Powersheets 2020 covers revealed. Get a sneak peek at the 4 beautiful covers to choose from for the Powersheets intentional goal planner that will change your life in 2020

Powersheets 2020 Covers Revealed! The Goal Planner that Will Change Your Life

Need to find and set your most important goals with intention? The Powersheets goal planner will do just that so get ready for the Powersheets 2020 covers reveal! 

Powersheets 2020 covers revealed. Get a sneak peek at the 4 beautiful covers to choose from for the Powersheets intentional goal planner that will change your life in 2020




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What are Powersheets 2020? 

Powersheets are an intentional goal planner and unlike any other goal planner I’ve found and is made up of 3 life-changing components: 

  • the Prep Work,
  • seasonal refreshes and
  • monthly tending lists and action plans.


The Powersheets Prep Work

The prep work is designed to help you dig deep into what motivates you and what holds you back, what you dream of and what you fear in order to uncover your most important life goals. If you’re lost and looking for direction, then the Powersheets may just help you find your path like it did for me the first year I used it.


The Powersheets Prep Work walks you through 8 different areas of your life and forces you to reflect and evaluate on how you feel it’s going and what you’d like it to look like. I really think is the best goal planner if you are unsure what your goals are and really need help in focusing that long list of todos, goals and bucket list items into the core of what you want to accomplish in 2020.


2019 was my second year using Powersheets and even though much of my Prep Work looks the same as it did in 2018, I still thought it was a valuable exercise to go through and remind myself of why I’m choosing the goals and path I am on. 


The Powersheets Seasonal Refreshes

In the one year Powersheets goal planner, they have a spring, summer, fall and winter seasonal refresh. They give you some things to cultivate and work on during the season and also gives you a chance to do another life evaluation so you can monitor your progress in your different areas of life. Then you set goals again, whether they are completely new or the same as the ones that you set in the beginning of the year is up to you.


I like to use the goal refresh to break down my goals down further into mini action plans so I know exactly what to put on my…


The Powersheets Tending Lists


Each month has a tending list where you think about what you want to get done and refine that list into monthly, weekly and daily action items to execute and get it done. I love these tending lists because it gives you a great visual representation of your goals and the progress you’ve made on each one. 


Now the Powersheets 2020 come out on October 16, 2019 so we still have a few more weeks to wait to see all the goodness INSIDE that I talked about above. You can head to my 2019 Powersheets review if you want to see what it looks like now or to my Instagram account where I’ve been sharing my goals and tending lists throughout the year.


But if you want to see the Powersheets 2020 covers, they gave us a sneak peek today so you can figure out which one you want on Launch Day! 


Powersheets 2020 Covers! 

If you don’t know owner Lara Casey’s story, she uses the theme of gardening to help us see that we need to dig through the dirt, get messy, and start with what we have in order to truly cultivate our best lives. You can see how transparent and motivating she is in her books, her blog, her social media and when I met her in real life for the 2019 Powersheets photo shoot, I was so humbled, encouraged and inspired by her too.


So it’s no surprise to me that the theme of her Powersheets covers have a gardening, leaves and floral theme to them. In 2018 I chose the signature multicolored pattern and in 2019 I chose the pink, let’s see what we have to choose from this year!! 



Drum roll please, wowee!

It looks like there are lots of changes in the 2020 Powersheets just from their cover reveal on Instagram:

  • The coil for 2020 is gold instead of white plastic
  • there are two solid colored linen options in teal and pink
  • there are two floral/garden options with the Blooms and Confetti patterns
  • the edges are reinforced with golden brackets too to keep your Powersheets looking good all year long! and
  • the Powersheets label is all in gold font and more discreet at the bottom right instead of in the center of the planner

I love that they made a couple of solid colored choices and they are made of linen, how luxurious! I’m really having trouble deciding which one will look best with the rest of my 2020 planner lineup.


If you need help deciding, they’ve even gives us some color theory to help us decide. 


Powersheets 2020 covers. The Powersheets 2020 intentional goal planners come in 4 cover options: a lovely Blooms, a linen teal, a linen pink and a confetti theme. Use the color theory guide to help pick the perfect Powersheets cover to help you cultivate what you need in 2020


So what do you need in your life? More passion, more focus, more creativity? These are all great covers and I don’t think you can go wrong. 


Powersheets 2020 are Coming! 


The Powersheets will be available for sale on October 16, 2019 at 10am EST. Mark your calendars because the one year calendars will sell out and you don’t want to be caught without one! Lara is already calling that the Big Blooms cover will go first so grab that one as soon as you can! As an affiliate, I can get mine early so I will be sure to do that and update my review for you.


I’m interested to see what other changes they have made to the inside of the Powersheets. The Powersheets covers look very different from the past few years! It’s a refreshing change but i want to see what else is different too! It looks a little smaller from the picture which wouldn’t be a bad thing so I can tear out the tending list and fit them into my planners better. Well that was the fastest blog post I have put together but I couldn’t wait to show you the Powersheets 2020 covers. Time to get back to cultivating my goals and getting things done! 


Feel free to leave me a comment and let me know which Powersheets cover you like best and any questions you have about the 2020 Powersheets and I’ll be sure to find out for you and answer them in my review! 

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