Sharing Moments of Motherhood

I’m linking up with Andrea from Good Girl Gone Redneck to Share Moments of Motherhood (MOM).

Here’s my list of You Know You’re a Mom When….

1. Running out of milk, cereal, coffee, wine or beer IS a legitimate emergency.

2. Dinner conversation about poop no longer grosses you out. In fact, you come to expect it.

3. You’ve ever said “Get off the dog, she is not a horse!”, “I know the dog licked you, but don’t lick the dog!”, “Get your butt off the kitchen table!”, or “Why aren’t you wearing any underwear?”

4. You give the food cool, exciting names to entice kids to eat it.  To this day, it’s not farfalle with mushroom alfredo sauce, it’s just “Batman noodles”.

5. You tell a complete stranger or stranger’s kid to “be careful” or hold out your hands just in case they fall.

6. You do a little dance or party like it’ s 1999 every time your kids eat the healthy food you served them for dinner.

7.  Symphony of Flatulence is not only our Rock Band name but the music of our life.

8.  The  number of cups of coffee needed is directly (or perhaps, exponentially) proportional to the number of kids you have.

9.  You claim you need to have some alone time or a date with your amazing husband, but as soon as you are away from the kids, you think about them, miss them and talk about them.

10. Despite the messy, sticky, smelly boys, you look at their shining, smiling faces and know you couldn’t possibly love them any more.

This is a fun link-up and I look forward to hearing what your moments of motherhood are.  Click on the button below to be taken to the blog to link-up.
How would you complete the phrase “You Know You’re A Mom When…”? Link up with Andrea at Good Girl Gone Redneck or add your thoughts in the comments below!  



  1. You know you’re a mom when you know you have food, or spit up from your child on your clothes and you decide to go to the store anyways, because if you change you are going to get something on you for sure. 🙂

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  3. #1… I’ve convinced my kids that dry cereal is the way to go, but no wine or cereal… call 911!
    #3 We don’t have a dog, but I did once yell to my Girl “Pull up your pants and get off your brother!” (she was jumping on a trampoline)

    1. Hi Single Mom in the South, dry cereal is a good thing, mine take it for snacks on-the-go and why it always needs to be stocked. #3- lol. They are so funny, never a dull moment with kids around. My kids would love a trampoline, they are so bouncy and like to jump even without it! Forget to mention, I’m a mom in the South too, thanks for stopping by and commenting, hope you return soon!

  4. You had me at #1. I truly drove to the store during my vacation because we were out of wine. I did not care about the milk, cereal, coffee, etc. I could not bare to have 6 children (3 of which attend school away) and 3 under the age of 10 in the house, PLUS, my husband for another week without me having wine to drink. Have you heard the discussion of college life between a 16/20 year old? My son stinking up the 2nd floor and lounging because he’s home from boarding school. The twins (9 yrs old) and the youngest (6 yrs old), all three girls, fussing over the remote controls. I’m ranting. Sorry. Great post. Stopping by from SITS!


    1. Hi Alethea, 6 kids and a husband?…I understand your need for wine (and not…whine)! Rant away, sounds like you have a busy household to say the least. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  5. I love this, Tanya! SO excellent. I’m really glad you linked up.

    I love the Batman noodles idea, and how much truth about talking to all kids and telling them to be careful. I have to stop myself often – even w/my own child!!

    I’d add chocolate to the emergency list!

    1. Thanks Andrea…Chocolate, of course, how could I forget chocolate?

      My oldest and middle sons were messing around and I told them, “Be…” and they filled in “We know mom, ‘careful.'” I kinda got the start of an amused eye roll but explained to them that I will always want to protect them and be careful no matter how big they get. I just can’t help it and I think they know this about me. I probably should refrain from telling other kids to be careful.

      I hope you continue the link-up, I would love to join again, kids are sources of constant humor. Congrats on getting one started, that’s one of my goals for this year too! I need to visit the others who’ve linked up too.

      I learned from the blogathon how to get the code for images so let me know if you need help and I can try to walk you through it. There is a Bloggiesta this weekend to tackle your blogging to-do list that is more catered to book reviewers. It will be my first one, but looking forward to learning more and interacting with some book bloggers online. I know you like doing book reviews too, so just thought I’d let you know.

      Thanks as always for stopping by and commenting.

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