My Real Powersheets 2020 Results – Is it Really Worth It?

my powersheets 2020 review and real monthly Powersheets 2020 results so you can see if the 2020 Powersheets goal planner is really worth it for you.

My honest Powersheets 2020 review and real monthly Powersheets 2020 results so you can see if Powersheets is really worth it for you to achieve your goals. #powersheets #goalplanner #powersheets2020 #momssmallvictories

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The most common question I get about Powersheets is…it it REALLY worth it? $60 might be a lot to spend on a planner but anytime someone asks me that about a planner, I say that it’s only worth it if you use it.

So I’m going to put my mouth where my money went and SHOW you my real Powersheets 2020 results, month by month, detail by gory and glorious detail. This is my third year using the Powersheets goal planner and I can tell you that I’ve learned so much about myself, my goalsetting, what my limitations are and yet what I’m capable of. I can’t say that about many planners but I can say that about my Powersheets. They really have been life-changing and life-affirming for me.

But I know when life gets busy and overwhelming, I forget to use my Powersheets and the tools I need to help me cope mentally and emotionally with the chaos. So in an effort to be honest, transparent and real with you and hold myself accountable to the goals I set, I thought it would be good to share my goals with you for the coming month and the accomplishments (and failures) of the prior month in monthly status reports, if you will.

This page will keep track of my monthly Powersheets 2020 reports to show you that little by little, you can achieve big goals too. My monthly Powersheets 2020 reports will include:

  • my prior month review (including the extra, unique things I track)
  • ,my lessons learned
  • how I decided my current month goals and broke them down into monthly, weekly and daily tasks, and
  • my current month goals.

If you’re interested in sharing your Powersheets or goal setting journey with me, be sure to tell me about it in the comments. I’d be happy to cheer you on!


I love writing planner reviews, and I did a really detailed Powersheets 2020 review here walking you through the prep work, goal setting and monthly tending list and month in review pages.

I also have a Buying Guide and FAQ page about the Powersheets 2020 and my answers to the most commonly asked questions if you want to check it out too.

My Real Powersheets 2020 Results

Here’s where I will be linking posts to my monthly Powersheets 2020 results and status reports to share with you.

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IS Powersheets 2020 Really Worth It?

I wrote the bullet point list of who the Powersheets is worth it for at the bottom of my Powersheets review.

But here’s the longer and more in depth version…

As my tax professor in college said, “the answer to every question is…it depends”. It depends on if you use the Powersheets to its potential. It depends if you commit your time and energy to using it.

The Powersheets in particular are very in-depth in the prep work. There are 30+ pages to complete before you even start working on your goals. The prep work pages really dig in to uncovering who you are and who you want to be, the life you’ve lived till now and the life and legacy you want to have had when you’re 100.

Those prep work pages are honestly grueling the first time I did them. Some of the pages made me realize things about myself and my past that I wanted to keep buried and hidden. Some pages made me cry. But completing those pages were pivotal in realizing the irrational fears and insecurities that were holding me back even now from achieving my dreams. Once I knew they were there, I could deal with them and work to overcome them.

But then there are the pages dedicated to my joys, my gratitude, my why and what motivates and fires me up. There was so much packed into the prep work that you really do have to commit to getting all the way through them to make the Powersheets worth it.

Once you have completed the prep work, you’ll see the beauty in the process and be able to set meaningful and productive goals, the ones you have to do and the ones you want to do. I truly have not seen another goal planner like it that goes so deep into who you are and what you want to be able to set goals to cultivate your best life.

If you don’t want to set aside the time, heart and energy to the prep work, then the Powersheets won’t be worth it for you. There are lots of other goal planners where you can write in your goals, action steps and track your progress. What makes the Powersheets 2020 goal planner unique is the prep work that lays the foundation for your goals.

I also love the Powersheets community that the Cultivate What Matters team has fostered. The encouragement and collaboration you get from the team and fellow goalgetters on Instagram and the private Facebook group is amazing and inspiring. People willing to share their struggles and their victories to help one another out. I’ve gotten lots of great ideas and truly love the support Lara and Cultivate What Matters gives. And it’s not an act, they are just as genuine and inspiring in real life.

Well I look forward to updating this page for you so you can see how the Powersheets goal planner impacts my goals and life in 2020. If you are on your own Powersheets/goalgetting journey, I’d love for you to share your progress and results with me in the comments or send me an email at tanya{at}momssmallvictories{dot}com. I’d love to cheer you on as we achieve our dream lives together!

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