Blog Ahead Challenge, 31 Days to get ahead by 31 posts. Hosted by Herding Cats & Burning Soup and Caffeinated Book Reviewer

October 2015 Blog Ahead Challenge

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Since taking Blog Clarity’s Content Brew class years ago, I’ve had an overwhelmingly long list of blog post ideas that have not seen the light of day. So many tips, ideas and experiences I want to share with you but have not made the time to sit and write.

When I saw that Caffeinated Book Reviewer and Herding Cats & Burning Soup were hosting this Blog Ahead challenge, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to take a stab at whittling away at my post ideas. With the holidays upon us, it will be better to have blog posts scheduled so my blog doesn’t suffer when I want to spend time with my family. Consistency is key to blogging success I’m told and I definitely need to be more consistent! 

So I’m signing up for these October’s Blog Ahead challenge, join us won’t you?

Blog Ahead Challenge, 31 Days to get ahead by 31 posts. Hosted by Herding Cats & Burning Soup and Caffeinated Book Reviewer

Here’s the info on what Blog Ahead is about from Caffeinated Book Reviewer

Blog Ahead 2015

  • Purpose: Increase the number of scheduled blog posts you have ready to publish by 31 posts during the month of October. (You can set your own goal) All post will be scheduled from November 1st or later.
  • Who Can Join: Any blogger or author can join. Brand new, been around for years.Blogger, WordPress or other platform. Any heat level, genre or theme, etc. If you blog…you’re welcome to join!
  • Types of Posts that Count: Any finished posts count! Meme, review, guest post, interview, discussion. Top Ten Posts, Favorites posts, Shopping Guide Posts, Cooking posts, pet posts, photo posts, etc. Posts do NOT have to be book related.
  • Required: The post must be complete and scheduled from November 1, 2015 onward. (So not just blurb, buy links, etc for a review post. The review needs to be complete for the post to count.)



My bullet journal has 54 blog post ideas in it right now.

My goal is to post 12 posts in October and blog ahead 10 posts written for November.


I’ll update my progress here. Wish me luck! 

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    1. Wow that’s fantastic Heather! Keep up that buffer. I am still working on readathon posts to take me through the end of the month but I can’t wait to get some done towards holidays.

  1. This sounds like a wonderful idea. I may have to get involved with this. Like you I have A LONG list of blog ideas and haven’t put them into practice at all. I need to. It would be nice to be ahead again.

  2. Wow! This is such a great challenge Tanya. And I agree with you on scheduled posts! I’m already struggling to get 5 post ahead for the month and you are going for 10 post ahead for Nov, and that’s super amazing!! Good luck, Tanya! 🙂

    1. Thanks Ann, I will need the luck. We just committed to doing a Travel the World in Books Readathon for later this month which will mean more posts to do for October.

  3. This is the first time that I have heard of this challenge! It’s a great idea because I am terrible about getting ahead! Love co-hosting the #SmallVictoriesSundayLinkup with you, as always!

    1. I’m terrible at getting ahead too. I really need this. It’d be really nice to get ahead for the holidays and keep it going for the new year. One of the hosts, Caffeinated Book Reviewer, is great at staying ahead and posting I think 4-5 times per week. She’s amazing and hoping she rubs off on me.

  4. Okay, I really, really need to do this! But there is no way I can get 31 new posts written this October. I think I will set my goal a bit lower (“realistic” is the word I should use!), because I know that at least 2 weeks this month I will be unable to write. Thanks for sharing this; it always makes it easier when you know others are working toward the same goal.

    1. Glad you are joining in Wendy. I’m with you, my more realistic goal is 10 posts for November since I don’t have any posts done for October yet. I know getting ahead during the holiday/birthday season would be good for my blog though so my readers don’t forget about me! Good luck with the challenge. I loved the post about your daughter. I hope you’ll link it up with our Small Victories Sunday linkup open all week until the new one starts Saturday at 8pm EST.

  5. Good luck!! I need to do something like this. I’m trying to get things done ahead of time, now that I’m back, and I’m already slacking. The only thing I can’t post ahead of time is my Friday post, that’s specific to my week.

    1. Thanks Mrs. AOK, I hear you. I end up going full throttle/Gung ho at the beginning of a new project but then enthusiasm wanes or life gets in the way. Last year I did NaBloPoMo in Nov which was insane posting everyday but I think this challenge is more doable. Hope you join us even if you get just one post done for November or beyond! 🙂

  6. Good luck, Tanya!
    Just think about all those post you’ll have ready to publish on the blog.
    I should do the same, but I don’t have the time!

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