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3 Tools to Optimize Your Holiday Blog Traffic and Income from Pinterest

3 Tools to Optimize Your Holiday Blog Traffic. Use Pinterest to take advantage of the best time of the year for bloggers. These 3 tools will help you save time so that you can make more income and maximize the time you spend with your family.


If you’re a blogger who makes affiliate income (or wants to), do you know that the 4th quarter can be the highest income producing time of the year? People are looking for gifts for their family and friends with chronic illness or work from home moms or Star Wars fans. Seriously, if you haven’t done a gift guide yet, go do one! Until then, I thought I’d share with you my favorite tools to optimize your holiday blog traffic from Pinterest so you can take advantage of the best time of year for bloggers without working round the clock so you can still maximize the time you spend with family.


Note: This post contains affiliate links as indicated by an asterisk. Purchases from these links provides a small commission to me at no extra cost to you.


3 Tools to Optimize Your Holiday Blog Traffic. Use Pinterest to take advantage of the best time of the year for bloggers. These 3 tools will help you save time so that you can make more income and maximize the time you spend with your family.


3 Tools to Optimize Your Holiday Blog Traffic

1. Pinning Perfect from Blog Clarity


Drive Blog Traffic with Pinterest with Pinning Perfect


First, Pinning Perfect* is the course I took a couple years ago and saw 1,899% growth in my traffic from Pinterest. Ever since, Pinterest just keeps DOMINATING my referral traffic.

Free Holiday Keyword Guide to help your pins get noticed for the holidays and bring more traffic to your blog.

Even better is right now you can get this Free Pinterest Holiday Keyword Cheat Sheet* with over 240 of the best keywords for 2018 that people are searching Pinterest for so that you can write the perfect pin descriptions and attract more readers (and income) to your blog. Bonus Tip: If you are struggling with coming up with content ideas, start with one of these keywords and build a post (or 5) around them. This is seriously a great tool for Pinterest and for brainstorming and mind mapping content ideas.


The best thing is that Blog Clarity classes come with LIFETIME access so every time the algortihms change, Melissa gets the inside scoop directly from Pinterest (she has connections), updates the course, and purchasers get the updated class for FREE too! Many bloggers don’t do that anymore, and with how often the technology and best practices change, it’s nice to see someone stand behind the product they deliver. Seriously, if you want to grow your traffic from Pinterest, you’ll want to check out Pinning Perfect*


2. Genius Blogger’s Toolkit





Second, Genius Blogger’s Toolkit* is an incredible bundle of 77 e-books, e-courses, printables and bonuses covering everything from business setup and monetization to problogger keynotes and productivity to manage all the blogging things. The bundle is only on sale from October 10, 2018 at 8am EST until October 15, 2018 at 11:59pm EST and at 98% off of the retail value. Also included are a user manual video and workbook and additional cheat sheets available to purchase of every course with an overview, quick tips and practical tips to implement the material into your blog which will be REALLY helpful in getting things done.

The best part of this bundle is that there are just SO many amazing tools at your fingertips for an affordable price and it comes with a 30-day Happiness Guarantee so really you have nothing to lose. 

Check out my post The 12 Best Blogging Courses in the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit to see the cream of the crop and the resources that will best launch our blogs to the next level. 


3. Tailwind App

Ok, Tailwind is amazing for scheduling pins and joining Tailwind tribes (anyone can join Tailwind tribes even if you don’t buy Tailwind) to boost your blog’s traffic from Pinterest. It figures out the best time to pin your content for you. You just fill up your queue with your’s and other bloggers’ high quality pins and Tailwind does the rest for you. I love it and consider it a great investment for my blog, you can try it for free try Tailwind for free here.

Well there you have it, don’t miss out on the spike in 4th quarter holiday blog traffic from Pinterest and have your best traffic and income of the year. These 3 tools can help you take advantage of the boost in traffic which will help you gain momentum and set the foundation for a successful new year. 


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    1. Pinterest is a wonderful traffic source for me, I highly recommend Pinning Perfect to help you. Be sure to ask if you have any specific questions I’d be glad to help if i can.

    1. Hi Srephanie, I think Pinning Perfect is good for beginners too, it takes you through setting up your account and writing/organizing your boards and their descriptions. I had an account and pinned things occasionally when I first started the course but I definitely didn’t know much about Pinterest. Now I absolutely love it and it brings me my most traffic.

    1. yes, you should set aside time to do it! Once you learn the basics of what to pin, styling your pin, how to write your pin description, etc. it takes a few seconds to pin something and you get continuous traffic from it. My most popular pin is something I pinned once a year ago and it now has over 12k repins and continues to bring the most traffic to my blog. I love the return on my time investment that Pinterest brings me!

  1. These sound like really great classes that I would LOVE to take. I could totally use them. I’ll have to keep saving pennies. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes, save those pennies. This is the best blogging bundle I’ve seen with so many mega bloggers giving us their success stories and helpful advice. I tried taking just free resources and finally decided this year that I had to spend money to make some money. Thankfully what I’ve earned has helped me pay for what I bought. Slowly but surely. Thanks for stopping by! Always love hearing from you!

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