Our Family’s Favorite Pancake Recipe

In my quest to avoid preservatives and partially hydrodgenated oils in boxed pancake mix, I found this recipe for pancakes, tweaked it a little and it is now our family’s favorite pancake recipe. The recipe uses a substitution for buttermilk so all the ingredients are already in my pantry. I drop in some blueberries in about half the pancakes, Curious George style. We have an egg allergy in our extended family so I was also pleased to discover that these pancakes taste just as good when I omit the egg. Granted, they are not as fluffy, but shhh, don’t tell them – my family couldn’t tell the difference.

I now make these once every couple of weeks. The leftovers are easy to toast in the toaster oven the next morning for a quick weekday breakfast. With Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), my joints are most stiff and painful in the morning so making breakfast is hard for me to do many days. I need breakfasts that taste just as good reheated so my boys can have a good breakfast despite my limitations.

So, without further ado, here’s our family’s favorite pancake recipe…





What does your family enjoy for quick weekday breakfasts? How do you like your pancakes? I love mine with fresh blueberries or strawberries and pure maple syrup. Enjoy! 


  1. YUM! We (ok, by “we” I mean my husband) make pancakes most weekends. We are lucky since my father-in-law makes his own maple syrup so we always have a big stock. This recipe looks really yummy!

    1. You’ve got some great guys in your life, a hubby that cooks and his dad who makes maple syrup? Wowee! I’d be in heaven with a stock of maple syrup. I buy the pure maple syrup and it’s $6 for a little bottle and we go through a lot of it….

  2. Tanya, These look awesome! We are going to have to try them. I too like to avoid some of the bad stuff found in boxed mixes. My daughter is hooked on pancakes ever since we read the Curious George book. 🙂

  3. That vinegar addition is so interesting! I live in Italy and they don’t eat pancakes here!!!!! (crazy right?) Anyways, still trying to raise my little girl somewhat American and this recipe looks perfect to try (I adoooore pancakes. especially with chocolate chips!)

    1. Interesting right? The vinegar sours regular milk so it gets thicker and frothy like buttermilk. The original recipe had more vinegar but I cut it in half to avoid a vinegary aftertaste. Now they’re perfect for us!

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