RA. But your fruit salad looks divine. I bought a box of clementines the other day and they are so tasty. I love the idea of just adding some lime juice and honey!

  2. This is a great that helps motivate, and encourage people who are working towards being a better person Mind, Body and Spirit. I have decided to start #TeamFitAndLean2014.
    Setting a goal is the first step and keeping it going does take a circle of liked minded people to support you.

  3. I need to be more accountable, maybe that would help me stick to it. I honestly think I’m addicted to fast food. I just can’t help myself. Well I can, I just have no will power.

    I’m determined to start though. I wish you could buy will power at the store. Preferably Target since I’m there all the time. 😉


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