Readathon Challenges to Motivate You to Read More

Join one of these readathon challenges to motivate you to read as much as you can in the allotted timeframe. Get more reading challenge ideas here.

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I love readathon challenges because they help me make time for reading. I love the challenge of sneaking in reading time whenever I can, whether it’s on audio, kindle or physical. Here are some readathon challenges worth checking out if you want to motivate yourself to read more and join other booklovers.

Dewey’s 24 hour readathon

I feel like dewey’s 24 hour readathon is the most popular in the book community. Dewey’s is just 24 hours so the goal is to read as much as you can in those 24 hours (8am EST one day to 8am EST the next day). They have photo challenges and checkins on Instagram too. They usually host one in spring and fall and then reverse readathons for people on the other side of the world so it starts at 8pm EST one day to 8pm EST the next day)

You can join this readathon on Dewey’s 24 hour readathon website and find links to their social media. The next fall 2022 Dewey’s readathon starts at 8am October 22, 2022 and ends at 8am October 23,2022 EST.

They also conduct periodic reading challenges. Leading up to the fall readathon, they have a 2022 TBR (to be read) Masterpiece Challenge. Since my goal is to read from my TBR this year, I’ll be joining in!

How to do a 24 hour readathon

I’ve never read 24 hours straight but I have been happy with how much I can get read! Here are some tips that help me do a 24 hour readathon:

  • gather your books to read in advance so you can hit the ground reading
  • have a good selection to choose from, throw some fun and easy fiction, short stories, poems, graphic novels, manga, comic books for some quick and easy wins
  • plan fun snacks and prep meals in advance so you can read while you eat.
  • get rid of the family (just kidding)…i encourage my kids to read too. give them their own challenge
  • head to the library or coffee shop or park for a change of scenery when you are losing stamina
  • make a readathon challenge tracker to track your progress
  • use the stopwatch on your phone to track time spent reading (it adds up faster than you think and keeps you motivated to keep reading)
  • download some audiobooks to listen to while in the car, cleaning or making food.
  • take power naps
  • keep it fun and don’t pressure yourself
  • hop over on Instagram when you need a break to be inspired by other book lovers

Now I’m going to share readathon challenges as I find them according to month they normally take place. I need one place to keep track of them so I don’t forget to join in!

Feel free to leave a comment and let me know of more that I need to add to my list!

Monthly Readathons

August Readathon

September Readathons

October Readathons

November Readathons

2023 Readathons

  • Bout of Books 36 – 1/2/2023–1/8/2023
  • Bout of Books 37 – 5/8/2023–5/14/2023
  • Bout of Books 38 – 8/21/2022–8/27/2022

Readathon challenges are a great way to join a community of book lovers and gain motivation to read more! Let me know if you join one of these readathons or any others I need to update on this list. I want to keep a running readathon resource to motivate us all to keep reading!

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