My Travel the World in Books Readathon Goals


I am so excited that the Travel the World in Books Readathon is finally here! I’ve been working so much on the scheduleand giveaways, that I have not had time to think about or write my own goals. Well, here we go, the time has come!

If you aren’t familiar with our Readathon, here’s a little blurb about what it’s about:

Explore countries other than the one you live in. Read as much as you can of books set in a different country or by an author from a different country. Read for your own pleasure or learning, read with your kids or both. Travel the world from the comfort of your own home and learn about different cultures. Expand your horizons and show publishers that #WeNeedDiverseBooks to promote cultural understanding and diversity in our reading. Support diverse authors and books. #TraveltheWorldinBooksRAT

In order to maximize reading time, I will make sure I have a book available at all times. A paper book to read during the day while I exercise on the stationery bike. I figure my reward for exercising is reading! I will have a Kindle book for reading in my bed, my preferred reading spot, and into the wee hours of the night. And an audiobook for when I’m cleaning or driving long distances.

My Reading

I’m a little indecisive in what books I’m going to read so I just took a picture for you. Many of the books in my TBR pile are set in different countries and this is the short stack I will be picking from for the Readathon. Where do you think I should start?

I will likely start with Unbroken so that I can read it before the movie comes out. After that I might need something like The Best of Us which is about four friends taking a trip to Jamaica.

On my Kindle, I have Silver Bay by Jojo Meyes. Me Before You was one of my favorite books read this year so I look forward to reading this one.

On audio, I usually like to go with classics. They are usually readily available and Anna Karenina is on my Classics Club list too.

Besides that, I will be hosting the Book Scavenger Hunt Mini-challenge and the Facebook and Twitter chats so I will be a busy lady doing something I love, chatting about great books with all of you!

Kids’ Reading




But lets not forget the kids! I have a stack of about 20 books I borrowed from the library for the kiddos. They have already started reading through their stack. The National Geographic Kids books have gorgeous pictures and keep my kids interested. They tear through them as soon as they get one. We also have a couple craft books for activities from different countries, so we’ll try a couple of those too!

Well that’s it for me.

What are your goals for our Travel the World in Books Readathon?


    1. So glad you and your hubby will be joining our Readathon Michelle. I love it when families read together 🙂 Where in the world will you and your hubby be starting your reading?

  1. I like your goals that cover paper, kindle, and audio avenues for reading–always a book handy! Although I didn’t mention it in my Readathon goals, I’m reading Unbroken this week too for #TuesBookTalk twitter chat. Thanks, and looking forward to the Readathon events!

    1. I hope I remember to join the #TuesBookTalk twitter chat. What needs to be read for this Tuesday’s chat? Let’s see if I can catch up in time!

      1. We are reading Parts I, II, and III for Sept. 2 chat and Parts IV, V, and epilogue for the chat on September 16, but please stop by to chat, no matter how much you’ve read! I may not get that far by tomorrow either, but there’s a lot to appreciate about Zamperini’s story even in Part I. You can also leave comments on the Discussion thread at Goodreads anytime. This link also has the schedule for reading and #TuesBookTalk chats. Looking forward to hearing your reactions to the book! 🙂

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