Menu Plan Monday – Dec 29, 2014



I am joining Menu Plan Monday hosted by Org Junkie and What’s for Dinner? Menu Planning Linkup hosted by Jill Conyers and Mommy Run Fast this week to share what we’re eating. The only topic I like to chat about as much as books is food!

Last week, the stomach virus I thought had started was really early pneumonia for my kiddo. Then hubby and I caught viruses too and we had to cancel our trip we had planned for this week. I did still power through last week’s menu plan and manage on cooking so we really only ate out once last week. We still had a quiet family Christmas and had lots of fun catching up on watching movies and eating plenty of popcorn. After hectic weeks, it’s kind of nice not having anything we have to do and just spending time together.

This Week’s Menu Plan:

Still trying to keep the menu plan simple since I REALLY want to clean out my laundry room this week which has become the dumping ground for all the outgrown toys and clothes and it is driving me crazy.


Ate leftovers for lunch and PDQ for dinner


Cornflake Tilapia with


Baked Bean Chili, Cheesy Bacon Potato Rounds and Salad


Mujaddara Lentils and Rice with Greek Salad


Buttermilk Waffles, bacon and fruit

Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken with Fried Rice


Homemade pizza


Leftovers and eating out

Menu Planning Tools

I purchased the Plan to Eat Menu Planning Tool. I have been loving this new tool to get my menu plan, recipes and shopping lists printed up fast! It actually helps my blogging too since the recipe links are attached to the recipes.

I created a couple weekly planner printables to incorporate my menu plans into my week. Check them out and download for free if it will help you with your weekly goal and menu planning.

Free Weekly Planner printable with menu planner based on 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Free Weekly Planner Printable with Menu Plan, Daily Goals and Small Victories & Gratitude Tracker


What’s on your menu plan for this week?


    1. Oh these really are Akaleistar! I have made them lots of times and the boys are quiet when they eat and inhale them. I have to double the batch just so we have leftovers to reheat. Thanks for stopping by.

  1. I really need to get better at making what I plan. I’m all about meal planning, but I find that when the day arrives to cook, I’m too tired or it no longer sounds good. It’s one of my 2015 goals to stop relying on cereal and sandwiches to feed the family during the week!

    1. I know what you mean! On normal school weeks, I have to make breakfast for dinner at least once a week so that we can reheat it for a quick breakfast. Mornings are hard on me physically and I still rely on cereal and frozen waffles too much. I can relate to being too tired by the time dinner rolls around. On the days I have a lot of housework is when I rely on the slow cooker or I have to save up my energy so I don’t spend it all before dinner time comes. My family prefers my cooking these days so it’s important to me to keep their bellies happy so we don’t have to spend a small fortune going out to eat 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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