My Weekend with RA: Like an Episode of “Survivor”

Reposting this as we are coming up on another weekend, originally posted in September 2011…stay tuned for the 2012 update below it

Weekends are like a game of “Survivor” for me. Rheumatoid Arthritis does not allow me to run very fast or for long time or even sometimes even keep up with 3 very active little boys. So I have to “Outwit. Outplay. Outlast” better than them. I am on hopefully the downswing of an RA flare that I’ve
had the past 2 days…those times when my joints stiffen, it hurts to do the simplest things and my body just shuts down with overwhelming fatigue. I resisted the urge to just laze on the couch and veg them out in front of the TV today. So, this morning I was able to take my kids to the park, the library and on an errand to Target. My boys played hard while I pushed my littlest daredevil in the swing at the park. Thank heavens my oldest is such a great kid and able to help chase after the younger ones in my efforts to tire all 3 out. We were at the park for only 30 minutes but I so enjoyed watching them play on a beautiful, but hot, morning. Of course, I HAD to go to Target since our coffeemaker called it quits during the week. That is what we call a defcon 5 situation in our house when there is no coffee or milk! My mission was accomplished, my boys were tired and pin drop quiet on the car ride home. I fed them lunch and the youngest (codename: Daredevil) has been napping for 2 hours…priceless! So that’s my small victory, for now I’ve outlasted them. Uh oh, I think I jinxed myself, Daredevil is awake. Time for Round 2…wish me luck! Oh yeah, this kid is recharged and ready to go!

December 1, 2012

As it turned out, the kids wanted to return to the same park today. See how they’ve grown? Thankfully it was beautiful out being the first day in December and I was able to take them outside. This fall has been very cold and overcast which causes me more pain, stiffness and consequently more depression. I need the sunshine and so do these happy guys! I love that Daredevil (my youngest) actually wanted to push both his big brothers on the swing! I bet THIS will make him tired, getting him to nap should be a breeze! Hope this beautiful weather continues, kids and I both need it!


I would love to hear from you! What are your ways to keep up with your kids or to entertain them as the days get colder? What small victories would you like to share, something you checked off your to-do list? Something you were proud of yourself for today? We all have them, let’s celebrate them!



  1. Three boys?!? You are my hero. We have one boy and most days, the hubster and I just look at each other in utter bewilderment because we can’t figure out how one little man can wear us both out. Needless to say, three would probably kill us. Yours are absolutely adorable so there’s that 🙂

    PS: I found your blog by way of Kiran’s FB page and am glad I stopped by. I really enjoyed your writing style and look forward to reading more about your family.

    1. Hello Lawyer Loves Lunch! What a coincidence, I was visiting your page late last night from Kiran’s FB page too, subscribed to your blog since I was drooling over your recipes. I will be sure to try some out, given that I love to cook and have a bit of a recipe-collecting obsession! The Mexican Fried Rice looks great and easy, the boys are tired of the one I always make.

      I appreciate your kind words. They are joys but so unbelievably full of energy. If I could capture some of it in pill form, then maybe I could keep up! Thanks for stopping by, hope you return soon and check in on me. :). ~Tanya.

    1. Hi Tanya, thanks for the compliment. Boys are wonderfully energetic but hard to keep up with! Thanks for visiting, hope to hear from you again soon.

    1. Thanks Kristiina for the compliment and for stopping by for a visit. That’s ok, I enjoyed your post yesterday and you can help me be more stylish with my accessories rather than not trying because of my RA. I will continue to visit your blog.

  2. Your little Daredevil is super cute. It looks like you have a great plan to entertain the kids in December! We like to take walks, and also go to the playground any time of year 🙂 ~ stopping by from SITS Sharefest.

    1. Thanks so much Bea. Wish weather was nice enough for playground any time of the year here. When it’s cold and/or rainy it really limits my mobility. I start sitting on the couch and try to tickle kids as they run in circles around downstairs. But I am thinking one of those 1-person toddler trampolines with handles for Daredevil would be perfect when we can’t get outside!

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