Passion Planner Review: the best planner for students, hybrid bullet journaling and work-life balance

In this Passion Planner review, see why the Passion Planner is the best planner for students and/or people who want a hybrid bullet journal, to be creative or needs better work-life balance. Find more planner reviews here.

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It might be a tall order for one planner to be able to satisfy moms and their kids alike, but the weekly Passion Planner has done it! With it’s minimal interior design and various cover options, the Passion Planner appeals to both moms and daughters and sons. In fact, I got 2 of my sons hooked on the Passion Planner in high school and they’ve admitted it helps them stay organized so much.

In this Passion Planner review, I’ll walk you through the following to help you decide if the Passion planner is right for you and your life:

  • the best features that make the Passion Planner unique
  • pictures inside the Passion planner
  • pros and cons of the Passion Planner
  • who the Passion Planner is right for
  • best pens and accessories to use and pdf downloads
  • Passion Planner discount codes
  • if the Passion Planner is worth the money

We will be covering the weekly Passion Planner in this review since that is their signature product, stay tuned for a review of the daily Passion Planner too!

For detailed specifications about the Passion Planners, please visit the Passion Planner website.

Best Features of the Weekly Passion Planner

Here are my favorite features of the weekly Passion Planner that makes it stand out in the planner market.

Passion Roadmap

The Passion Roadmap is a simple 2 page spread dedicated to mindmapping the vision you have for your life now, in 3 months, 1 year, 3 years and your lifetime. The passion roadmap then gives you the steps to break down those passions, find the gamechanger goal and schedule it out so you challenge yourself to get it down. It seems simple enough and lots of planners include this type of roadmap now.

But back in 2017, the first time I completed the passion roadmap, not many planners had that. It’s been 6 years and I’m astounded reading it back that I’ve achieved most of the goals, even some of the lifetime ones! The simple act of writing it out and putting your goals to paper helps you manifest and work towards the life you want. It’s pretty powerful for what looks like a simple mindmap.

There is also a mid year Passion Roadmap to refresh your goals.

Weekly Planning for Work-Life Balance and Time Blocking or Tracking

Although the weekly Passion Planner comes in 3 sizes, I’m partial to the large Passion Planner which is 7.8” x 11” (just about US letter size) so that is what the pictures reflect in this review. The weekly planning pages have room for:

  • this week’s focus
  • good things that happened
  • quotes and challenges to motivate and inspire you
  • today’s focus for each day
  • schedule in half hour increments from 6:00am to 10:30pm
  • equal sized personal and work to do lists,
  • and a blank space called the “space of infinite possibility”

Passion Planner is one of the few planners that has good things, focus and equal sized personal and work to do lists built in. This helps you be selective on the tasks you put in your to do list and makes sure you have a balance between work and personal. If it doesn’t fit on the work list, move it to next week!

It may seem like a simple thing these equal sized work and personal lists but I assure you sometimes it’s necessary. Left to your own devices, you may let work overtake your list and then wonder why you’re not having any fun or time for self care. This planner helps you carve out time for your personal needs and wants. Even if you get just one done, it’s a small victory!

I was both a working outside the home full time mom and am now currently a stay at home mom and work at home mom. When my then 3 year old was home with me, it was a whole different definition of “work” than at my full time job.

Don’t let being a stay at home mom dissuade you from listing all those things you do for your family as your work. If it’s your job to take care of other humans or fur babies, put the tasks related to them in the work column. Save the personal for what truly matters to you and your physical and emotional health and fun!

Students can write all their assignments in the “work” column.

I also love that the weekly schedule is broken up in half hour increments. It makes it super easy to time block or track how your time is spent. Time tracking is a super simple way to boost your productivity and I loved color coding how my time was spent using colored pencils.

Monthly Reflections and End of Month Checklist

The Passion Planner was also the first planner that introduced me to monthly reflections and reviews. The simple journaling reflection prompts help you:

  • jot down your best memories
  • capture lessons learned
  • assess your priorities and how your time was actually spent
  • celebrate your accomplishments
  • reflect on how you’ve changed
  • express gratitude
  • identify things you can improve for next month

The end of month checklists encourages you to:

  • highlight your accomplishments
  • choose a new gamechanger goal for next month, and
  • set checkpoints in your weekly pages to ensure you make progress on that goal

The Passion Planner Monthly Reflections are simple and impactful. There is also a similar End of the Year Reflection using similar prompts.

40 Notes Pages and Gorgeous Thick, Sustainably Sourced Paper are Perfect for Bullet Journaling

I love the bright white, 120 gsm sustainable sourced paper in the Passion Planner products. It’s perfect for bullet journaling, memory keeping and if you’re like me lists and trackers galore! I don’t have an artistic bone in my body but I’ve seen people make beautiful memory keeping journals and sketches, and painting in their Passion Planners!

And 40 notes pages is a lot even for list makers like me who need to write everything down so I don’t forget it.

Pictures Inside the Passion Planner

You can get more details of the Passion Planner on their website but I took some more pictures of the 2023 Large Passion Planner Celestial Blue that I ordered so you can see it in real life before I write all over it!

Weekly Passion Planner monthly calendar

I love the monthly calendar in the Passion Planner, it has spaces for projects, places to go and people to see. If you need to change the headings, they are easy enough to cover up and I used it as a place to track books I read.

Passion Planner back pocket and lots of stickers inside!

Passion Planner pros and cons

Here are the pros and cons of the Passion Planner

Passion Planner pros:

  • goalsetting is simple and not overwhelming but impactful
  • weekly planning pages include a balance of work, personal and good things to inspire you and keep you motivated
  • classic and minimalist design (all black font on the inside) looks professional
  • all those notes pages make it an all in one solution, you may not need another planner!
  • monthly reflection pages are thoughtful
  • high quality paper is perfect for creatives and paper snobs alike
  • gorgeous softbound covers don’t have a coil that snags in your bag if you take it on the go, it’s perfect for lefties too (one of my sons is a leftie and was against planning but he’s now seen the benefit and used this planner throughout high school and college)
  • Passion Planner is huge at giving back! each purchase made benefits a different nonprofit cause. The cover embossing reflects the cause benefitted. for example, the description for the Celestial Blue cover that I show says: ”Follow your inner compass and create the space to find your own path with the Weekly 2023 Annual Passion Planner in Celestial Blue. Chart the unexplored territories of your life using this productivity planner as your guide. We are committed to evolving ourselves and inspiring you to embark on your own unique empowerment journey. That’s why a portion of the proceeds benefit our friends at Our Own, a nonprofit organization dedicated to making purpose popular while dismantling systemic barriers in nutrition, education, entrepreneurship, mental health and physical fitness to further ensure social equity for our youth.”
  • you can get the entire pdf download for the weekly or daily planner on their site. CEO Angelia Trinidad started Passion Planner as a broke college student so she makes sure cost is not an issue for people to pursue their passions.
  • 3 sizes available in the paper version and digital versions compatible with note-taking apps also available
  • line of planner accessories – i recommend the tabs and stickers

Passion Planner cons:

  • the softbound cover might be a con if you prefer a spiral
  • it’s not completely lay flat if you’re in the first few pages (i recommend putting something under the side with fewer pages to make a sturdier writing surface) but it’s not a deal breaker in my opinion

That’s it, that’s all I can think of for the cons!

Who the Passion Planner is Right For:

  • high school and college students
  • people who need work life balance
  • people who like clean lines and minimalist black and white design
  • people who like to be creative in their planners
  • people who like to memory plan or memory keep (you can even print up photos to stick in)
  • people who are new or overwhelmed by goal setting, the approach here is to pursue your passions
  • people who want a weekly overview
  • people who want to time block or track their time
  • people who want their purchase to benefit nonprofits
  • people who want to support minority, woman or LGBQTIA – owned business

Passion Planner PDF

As I said above, you can get the entire Passion Planner pdf download for the weekly or daily planner on their site and other downloadable pdfs for free like:

  • 30 day journal challenge
  • 7 day self love challenge
  • BIPOC quotes
  • book tracker
  • calorie tracker
  • coloring pages
  • contacts and class contacts
  • daily page
  • handwriting page to test which size works for you
  • finance tracker
  • gift tracker,
  • and more!

CEO Angelia Trinidad started Passion Planner as a broke college student so she makes sure cost is not an issue for people to pursue their passions. She has always provided the pdfs for free and she says she always will. You can get them all on the Passion Planner site.

Passion Planner Discount Code

I no longer have a discount code at Passion Planner but I do have a referral link. Save $5 off your first purchase of $15 or more.

Is the Passion Planner Worth It?

My general thought is any planner is worth it if you commit to using it and giving it a good run. The Passion Planner is a fantastic planner for students and people who like to be creative, have an overview of their week and need work-life balance. I think it makes a fantastic memory planner too with the bright white thick, high quality paper that will stand up to markers, inks, stamps and photos.

I think that any planner that helps make life easier for you and helps you achieve what is important to YOU is worth it. The Passion Planner has a special place on my shelf since it was one of the few planners I could stick with all year since I used the Passion Planner as a simple hybrid bullet journal too and it really helped me track my time, celebrate my achievements, write down happy memories and keep all my ideas in one place. Grab one of the free downloads to see if the layout works for you and then buy the Passion Planner, you won’t be sorry.

Passion Planner alternative

If the Passion Planner is not for you, here are some Passion Planner alternatives that are worth checking out.

Best Accessories on Amazon for the Passion Planner

More Planner and Productivity Resources

I’ve given you lots to think about but here are just a few more planner resources I’ve compiled to help you decide which planner is right for you.


I truly hope this Passion Planner review has been helpful to you to help you decide if it’s right for you. think the Passion Planner is a fantastic planner and the structure is fantastic to inspire you and challenge you to fill your life with what you’re passionate about. It’s so easy to adapt it to what you need and the free pdf downloads to get you started are amazing. I love how dedicated this company is to inclusivity, diversity, giving back to their community by offering completely free pdfs and donating a portion of every planner purchased to nonprofit organizations. If you still have questions about this planner, drop me a comment and I’ll be happy to help however I can. Happy planning!

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