An Exciting Spy Thriller Audiobook – Blown Circuit by Lars Guignard

An Exciting Spy Thriller Audiobook – Blown Circuit by Lars Guignard

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Blown Circuit by Lars Guignard
Publication Date: 2013
Genres: Fiction, Spy Thriller, Technothriller
Format: Audiobook
Source: CBB Promotions
Today, I am happy to be part of the blog tour for an exciting spy thriller audiobook, Blown Circuit by Lars Guinard’s, narrated by Russell Jonas.
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Michael Chase is back.WARNING: Blown Circuit, the eagerly anticipated sequel to the #1 spy thriller, Lethal Circuit, is here. If you don’t like turbo-charged action adventure, then you’d better find some place to hide.

But now he has enemies. Deadly enemies. Good thing Michael is in no mood to play nice.
Michael survived China. Barely. But now he’s got bigger problems. A pair of coordinates broadcast on an obscure frequency have brought Michael to Istanbul, Turkey where credible chatter has emerged that a terrorist group plans to use a devastating device to hold the world hostage.
Designed by Nikola Tesla, arguably the greatest inventor of the Twentieth Century, the device is experimental, it is capable, and it has been missing for almost sixty years.
If Michael is to prevent a catastrophe, he’ll need to get to the device before the Conspiracy or risk upsetting the global balance of power forever. Of course, finding the Tesla Device is one thing, knowing whom he can trust with it is another matter entirely.
To survive, he’ll have to do both. If he doesn’t, what started as a bad day is about to become a disaster.  Can Michael fight his way through the lies and deception to save the world?
If you can’t get enough of the action of Lee Child and Vince Flynn, the intrigue of Robert Ludlum, and the adventure of Clive Cussler and James Rollins, you are going to LOVE Blown Circuit!

My Thoughts:

I was first introduced to author Lars Guignard when Candace approached me to be a part of the Lethal Circuit audiobook blog tour. I had never listened to a spy thriller audiobook and was enthralled by the jaw-dropping action. When Candace offered up the second installment in the Circuit series, I didn’t hesitate. Thanks Candace for the opportunity to review this fast-paced spy thriller audiobook.

Like Lethal Circuit, there was incredible action which kept me engaged in the story. Michael never knows who he can trust and what’s going to happen. I admit I paid closer attention this time to the characters, the people Michael met and the places he visited. I knew I had to be on my game because at some point, those little details would become important pieces in the puzzle. Still, I can’t say the story was ever predictable, Michael has a knack for getting into impossible situations.

I found it very interesting what Lars had to say about why people find it easier to suspend disbelief in a spy movie versus a spy book. What do you think, do you find it easier to believe the stunts in a spy movie and not in a book? For me, I read all kinds of books. I suspend disbelief the moment I enter a book, it’s the reason I read…to escape my reality and enter a world of make-believe and distraction. I enjoy creating my own blockbuster movies in my head when I read, which is probably why I am often disappointed in movies based on books.

Narrator Russell Jonas did a great job with the various female and male voices and Turkish, American and British accents. I dislike when male narrators portray female characters with high-pitched squeaky voices but Russell handled the transitions seamlessly between characters, regardless of gender or ethnicity.

What surprised me most (besides the action) was what I learned about the setting. Turkey is not a country I have been to or learned much about. I enjoyed being immersed in another culture, the strong Turkish coffee, the ancient civilization, Turkish baths, the henna at the engagement party, the calls to prayer and even the difference in the treatment of women.

I was glad to have the chance to listen to this audiobook, it certainly brought excitement to my otherwise mundane chores of cleaning and running errands! I look forward to the next installment in the Circuit series. If you enjoy spy movies, try this spy thriller audiobook to bring excitement to your day!

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Do you enjoy spy thrillers or audiobooks? Which spy thrillers or audiobooks do you enjoy? Thanks Candace for inviting me to be part of the tour! 


About Lars Guignard

Lars Guignard is a former film and television writer and a graduate of both McGill University and the American Film Institute in Los Angeles. His debut thriller novel, Lethal Circuit, has been
an amazon top 100 Technothriller since its release.
Guignard has wanted to write Indian stories for kids ever since he attended a boarding school in the majestic Himalayas. The time he spent in the “school above the clouds” affected him
profoundly, and once he returned home to North America he was struck by the lack of children’s stories from India available in our culture. Since India is such an incredible country, he decided
to write a series of action adventure books for young adults about India to introduce young readers to this magical, mystical land. So if you’re looking for a great book adventure for kids, try Ghost Leopard today!


  1. Thanks for the read, Tanya. It sounds like you dive right into a story, but I think everybody suspends disbelief to different degrees . Regardless, it’s the author’s job to maintain a human element that everybody can relate to. Without that, whether book or movie, a story tends not to connect with its audience. Anyway, it’s a big topic, but glad you liked the book. Thanks for the review!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Lars. Yes, I like to dive right into a book or movie. Then again, they are creative outlets for escaping reality. I have reality and the good, there bad and the ugly that comes with it. I agree, I love books/movies where I can connect emotionally to the characters, those are the ones that stay with me. Good luck with the next installment in the series, I look forward to hearing more about it.

    1. I love audiobooks too, I forgot how much until I was asked to listen to this one. I used listen to audiobooks on my work commute. I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I became a SAHM!!

  2. Thanks so much for being part of the tour! I’m really glad you enjoyed the book. I have to say, I totally agree about what you said about Turkey, it was fascinating to learn more about it and just be immersed in it a bit. Lovely review!

  3. This author sound so good. I love thrillers and spy books, too. Since I’ve been to Turkey and know a little bit about it I’m looking forward to this book even more!

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