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20 Perfect Soccer Mom Gift Ideas for Passionate (or Crazy) Soccer Moms

20 perfect soccer mom gift ideas for passionate soccer moms to flaunt their pride and style while cheering on their superstars

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I never thought I’d say it but…I’m a Soccer Mom and I LOVE IT! I always played sports as a kid and I was always playing outside. I was definitely more tomboy and sports girl and not at all a girlie girl.

Fast forward years later, and each time I brought a baby home, the doc had announced …IT’S A BOY…IT’S A BOY…And IT’S ANOTHER BOY! I was excited and ready for a life of lugging kids to practice and watching them play sports. My oldest son showed an interest in soccer and even though I knew nothing about it, my soccer mom career had begun. As he was joined by two little brothers, it was just easier to keep all 3 boys in the same sport, they had fun playing together and more importantly, I could handle it. Now I’m firmly cemented in the soccer mom club and I can be found at the soccer field in the fall and spring.

With soccer season in full swing and Mother’s Day around the corner, I thought it would be fun to come up with some soccer mom gift ideas and a free soccer mom survival guide especially to get you through long days at the field. Things I’ve found useful and fun in my 15+ years as a soccer mom, wait a minute…don’t I deserve a trophy too?!?

20+ Soccer Mom Gift Ideas

soccer mom gift ideas and free game day survival checklist

First, we’ll go for the practical gifts …I’m all about getting people gifts they will use and love. Here are some of my favorites and can be found in my car during soccer season. Don’t worry the fun gifts are at the bottom and the thing I ALWAYS get laughs and compliments on (that I stole the idea from another soccer mom). 

Soccer Mom Gear

Practical soccer mom gifts…AKA the Soccer Mom’s Game Day Survival Guide (and be sure to grab the free checklist and guide to download at the bottom of this post).


Folding Cane Chair

I’ve sung the praises about this folding cane chair* in my Gift Guide for Rheumatoid Arthritis patients too because this device can be used as a chair or as a cane when my feet are killing me. Let’s face it, as a soccer mom, sometimes I have to park on one end of the fields and “hike” clear across the complex lugging gear so I need some extra support. 

This little chair has saved me at soccer games, Black Friday shopping and amusement parks alike when I need a place to sit. It’s the size of a golf umbrella and unfolds in a snap. Instant relief from aching feet, this little guy is always in my car trunk. Now we have one for each car and it’s come in handy more times than I can count.

Stadium Seats and Cushions

It’s great having these on hand in case your practice/game is in a stadium and the stadium cushion is a must when you’re sitting there for an hour or more! This isn’t the one I have, I think I paid more and it doesn’t have back support. So if I had to do it again, I would get totally get this Coleman stadium seat*

They roll up so it’s easy to carry multiple seats and water resistant, because inevitably it only rains when he has soccer (and he plays on turf so they don’t get rained out). 

If your bleachers don’t have a back support, then these cushions* without the back look great too. It says they don’t absorb moisture in the rain, how is that possible? I’m going to have to try it out! 


Pop Up Tent

This may seem like overkill to some soccer families, but when you’re in rain or 100 degree F heat/humidity and have at least 3 games a weekend, this pop up tent* is this soccer mom’s lifesaver. We make sure to have a cooler full of food and water too, because inevitably we’ll have other people sneaking some shade in our tent. That’s ok, we just have a party! 

Now the description says “pop up” but really it requires some assembly. My Superhubby makes sure to bring a rubber mallet too just to make sure the stakes are in the ground well. Also be sure to get some weights for the legs or water bottles or sand bags to tie to attach to the canopy legs and weigh it down some….

Warning: the tent may not help you if your soccer game is during a tornado watch. True story. It could become more like a parasail or a kite than a tent. Had to take it down in that case before Superhubby went sailing off with it. Take it from me, happened to us a couple years ago. That’s when we learned we needed weights for the legs too.  #soccermomlife

So as long as you don’t have tornado or hurricane force winds, you’re good.

Best Soccer Mom Chair – Folding Chair with Canopy

My Superhubby snagged these folding chairs* during an Amazon Lightning Deal a few years ago and they are great! It protects you from the sun, rain and the occasional errant soccer ball sailing above your head. Last weekend, our seats were with our back to another game in progress and no choice but to sit to the side of their goal. Yep, canopy saved us on more than one occasion from getting blindsided by a missed shot on the other field. 

Depending on the time of day, the canopy won’t keep you completely in the shade, so that’s when the tent comes in handy to ensure you’re protected and as cool as can be on hot or rainy days. 

Folding Wagon

Now, we don’t have a folding wagon* YET but we saw a ton of people with them at a kids’ football game we went to…where EVERYONE had the tent, chair and wagon combo. Superhubby carries all our equipment on a rolling luggage carrier but it’s eventually going to break, and then I’m getting one of these babies to carry all the gear. It doubles as a gardening cart too so it’s great for moms who like to play in the dirt too. 🙂 

Folding Table

Notice the theme here? Everything folds and is portable. When all 3 of my boys having games every weekend, we were at the soccer fields for hours at a time. Sometimes we don’t get home for lunch so we pack a picnic. We love spending time outside as a family so the boys are bound to get hungry and I’m going to need to feed them. Inevitably, even if I feed them before we leave home, someones is hungry as soon as we get to the fields. Another Superhubby deal discovery, the table* isn’t a necessity but it sure is nice to have when I’m trying to make sandwiches. Great for tailgating too! 

Rolling Cooler

We pack lots of water for during the game an Gatorade or chocolate milk for a post-game treat and enough lunch meat, cheese and fruit to feed the hungry little superstars/beasts. No telling how far it is between the parking lot and the field so this rolling cooler* we have is easy enough for one of the kids can pull


Yep, we prepare for extreme weather because it is also inevitable that it will be freezing cold or rainy or both so we keep some blankets in the car just in case.

This waterproof blanket with a hood is genius, I saw another mom wearing one and I need it! This waterproof and windproof fleece blanket folds up into it’s own little bag real nice.

With an autoimmune joint disease, my body and cold do not work well together. I have been known to wear thermals, boots, a full winter hooded jacket and a snuggie type blanket with sleeves* to stay warm enough! But if my kid is out there, then I try to be too. This is a soccer lover’s warm blanket too.


Fun Soccer Mom Gift Ideas

Flaunt your soccer mom status loud and proud with these fun soccer mom gift ideas!


I saw another mom on another field putting up a tent with her 3 boy soccer players running around while wearing the I Can’t Keep Calm, I’m a Soccer Mom shirt and I knew I found my people. I asked her where she got it and promptly got back to the field and ordered one from Amazon for myself. I have a red one because my kids wear either red or navy but this black I Can’t Keep Calm, I’m a Soccer Mom shirt* goes with all! And I get compliments, laughs and exclamations of “I need that” whenever I wear it! Comes in lots of colors to match your little superstars’ jerseys (they have one for goalkeeper’s moms too).

Here are some other soccer mom shirts I loved:

Weekends, Coffee and Soccer Shirt

No Chance of Housecleaning Shirt

My Heart is On the Field Shirt

If your spouse/significant other/partner is the coach:

Dibs on the coach shirt

Soccer Tote

Carry your gear in style with this soccer tote:

Soccer Mom Accessories

Just a little extra soccer mom accessories to complete your soccer mom “uniform” on game day.

Soccer mom cup

Soccer Mom Hats

Soccer mom hat with a ball in the shape of a heart for the O

Soccer Mom Keychains

I Raised my favorite player keychain

Soccer Mom Charm Keychain

Soccer Mom Charm Bracelet

Soccer Mom Makeup Bag

Soccer Dangle Earrings

Soccer ball stud earrings


Fun and helpful books for soccer moms 

Soccer mom coloring book

Soccer Parenting: A Step by Step Guide to Build Your Child’s Confidence, Work with Your Coach and Help Your Player Succeed

Don’t Make Me Use My Soccer Mom Voice Journal

Soccer for Dummies

Soccer Mugs for Moms

I love coffee as much as I love watching my kids play soccer, these soccer mom mugs* are awesome! I think the kids would love the soccer goal mugs for hot chocolate on snow days! 

Soccer Goal mug

Heat Sensitive Color Changing Soccer Mug

I hope this gives you some practical and unique gift ideas for the soccer mom in your life. Be sure to grab the free Getting Ready for Game Day Survival Checklist with tips to help you get organized for game day.

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I hope you found some great suggestions for things to make game day run smoothly or a great soccer mom gift idea for yourself or someone you know that loves being a soccer mom.

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  1. OMG, I love the folding cane chair! My soccer sidelines days are long over, but this would come in handy anytime there is a wait for something. I can’t stand on my feet for long. I just showed Ken the pic & asked for it for Mother’s Day 🙂 Thanks!

    Padded stadium seats were game-changers (pun intended) for us – wish we’d discovered them years earlier – they really helped with those cold, hard metal bleachers at high school games.

    Didn’t realize your boys were into soccer, too – we had 2 of them!

    Great ideas –


    Book By Book

    1. Yes, the cane chair is something I resisted when m hubby bought it. I insisted I didn’t need it. But he got it when he had to stand in long lines at Comic-Con years ago. We were at disney world and he insisted I sit and it was game over. I love that thing now. And its always in my car, it has come in handy for sure. Money well spent. I hope you get yours for mothers day! Yes, my boys are heavy into soccer and even watch it too and collect trading cards which my littlest was just showing to his nana, who is not as enthused about soccer but sat there anyway lovingly listening.

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