My Reading in 2014 and 5 Favorite Laugh Out Loud Kids Books

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December is going to be great! Besides getting ready for the holidays, I’ll be joining 3 of my favorite bloggers for A Month of {Bookish} Favorites. Everyday they have chosen a writing prompt, we link up and share our posts and have a chance to win one of 3 Book Depository gift cards every time you link up a post! It sounds like a fun way to end the year talking about our favorite books!

Monday is for my Menu Plan so today I am catching up on yesterday’s topic about my reading this year and today’s discussion topic that I’m sharing our 5 Favorite Laugh Out Loud Kids Books.

Dec 1 – Faves Month Introduction – About Me and My Reading This Year

# of Books Read for me: 29 – far from my goal of 55. Yikes, but I did read 9 chunksters over 400 pages each.

# of Pages Read: 10,411 – ok that feels better.

# of Books Read with the kids – my goal is to read 1,000 books with my kids and this year we read 167 books together (that we scanned into Goodreads anyway).

# of Fiction Books Read – 20
* 3 books by NC authors
* 6 books set in different countries
* 3 of the Harry Potter books (Azkaban through Half-Blood Prince), hopefully I can get through Deathly Hallows before the year end!
* 4 mystery/thrillers
* assortment of humor/chick lit and drama

# of Nonfiction Books Read – 9
* 3 Anthologies of Essays
* 3 Memoirs set in 3 different countries
* 3 books for Blogging or Personal Productivity

How I Read

18 E-books
10 Paperback/Hardcover Books
1 Audiobook

These results surprise me and perhaps why I didn’t make my reading goal this year. Last year, I always had an audiobook going. I also read more paper books this year and those take me longer in general to read, partly because they are harder for me to hold and I don’t read much during the day. Reading on the Kindle is just easier for me.
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Dec 2 – 5 Faves by a Theme – 5 Favorite Laugh Out Loud Kids Books

1. Are You Grumpy, Santa? – my favorite kids Christmas book. We got this as a gift and it’s my go-to kids Christmas gift. It makes me laugh and it’s fun to read out loud with the kids. We read this one over and over and still love it!

2. The Three Ninja Pigs – (affiliate link) – The kids and I love stories that rhyme and this twisted Three Little Pigs fairy tale was fun and fierce. The 3 pigs each learn a different martial art to stop the bully, the big bad wolf. This wolf messed with the wrong piggies. Fun, engaging book to read together and not too complicated for a beginning reader.

3. The True Story of the Three Little Pigs – (affiliate link) – Told from the perspective of the misunderstood Wolf who claims he’s not big and bad at all. Cute story that entertained both me and the kids.

4. The Terrible Plop – (affiliate link) – a fun book to read out loud with your kids. What is making that plop noise? My youngest loved all the plopping and I enjoyed reading it with him.

5. The Monster at the End of This Book – (affiliate link) – Who doesn’t love furry old Grover from Sesame Street? He’s especially adorable in this fun story. My kids love reading this book together and I put on my best Grover voice when I read it. What’s even better is when read it to me in THEIR Grover voices, hilarious!

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  1. I’m with you on the physical vs. ebooks. I find ebooks so much easier to hold and I therefore read much more if I stick to the Kindle (especially as a mom!). I’ve been a 100% electronic reader for about 4 years now and I don’t think I could even make it through a paper book at this point.

  2. Wow, the breakdown of how much you read is totally cool! I said I was going to read 52 books this year and am at 9… at least I got a month to get here. 😉

    1. 9 is way better than none, better to read something than nothing at all. What’s your favorite read from this year? My goal last year was 52 and I met it so I was super bummed to get little more than half that this year. C’est la vie! I have read a lot of good books so I am pretty happy about that!

  3. Counting pages read is definitely better. I may or may not also use this strategy to distract myself from kind of sad yearly book counts, especially since I found myself reading a bunch of chunksters this year, too. 😉 I’m in my 30s and have no kids, but happily I have a friend who is also, and we’ve developed a bizarre habit of going to indie bookstores when we’re together and perusing the kids’ books. She introduced me to “The Day the Crayons Quit” which definitely made me chuckle. I will have to keep these five in mind for the next time we’re creeping in the children’s section of the bookstore. LOL!

    1. I’m all about putting a positive spin on it. 10,000 pages sounds better than 29 books 🙂 Kids books are so fun, no matter what age you are. I will have to check out The Day the Crayons Quit for my boys.

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