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June Achievements and July 2014 Personal Goals


We are half way through the year of tracking our personal goals, can you believe it? I’ve enjoyed sharing my personal goals with you as it motivates me to focus on them and holds me accountable when I have to report my progress to you!

How do you stay focused on personal goals? Tips, tricks and posts are appreciated in the comments, let’s help each other out!

June Achievements

Home & Family

    • worked on organizing the kitchen pantry and found my “why didn’t I think of this sooner” solution to organizing spices without spending any money and using tools I already had.
    • We attempted to make our own chocolate ice cream. It didn’t quite freeze so we made chocolate milkshakes instead, man were they yummy!
    • Got kids in the kitchen to help me cook. I think it’s important for them to be able to cook their own meals as they get older.
    • The kids and I made a Father’s Day gift and wrote a poem! Superhubby loved his. We had his parents over and some of our best friends. A whole lotta steak, potatoes and quite a feast. We had delicious leftovers and I was so happy so many people we love shared Father’s Day with us.
    • Using my weekly planner to focus and accomplish my weekly goals, it’s really been helping me!


    • I have read 744 pages in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (84%)
    • Read 27 books with the kids, they’ve enjoyed scanning them into Goodreads and rating books as we finish them. Check out the 145 we’ve read together so far.
    • Kids started their Summer Reading Programs at the library.
    • Registered my oldest to be a volunteer and his first event was a Learning with Legos, helping elementary school age kids, like his younger brother.


And in the blink of an eye, June is gone and we are on to July.I’ve been enjoying sharing my journey towards achieving my goals with you…one small victory at a time!

July Goals

1. Make exercise a priority, take kids to pool and practice my own swimming, 4 times a week.
2. Achieve my goal for ideal weight, the one my joints feel the best at. Avoid sugar!
3. Drink more water, at least 64 ounces a day.

Home Organization
4. Organize two areas in the house.
5. Sell outgrown kids’ clothes and toys.
6. Pick up paint samples for kitchen and 2-story family room.

Family Fun
7. Knock off some items on our summer bucket list.
8. Start teaching kids piano. We have a piano and although I can no longer play, I really should encourage the kids to. They love music and art!
9. Sign up for Brown Bag Ministry or Food Bank volunteering to do with the kids.

10. Finalize the Travel the World in Books Reading Challenge that will begin July 1st!
11. Read 1 big book, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince for Book by Book’s Big Book Summer Reading Challenge and for my IRL book club.
12. Read 25 books with my kids.

13. Share more recipes!
14. Add 5 more linky parties to my Linky Party Page.

15. Stay within our budget, start using cash for groceries to better manage spending.
16. Stay debt-free (besides mortgage).

What are your July 2014 personal goals? Share with me the tools that help you get organized or save you money! Be sure to link up your goals posts or achievements in the linky below. Thanks Tammy at Creative K Kids for sharing this linky and inspiring us to reach our goals..one small victory at a time!


    1. It feels good to get those goals written down, doesn’t it? It helps me focus and remember what I want to get done. Good luck this month, hope you are making small victories towards your goals Tenns!

  1. Wow Tanya! You do so much. Hopping over from the Goals Linky and loving your report every bit. I love how you include reading and health goals. Really an inspiration.
    Keep up the good work Tanya. Off to read your posts.

  2. Once again, I am impressed by how much you have read and it motivates me to read more! And good for you for taking a break from some of your blogging things to spend time with your family – that’s what is most important!

    1. Thanks Rachel. Your traveling has made me want to rearrange school calendars so we can take a week trip to one of our bucket list places! Hubby brought me back to reality though, we will just have to pull little ones out of school so we don’t miss our chance to travel as a family. Thanks for your encouragement, I love to read and started a new Travel the World in books reading challenge so I can travel anytime 🙂

  3. Great update for June . Spending time with family is most important I have realized, just hard to put down the laptop. Love your planner template. I finally broke down and bought a planner from Erin Condren and LOVE it. Instead of using her breakdown of Morning, Day, Night – I use Personal, Family, Business so I can keep all areas separate each day. The only problem with getting her planner is I’m not addicted to her stuff. I use the weekly schedule pad, another thing for chores for the kids, journals, etc. 🙂

    1. You are not addicted to Erin Condren’s stuff? You might be the only one I heard to say that. I could see myself getting addicted. Figured making my own would be more frugal. I hang mine on the back of the pantry door which is great for getting things done when I am home. But I do like having everything in one place to take with me. Hmmm…..

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