July 2015 Goals and June Achievements

July 2015 Goals: Achieving my 2015 Reading, Blogging and Home Goals, one small victory at a time! What are your goals? Let July begin, another month to hold myself accountable and focus on my reading, blogging and home goals.  Setting my goals at the beginning of the month helps me focus on what I specifically want to accomplish in my reading, blogging and home life. It’s also a good time to reflect on the past month, what I accomplished and what is still left to work on. We have a linkup too to support one another in our quest to achieve our goals, so if you have a blog post or goals you are shooting for, linkup with us or leave your goals in the comments.

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June Achievements


* Read 3 books (I am a slow reader, that’s a good month for me):
1. Under the Same Blue Sky by Pamela Schoenewaldt 
2. Very Good Lives by J.K. Rowling
3.The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton for our Travel the World in Books Readalong and the Big Book Summer Challenge.


* 11 posts published, averaging about two a week since things are getting busier with two kids home during the day.

* 7,500 page views (still chasing my elusive 10,000 pageview goal)

* Pinterest continues to hold the #1 spot for social media referrals bringing in a whopping 87% of my traffic. I attribute it to implementing strategies learned during Pinning Perfect– a Pinterest ecourse (affiliate link). I highly recommend this course, it’s keeping traffic coming to my blog even when I don’t post new content as often.

* Small Victories Sunday Linkup exceeded our expectations this month. We’re up to 9 co-hosts and over 230 posts each week linked up. It keeps me busy commenting, pinning and sharing some great content!


* Summer officially has begun now that both of the big kids are out of school. We’ve been checking things off our Summer Bucket List, we’ve gone to the State Farmer’s Market for Blueberry Day, free summer movies, held a lemonade stand, gone to a Lowe’s Build and Grow clinic and signed up for our summer reading programs.


July Goals

1. Finish The Autoimmune Solution by Dr. Jan Meyers, cutting out sugar has been helping me manage pain.
2. 1 book for our Travel the World in Books Readalong. Help us choose a book from Latin/South America for our July readalong and vote for one here!
3. 1 book for our IRL book club.
4. 4 books for book tours!

1. 10,000 pageviews.
2. Update 10 posts to make pinworthy.
3. Get 2,000 followers on my Pinterest page.
4. Update categories and tags…still.

1. Get 100 more recipes into Plan to Eat menu planning tool (affiliate link).
2. Book the painter to paint our two-story family room.
3. 5 Summer Bucket List activities

Linkup Your Goals With Us!

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  1. Sweet! I didn’t know about this link party. I am joining the fun.
    And I thought that I was the only one with that 10000 views haunting me… It is not easy and it is my very first “summer” since self-hosted. I wonder what challenges it will bring.

    Success to everyone!

  2. I’m still chasing the elusive 10K pageviews too. I linked up my mid-year check up post as well as my most recent weekly Gratitude and Goals post – that’s actually a new linky I started with a friend so I linked your post up to that, hope you don’t mind 🙂 We’d love it if you wanted to join in and link up these monthly achievement posts to it.

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