September 2014 Bloggiesta Goals & Accomplishments


The Travel the World in Books Readathon these past two weeks was a blast and I had so much fun blogging my heart out every day! It’s the most I’d blogged consistently since I started blogging. I’m hoping that Bloggiesta will help me keep my momentum going and allow me to get on a consistent blogging schedule.

About Bloggiesta

If you aren’t familiar with Bloggiesta, the organizers say:

The idea behind Bloggiesta is to spend four days working on perfecting your blog and connecting with other bloggers who are doing the same thing. Spread the word and get all your friends to come and fiesta with us!

Most bloggers use the time to do pesky tasks that they are always putting off. Things like fixing the header, adding sidebar content (or deleting!), catching up on archive lists, fixing labels and tags, learning how to finally do… whatever it is you’ve always wanted to do!

Twitter chat schedule:

Blogging and Life (Time Management): Thursday September 18 @ 2 p.m. Eastern
All Your Blogging Problems Solved: Friday September 19 @ 6 p.m. Eastern
Book Blogging Basics: Saturday September 20 @ 11 a.m. Eastern
End of Event Wrap Up: Sunday September 21 @ 1 p.m. Eastern

Bloggiesta is one of my favorite blogging marathon events, the mini-challenges are great, the chats always helpful and fun and many of my book blogging buddies take part. It’s a great time networking and catching up on all those to-do items.

My Goals and Accomplishments:

1. Fix the featured images on my old posts that are showing as duplicates since I changed blog designs. – Done! (I think it was the pages that were having problems, let me know if you find any posts with duplicate pictures please).

2. Update 5 reviews into the UBB plugin. – 1 done.
* Updated The Good Father by Diane Chamberlain.

3. Schedule 2 book reviews. – big,fat zilch.

4. Participate in 1-2 mini-challenges. – Done!
* Signed up for Riffle for Doing Dewey’s How to Use Riffle as a Blogger Mini-Challenge. I made a Travel the World in Books-India list of my favorite books set in India or by Indian authors. I can see how Riffle will be addictive for my OCD tendencies for list-making.
* Becca from Lost in Books hosted an Instagram mini-challenge. I am already on Instagram but I did finally get my photos to post to Facebook and Twitter, downloaded photos to help promote my blog and used a filter (which I normally don’t do).

5. Participate in 1-2 Twitter chats. – Participated in 1 on Thursday afternoon. Glad to see the Twitter chats that I missed recapped on the Bloggiesta home page.

6. Setup a Goodreads, Facebook, G+ group for our Travel the World in Books Challenge.

Ok, you caught me! I am adding these two goals just so I could cross them off (cause yea, I totally do that to make myself feel better). I had hoped to have these done before Bloggiesta started as they are higher priority than my other goals.

7. Get all the giveaway winners picked for the Travel the World in Books Readathon. – 30 prizes confirmed, waiting for 3 winners to respond…check your emails if you participated!

8. Update the final schedule for the Travel the World in Books Readathon to show all the author interviews, guest posts, mini-challenges and chats we had during the busy but fun two weeks. – find the complete Travel the World in Books Readathon Sept. 2014 Schedule here.

I always bite off more than I can chew, but I’m aiming high. It will all depend how I feel after my Remicade infusion on Wednesday. On the bright side, infusion days are normally mini-readathons for me because all I can do is read, eat and sleep. Hopefully I can get enough rest to be ready to get to work on Thursday!

What blogging events do you enjoy? What are your Bloggiesta goals? Be sure to leave me a link so I can pay you a visit and cheer you on too!


  1. I came here by chance, and I had no idea such a thing like bloggiesta existed! The name’s funny, and the goals motivating! Did you achieve them all, Tanya? 🙂

    1. I achieved a few but had a much better go with the Blogathon Games that ran the whole month of October. I actually won the grand prize because I acccumulated the most points. It’s easier for me to complete tasks a little at a time rather than all in one weekend. Still Bloggiestas and the Blogathons are some of my favorite events!

  2. You got a lot done during Bloggiesta – but you forgot to mention how you helped some poor bloggers without a clue out – yes, me 😉 Thank you, and congratulations!!!

  3. I think you’ve got a great list! I normally bite off more than I can chew, too, and this time I split mine up into a list of major goals, and then bonus goals for once I finished the major goals. It seems to be working out for me, although I haven’t gotten hardly any of the bonus goals done.

    I hope you’ve gotten a lot of these done, and that you’re feeling well! 😀

    1. Thanks so much April. I did it myself with Creative Whim’s Tweak Me theme. I love changing it up. I wish I could say I have accomplished a lot for Bloggiesta. Unfortunately life, health and appliance problems have gotten in the way. But hopefully I can at least finish off announcing the Readathon winners today, which isn’t even on my list. Loved your mini challenge, great points about writing a negative review!

    1. Thanks so much Erlene for the blog design compliment. I did it myself and loved getting it just the way I wanted. A few tweaks left to do.

      I love Bloggiesta. I didn’t get as much done as I wanted to but I enjoy the chats and challenges.

  4. Looks like a great list! Good luck! I always bite off more than I can chew too, but it’s always a great way to see what you can get done.

    1. Yes, you are on a fantastic roll. I got a little bit done this morning but trying to get these little ones tired so I can blog while they watch a movie later. It’s a beautiful day to play outside! I love fall weather!

  5. Great goals! You’ve inspired me to keep a better calendar of blogging events and reviews–since Travel the World in Books readathon was such fun, and I want to have time for more events like this in the future. I don’t think I’ll do Bloggiesta officially this time, but I am thinking about time management a lot, and learning to do new things with my blogs. Good luck with your excellent goals (and with life in general)!

    1. Thanks Lucy. I know what you mean, in 2013 I had a blogging events calendar page to try and keep up with all the fun events. I am still trying to find that balance between family, reading and blogging. Thanks, I will need the luck to keep my momentum going.

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