Everything You Need to Know about Powersheets 2019 Intentional Goal Planner

Tired of being in survival mode? The Powersheets 2019 intentional goal planner can help you ditch survival mode, cultivate the goals that are most important to you and inspire you to lead your best life right now. Here’s everything you need to know about the Powersheets 2019 goal setting planner. 

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Powersheets 2019: What You need to know before you buy. Get the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Powersheets 2019 intentional goal planner. Including an honest review, the best planner to use with it and if the Powersheets 2019 are really worth the cost.

I get a lot of questions about the Powersheets 2019 from my email subscribers and on Instagram so I thought I would address them here in a frequently asked question and answer format. 


1. What are Powersheets? 

Powersheets* are an intentional goal setting planner that contains 30+ pages of worksheets (called Prep Work) to help you think through what kind of life you want, what you have, what motivates you and what’s holding you back. The Prep Work digs deep and helps you uncover truths about yourself so you can overcome your self-limiting beliefs and crush your most important goals. 

After the Prep Work, the Powersheets also includes monthly and quarterly (if you have the 12 month edition) worksheets to narrow down your big picture goals into actionable tasks, and review your progress and lessons learned. 

What makes the Powersheets unique is the grace and encouragement that comes from the pages. While we are motivated to celebrate our successes big and small, we are also encouraged to give ourselves grace when goals don’t go our way.

See my full Powersheets review here including pros, cons and what the Powersheets helped me achieve in 2018 (my first year using them). 


2. Why do I still need another planner?

The Powersheets*  are for thinking through the goals you want to set and breaking them down into actionable steps. But you will need another planner to execute the action steps and schedule them into your day to actually get them done. 


3. What is the best planner to use with the Powersheets 2019? 

Finding the perfect planner to crush your goals is a tough question, isn’t it? My answer is, the perfect planner is the one you will use throughout the day wherever you are. The one you want to look at and be inspired and encouraged by. The one that lets you capture all your thoughts and ideas without overwhelming you.

For me, I use both Google Calendar and a Daily Simplified Planner.


Let’s find your perfect planner…


Recommended Paper Planners

  • Check out my ultimate planner comparison if you want details on 11 of the most popular planners on the market, their specifications, what makes them unique and what type of person each is best suited for


powersheets 2019 and daily simplified planner make a great combination to cultivate your most important goals and schedule them into your day to achieve them


  • If you want a book bound daily planner that is portable, Erin Condren recently came out with these Petite Daily Planners*. Each book contains a quarter’s worth of daily pages so they are easy to carry with you. I want to get my hands on these to try them out!


  • If you want a book bound chunky daily planner that has the whole year in it…
    • I bought a Dapper Desk* for next year but they are already sold out.
    • Also recommended these Northfolk Planners* which look fantastic because it has monthly, weekly AND daily layouts all in one planner. I’d like to get one of these to review soon.


  • If you want a coiled weekly planner, 
    • Erin Condren* is the prettiest and room to plan your weeks as you need it; 
    • Plum Paper is the most customizable and makes a great bullet journal with add-ons for reflection, home management, business, blogging, teaching and just about anything you can think of; 
    • Inkwell Press* has velvety smooth paper focused on mission boards, habit trackers which works well with incorporating your Powersheets 2019* goals into your daily life.


  • If you want a book bound weekly planner…
    • the Simplified Planner* is simple and classic with a hardcover so makes a beautiful keepsake on your bookshelf; 
    • Passion Planner has a nice faux leather softcover and focuses on goalsetting and monthly reflections to help you pursue your passions


Recommended Digital Tools

  • Google Calendar for scheduling appointments, time blocking and setting up alerts and notifications
  • Trello for to do lists by cultivated life evaluation category or put each goal’s action plan into a card or checklist


4. What Powersheets 2019 accessories are must haves? 

I’m a pretty simple planner, I color code my tasks and use a few stickers but not much and not everyday. I’ll give you a quick recap of accessories I tried and the ones I love.


powersheets 2019 intentional goal planner and must have accessories including goal setting sticker book, papermate flair pens and zebra midliner highlighters


Colored Pens

I love pens as much as pretty planners so I have quite a collection. I need sturdy felt or metal tips because I tend to press hard and bend the porous tip pens like Staedler* or Sharpie Pens*.   These are favorites of the ones I’ve tried:

  • Papermate Flairs* because the colors matched perfectly with all of the cultivated life evaluation categories (which was my key for how I was color coding my Powersheets and planner). 
  • Also available is the Cultivate What Matters Papermate Flair pen set* but it’s missing some of the cultivated life evaluation category colors like red for spiritual growth and golden yellow for my blog/work.
  • I also have a pack of Papermate Inkjoy gel pens* .7mm that I haven’t used yet in my Powersheets but love the way they write and their bold, inky colors. 
  • I use the Emily Ley Pilot Precise Pen Set* in my planner and love the finer .5mm tip and very little shadowing.
  • Pentel Energels* have been a favorite for a long time, they write smoothly and ink dries quickly and even the pretty colors are refillable* I just found out! Very little shadowing with these too. 


Highlighters & Colored Pencils

  • I tried the Zebra Midliner Highlighters* to see what the fuss was about. I love the colors but the darker colors bleed/shadow through the paper more than I like
  • I love my trusty Crayola colored pencils* for color coding. They are inexpensive and never bleed or shadow through the paper! 



  • I purchased the Cultivate What Matters 2018 Goal Setting Sticker Book in the summer. I love the stickers to put in my Powersheets and daily planner, but I noticed some of my color coding dots fell off of my tending list which I reference everyday. It also drives the color coder in me a little crazy that not all the colors from the cultivated life categories are in the stickers.
  • I don’t have the Cultivate What Matters 2019 Goal Setting Sticker book* but it looks similar to what I have.


Bundle Deal


If you like stickers, a zippered pouch and washi tape, then you’d like the Best Year Yet Bundle* with includes the Powersheets and these accessories at a 20% off discount. Just so you know, some people are having a hard time getting the 2019 sticker book into the zippered pouch but there are some videos on how to get it in to fit right. 


5. When should I start doing the prep work? 


If you already have the Powersheets 2019 or stopped by my review, you’ll know there are 30+ pages of deep digging, soul searching worksheets to get to the heart of the life you want and setting goals. It can be overwhelming especially if you are a first time user and didn’t know what to expect. 


I recommend taking one page at a time and if you do that you’ll want to start towards the end of November. If you are not overwhelmed or you feel inspired then continue to the next page. But don’t tackle more than you can handle. If you get overwhelmed, then you won’t use it and it would be a waste of the powerful tool Powersheets 2019 can be AND your money.


As Lara says “grow slow” and this is very true when it comes to going through the prep work.


I also recommend making a copy of the prep work pages before you write in them. I don’t know about you but my life changes a lot and there were times during the year when I would have liked to do some of the prep work pages again. 


6. Do Powersheets ever go on sale or issue coupon codes? 

Yes, I’ll help you keep track of sales and coupon codes as I find them here. 

  • Cultivate What Matters Black Friday Biggest Sale of the Year Info!  (sale ran 11/20/18 – 11/26/18)
  • Get a 10% off coupon when you sign up for their mailing list*.




7. Are the Powersheets 2019 Really Worth It? 

Yes, if: 

  • you make the commitment to use it
  • you are willing to answer tough questions about yourself in order to make positive changes in your life
  • you are willing to give yourself (or learn to give yourself) grace if you don’t accomplish everything on your list
  • you are motivated to achieve your goals
  • you want to find your purpose

No, if: 

  • you know you won’t use it
  • answering hard questions about yourself immobilizes you or shuts you down
  • not achieving all your goals will make you feel bad about yourself
  • you can’t give yourself grace that progress is better than perfection and it’s ok to grow slow


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Ok, I really could talk about Powersheets 2019, goal setting and productivity all day but I need to get back to getting things done towards my goals! I’ve made huge strides in shifting my mindset and pursuing a life that I love this past year. And I want that for you too! If you want or need to make changes in your life, big and small, and start cultivating your best year yet, email me at tanya{at}momssmallvictories{dot}com and ask me anything you need to help you decide and grab the Powersheets here* before they sell out (because they usually do)!