8 Awesome Planners Like Happy Planner

One of these 8 awesome planners like Happy Planner will help you get more done in less time and inspire you to achieve your dream life.

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planners like the happy planner. pictured are 5 planners arranged on a light wood grain background, 2 on top, 2 on the bottom and one on top in the middle. on the top left is erin condrean A5 colorful ring binder in a colorful gradient with pink, blue and green. on the top right is a franklin planner light pink zip binder, on the bottom right is an erin condren planner with a metal coil and a pastel colored cover with hand drawn florals. on the bottom left is a purple trail binder planner with a simplified drawn  version of a harry potter face, scarf and robe. on the top middle is the get organized hq planner with a navy cover, bright pink flowers and quote "every day is a fresh start" in white script font

Happy Planner Alternatives

Here are the 4 features that make the Happy Planner unique so these are the features we’ll be looking for in Happy Planner alternatives for you to consider:

  • customizability – since the Happy planner is a discbound system you can add sections and pages you need
  • colorful layouts
  • wide variety of inserts – planning pages, budgeting, household, notes and goals
  • wide variety of accessories – stickers, pens, dashboards, dividers to complement your planner

Planners Like Happy Planner

1. Erin Condren

Erin Condren is the closest choice for planners like the Happy Planner.  Erin Condren offers a wide variety of planners and binding options, including coiled planners, bookbound planners and inserts for an A5 or their custom LifePlanner binder. Erin Condren also offers coiled and petite planners and journals for budgeting, menu planning, pregnanzy, wedding, self care, gratitude and more so you can truly customize your planner.

The laminated covers on their coiled planners are even customizable and interchangeable just like the Happy Planner. Erin Condren also has vegan leather covers for a more professional look (but they are not interchangeable).

Erin Condren planners come in both colorful layouts or neutral layouts and a huge assortment of stickers, pens and accessories to complement both their coiled planners and A5  planners and ring binders. The snap in accessories for the coiled planners are interchangeable should you decide to change planner size. Erin Condren products are high quality and they have great sales and discounts especially if you join their free Insider’s program.

See my Ultimate Planner Comparison for more about how Erin Condren and Happy Planner are similar and different and compare to other popular planners.

Find the Best Erin Condren Planner for Your Needs here


Buy Erin Condren planners here

2. Purple Trail Planners

Purple Trail planners are like the Happy Planners and are the best customizable planner. You can customize your ideal planner by choosing your own:

  • personalized coil or ring binder covers
  • binding (coil, ring binder, or leather binder)
  • colorful or neutral layouts,
  • wide variety of planning pages including daily, weekly, fitness, mom, teacher, student, homeschool, fitness, reading, meal planners, business, content, and specialty planners
  • add on sections including checklists, financial, fitness, nutrition, travel, party planning, bill trackers, puzzles and games, notes pages and more, and
  • adorable stickers and accessories! 

Purple Trail Planners is a great solution for people who want an all in one planner to manage their schedule, home, budget, family, academics and blog, business or side hustle. Allow yourself ample time on their site to look around and build your perfect planner!

Here’s what I built:

You can see how I customized my awesome Harry Potter inspired planner in my Ultimate Planner Comparison and how Purple Trail compares to the Happy Planner and other planners on the market.

Buy Purple Trail Planners here

3.Plum Paper

Plum Paper is another great choice for a planner like Happy Planner because it is a fantastic customizable planner. You can customize just about everything in your planner, including the interchangeable covers for the coiled planners, interior headings on the planning pages, a wide variety of interior layouts, the start month and # of months, add on sections and the binding. Plum Paper also has a wide variety of stickers and coordinating accessories to make it a good Happy Planner alternative.

I first used the Plum Paper in 2016 to bullet journal in and it was amazing, had my entire life and blog work in one planner. I love the slick smooth paper and options to get everything I need in one place.

Plum Paper has a wide variety of planner accessories, including stickers, notepads, notecards, snap in dashboards for your coiled planners, and tote bags.

See my Ultimate Planner Comparison for more about how Plum Paper and Happy Planner compare to each other and other popular planners.

Discount: Email me at tanya{at}momssmallvictories{dot}com to get a discount code of 10% your first purchase of $30 or more. I have to enter your email in their referral system and Plum Paper will send you the coupon code to use. It only works for emails they don’t already have in their system.

Buy Plum Paper Planners here

4. Inkwell Press

If you want better paper quality or a more professional look, then the Inkwell Press planner is like the Happy Planner because it is a discbound system with various layouts for weekly or daily planning, goalsetting, project planning, meal planning, habit trackers, weekly kick starts and notes.

The interior pages are colorful but with more muted, pastel colors and the covers are made of vegan leather with metal discs. Although the accessory selection is not as wide as the Happy Planner or Erin Condren, you can purchase various stickers, tabs, note pads and pen loop to customize your planner. The paper is 140 gsm so it’s the thickest paper in my Ultimate Planner Comparison and it should be able to stand up to any additional stickering, inky pens or maybe even watercolors you want to try to add your own flair to your planner.

Discount: Get $10 off your first purchase of $50 or more here

Check out more or buy an Inkwell Press planner here.

5. Simple Productivity Planner

The Simple Productivity Planner is like the Happy Planner because they are printable inserts for productivity, planning, goalsetting, habit tracking, meal planning, a bill calendar and journaling prompts. Everything in one pdf to get you started on achieving your dream life. The Simple Productivity Planner is a budget friendly option and you can print just the pages you need. The colorful layout is purple, navy and gray but you can also print in grayscale. Available in US Letter and A5 sizes and can be used in ringbound or discbound systems.

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Find a full review of the Simple Productivity Planner here

Buy the Simple Productivity Planner here (get a 15% off coupon code when you subscribe to shop newsletter)

6. Levenger

I think Levenger is a great planner like Happy Planner if you want a sophisticated and classic discbound system. The Circa line is Levenger’s discbound system and their Softolio covers are stunning.

While the planning pages are not colorful, you can customize what’s included in your binder. This option is great for hybrid bullet journalers or “lazy” bullet journalers like me who want the monthly, weekly, and/or daily pages printed and then can add as many supplemental notes pages, dividers and habit trackers as needed to complete your bullet journal/system. They have additional accessories such as bookmarks, tote bags, stylish pens, journals (I have my eye on the 5 year journal), and more.

Circa & Pen Stock-Up - Shop Now!

Tip: If you are not sure if you want a junior (half US Letter) size or full size (US letter size), I recommend getting the Circa® Simply Irresistible Sampling Kit because it gives you translucent covers, discs, pages and page finders in both sizes AND a $40 gift card to use towards refills, covers, pockets, colored discs and other accessories (like the hole punch) within 90 days of the issue date. That’s a great deal both to try out and figure out what you need and if it works for you.

Buy Levenger here

7. Franklin Planner

Another classic and sophisticated planner like the Happy Planner is the Franklin Covey planner system. Franklin Planner offers both planner inserts for ringbound planners and wirebound planner options. The ringbound planners is the more customizable system since you build your binder to hold what you need. Franklin Planner offers a wide variety of colorful and neutral inserts with different layouts, and accessories like dividers, tabs, card protectors, pens, sticky notes, stickers and notepads.

I used the Carrara day on 2 page inserts (shown below) or 2021 and 2022 and though they are gray and white, I use Happy Planner and other stickers to add color when and where I want to. I love this system because I could get everything in one place and organized so I can find whatever I needed. The Franklin Planner brought me joy to flip through my archived planner pages at the end of the year.

Franklin Carrara Day on 2 Pages planner shown.

If you want colorful layouts, check out the Beautiful Life Collection, Gingham Gardens, Colorpop, Wanderlust, Flora, Blooms, Seasons and Serenity inserts

Tip: Franklin Planner has a free training series that is gold when it comes to identifying your values, creating goals based off your values, and getting those most important and worthwhile tasks into your schedule. I go through it each year and it’s a good refresher to align your values with your goals.

See my Ultimate Planner Comparison for how Franklin Planner compares to the Happy Planner and other popular and productivity planners

Check out the free training and buy Franklin Planner here

8. Get Organized HQ

The Get Organized HQ planner is new to me but a fun and fresh planner like the Happy Planner. You won’t be able to customize anything in it really but the layouts are colorful and lovely, and there are lots of cute, vibrant stickers. It has some goalsetting, budgeting and reflection pages each month as well. If you’re looking for a simpler, colorful planner that helps you get organized and manage your busy life, you should check this one out.

Buy the Get Organized HQ planner here.

Those are the 8 best planners like the Happy Planner that provide you the same customizability, colorful inspiration and a wide variety of inserts and accessories to build your perfect planning system for your current season of life. Give one of these a try or leave me a comment if you need help deciding! There’s a lot of goodness to choose from and I want you to love whichever planner your choose.

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