Living Well Planner – 5 Ways it Can Help You Achieve a More Balanced Life + Detailed Review

Detailed Living Well Planner Review + 5 Ways the Living Well Planner can help you achieve meaningful goals and a more well balanced life. Plus comprehensive review and pros and cons. Get more super detailed planner reviews here.

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Living Well Planner Review

We will start off with the Living Well Planner review and then talk about the ways it can help you achieve meaningful goals and a more balanced life even when it feels chaotic.

Please note: I purchased the bold stripe Living Well planner a few years ago. I checked their website and it appears to be the same layout and colors as I show in the pictures below. However, Please check Living Well’s shop for the most up to date information. The Navy version of this planner has less colors, just navy and a red for accents.

Alright let’s get to it….

Living Well Planner Best Features

Here are the best features of the Living Well Planner that make it unique from the other planners I’ve reviewed and seen:

1. Simple and Effective Goal Setting and Goal Crushing Pages

I’ve reviewed lots of goal planners. I love goal setting and think it is very impactful to take steps to creating the life you want so I always look for goalsetting pages in the planners I review.

The Living Well Planner goalsetting pages are simple but effective. They have prompts to break down your long term goals into different areas of life, your motto and word of the year.

The monthly goal setting pages allow you to tackle those long term goals month by month and has goal crushing to help you define objectives, action steps, how to handle obstacles and remind you to treat yourself when you complete it.

The project planning pages helps you think through the details, milestones, action steps and brainstorming ideas to finish off the project. I love that these goal setting pages are included monthly.

2. Monthly Budgeting Pages

Besides goalsetting, I also love to see planners that have monthly budgeting pages built in. Staying on top of our expenses is so important and I feel like when it’s not in your planner, it’s easier to forget about or ignore.

The monthly budgeting pages in the Living Well Planner have expenses broken down in predefined categories like:

  • charity
  • savings
  • housing
  • utilities
  • food
  • clothing
  • transportation
  • insurance
  • health
  • personal, and
  • debts

Each budget category further details expenses and most categories have a generic “other” in each section. For example, in the housing budget category, the line items are:

  • mortgage/rent
  • taxes and association
  • maintenance
  • repair

I also like that each category has a guideline for what percentage of your income should be allocated to that expense. For example, underneath housing it says “20-35% total income” suggesting that your total housing costs should be within that range.

I like the concept behind the monthly budget pages. I do wish they had more blank line items so you could write in your own specifics. For example, under the clothing category, there are line items for “adult”, “children”, and “dry cleaning/laundry”. I would rather they left the children and dry cleaning lines blank so I could write my kids names in, I never go to the dry cleaners anymore! This is easily fixable, by simply using correction tape and a small label, sticker, or piece of washi tape to cover it up and customize as you need to.

3. Monthly Gratitude Pages

I love these thoughts and thanks pages to track gratitude in the Living Well Planner. A nice spot to keep track of your gratitude throughout the month.

4. Weekly Planning Pages for Time Tracking, Meals and Must Do’s

I really like the layout of the weekly planning pages in the Living Well Planner because there is enough space to track daily time tracking or blocking (6am to 10pm), 3 must do’s and meal planning space. The sidebar has additional list space for nonspecific day tasks.

5. Undated So You Can Use it Anytime… with Stickers!

I have spent a small fortune on dated planners. Over the last few years especially, my season of life has been changing and along with it my planner needs. Who’s with me? The pandemic came and all of a sudden because of my autoimmune disease and a kid that was too young to be vaccinated, overnight I became a homeschooling mom which threw all my plans out of whack.

I end up buying multiple planners in a year and wanting to go back to a previous favorite only to find out it’s expired and I’d have to redate it to use it. There are a lot of partially used planners on my shelves!

I have really been loving undated planners lately so I can use it when I need it and there isn’t the pressure to fill out the pages if I don’t need it or want to try something different. I can always use this undated planner when it best serves me and I am less likely to leave blank pages and waste paper.

The Living Well Planner also comes with stickers so you can make the monthly calendar a Sunday or Monday start, which i think is unique in undated planners I’ve seen. And stickers for the tab dividers so you can start it anytime YOU need it (there’s nothing magic about January 1st!).

Living Well Planner Pros and Cons

Living Well Planner Pros

  • goal setting, goal crushing and project planning pages to help you break down your meaningful big goals and projects into manageable pieces so you get it done
  • long term and monthly goalsetting
  • monthly budgeting worksheets to help you remember to stick to your budget
  • weekly pages help you track your time, plan meals and accomplish your must do tasks
  • if you’re inspired by bright colors, you’ll like the colorful layout of the floral, bold stripe and mini stripe cover planners
  • if you’re inspired by more neutral navy and pops of color, you’ll like the navy and red layout of the navy cover planner.
  • a great life management planner since it includes goalsetting, budgeting and well though out weekly planning pages
  • monthly thoughts and thanks gratitude pages
  • access to crusting it bootcamp email series with purchase
  • good quality 100# paper stands up well to ghosting
  • 2 pages of included stickers to customize your planner
  • stickers to make your monthly calendars a sunday or monday start (the weekly planning pages start on monday).

Living Well Planner cons

  • if bright, multicolors are distracting, the colorful layout of the floral, bold stripe and mini stripe cover planners might be a con. I like the colors themselves but i’m not a fan that in some of the headings, each letter is a different color. (if this is a con for you, you might like interior of the navy planner better)
  • the wire-o binding. as you can see in my photo, that wire-o coil bent out of place. in general, I do not like wire-o coils. if you’re carrying this planner with you to home/work, you’ll need a planner pouch to protect it

Living Well Planner coupon code

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Living Well Planner printables

Check here for Living Well Planner printables. They have an assortment of worksheets you can print and add to your planner.

5 Ways the Living Well Planner Can Help You

These are the 5 ways the Living Well Planner can help you achieve manage and achieve a more balanced life

1. Strive for a More Balanced Life

the long term goals and monthly goals pages have space to help you think through your goals in 6 life areas to ensure a more balanced life. The 6 life areas are:

  • personal growth
  • fun & recreation
  • health & fitness
  • home improvements
  • finance goals
  • connect with

2. Beat overwhelm with breaking down goals into manageable pieces

All the goalsetting, goalcrushing and project planning pages are designed to help you think through the small steps you can do to break down a big scary goal into manageable pieces. This helps you beat overwhelm so you can take it one step at a time, get it done and make progress to achieve the goals that are important to you.

3. Get into a grace and gratitude habit

I love that the monthly thoughts and thanks page incorporates a gratitude habit into the planner. Simple bullet pointed sections so you can write a few tidbits throughout the month as they happen.

4. Stay on track with your budget

Your budget is never too far when it’s coiled into your planner. So often I forget to check my budget if its in another planner when I make a purchase. Having the budget worksheets in your planner helps you stay on track so you can monitor your spending before making another purchase.

5. Keep must do tasks and meals front and center so they get done

So often important tasks and meals you need to make can get lost in a sea of daily tasks. The layout of the weekly planning pages are unique because the must do tasks and meals are carved out into sections that draw your eye to it.

Where Can I Buy the Living Well Planner?

the Living Well Planner is only available on Living Well Spending Less’s online shop. It is not currently available on Amazon or in stores that I am aware of.

Favorite Accessories to Make Budgeting and Planning Fun

I really like the stickers the Living Well Planner comes with and there is lots of color already on the pages so I am highlighting my favorite accessories to use to make budgeting and planning fun so you’ll want to stick with it.

Living Well Planner Alternatives

Here are some Living Well Planner alternatives if you’re not quite convinced that this one is for you.

  • if you want a printable so you can save money and print just what you need: my Simple Productivity Planner includes goalsetting, monthly budgeting and meal planning calendars so you can stay on top of your bills, meals and all the things you gotta get done
  • if you need a daily planner and not as much color on planning pages: the Day Designer daily incorporates must do’s, gratitude, meal plan and expneses into their daily planning pages and has goalsetting pages
  • if you need a more minimalist layout and smaller notebook: the Clever Fox Ultimate Achievers 13 Week Planner incorporates goalsetting and weekly reviews to make progress and improvements in your life.
  • if you need more budgeting pages: my printable Simple Budget Planner will help you set financial goals, budget your income and expenses, analyze your needs vs wants, track your savings progress, reflect and celebrate your wins so you can make budgeting fun!

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Well, there you have it. A complete review of the Living Well Planner and the 5 ways it can help you achieve meaningful goals and a more balanced life.

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