The Mother of All Meltdowns Book Review

The Mother of All Meltdowns Book Review

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Mother of All Meltdowns by Various Mom Bloggers
Published by Mommifried Press
Publication Date: Oct. 3, 2013
Pages: 228
Format: eBook
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If you can't laugh at your own meltdowns, you can certainly laugh and empathize with these funny and brave moms.  They really let it all out, the good, bad, the ugly and the mess that comes with motherhood.

Synopsis from Goodreads:

“Every mother, at some point, inevitably becomes her own worst enemy. In a millisecond, her halo crumbles and she has a moment so crazed it is forever known as the one…The Mother of All Meltdowns. The following anthology was written by women who have had their moments. Together we have experienced the anguish and frustration of the adult-sized tantrum. We have shed the tears, dropped to our knees in agony, and asked the age-old question, “Why me?” From poop-decorated rooms to having our liquid gold scrutinized and confiscated by TSA, we’re not afraid to share our collection of thirty tell-all stories. We are survivalists and know that within every meltdown there is a silver lining.”


My Thoughts:


Who says only children have meltdowns? With 3 boys, I have more meltdowns and gray hairs for every year that goes by. So when I was approached to be on the blog tour for this book written by 30 hilarious fellow mom bloggers, I didn’t hesitate at the opportunity.

This book was filled with amusing and relatable essays covering the minute you find out you’re pregnant to the rebellious teenage years and the “Say What?”s along the way. WHAT did that pregnancy test say? HOW LONG did you say that epidural needle is? Did I REALLY just leave my child alone with a hammer? WHERE did I leave that diaper bag full of formula and diapers for my hungry baby? WHY is my not yet potty trained son running around naked? And WHY on earth did I bring my sick kid to Christmas with my family? Those are just to name a few.

If I didn’t laugh so hard, I would be totally stressed out because it seems like I have been through every single one of those episodes, except the poop-decorated room one and the kid gets her driving permit one, thank heavens!

At the heart of the matter are the epiphanies after the meltdowns that were the true joy to read. The realization that we’ve all been there before, that it’s ok to meltdown once in awhile, but what’s really important is how you handle it’s aftermath. Apologies, hugs and kisses, and the all valuable lessons learned and retrospection on preventing another such meltdown.

I’ve read my share of parenting and self-help books to help me be a better parent, but this is one that looks on the humorous and more real side of parenting.  If you can’t laugh at your own meltdowns, you can certainly laugh and empathize with these funny and brave moms.  They really let it all out, the good, bad, the ugly and the mess that comes with motherhood. If you enjoy funny stories and don’t mind reading about poop and vomit, then you might enjoy this book.

For more about this book, its bloggers and reviews, be sure to check out The Mother of All Meltdowns website.


Favorite Quotes:

A warning in the beginning: “If you’re a word nerd, the grammar police, or anything in between, a good dose of Prozac might be in order before you read this book. We’re not about perfection. We’re about sharing brutally honest stories in the best way we know…”

“Motherhood is anything but a rosy fair tale filled with edible rainbows and opera-singing unicorns. This, my friends, is not Little House on the Prarie. In fact, motherhood more closely resembles a three-ring circus erected in the middle of a war zone. We are the artillery strapping, man-eating, trapeze artists.”

“If you can build a Lego model with 400-plus pieces without losing your cool and taking a meat cleaver to the entire project, congratulations. You could be the next Dalai Lama. Actually, the Dalai Lama is probably the only one who should be allowed to build Legos. The rest of us are just ticking time bombs.”


Do you have ever meltdowns? I know it’s bound to happen! Hope you and your families have a joyous and meltdown-free holiday! As always, happy reading!



  1. Sounds like a GREAT read. Oh how I wish these blogs were around when I was a young mom, some parents just didn’t get my warped parenting humor those years in my life! Sometimes you just got to laugh about it! My daughter has 3 boys, going to send her to read this book!

    1. So very true, I wish this book was out when I had my first son so many years ago! I wouldn’t feel quite so crazy 🙂 Thanks for stopping by Kim, hope your daughter enjoys the book and those 3 boys!

  2. How wonderful to be blessed with 3 boys. I have 1 girl and can’t imagine life without her. Thank you so much for the great review of our book. I’m so glad that you enjoyed it!

  3. Thank you for the honest review! My story was poop and vomit free, but I’ve certainly had my share of those too. Hope your Thanksgiving is meltdown-free!

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