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Travel the World in Books Readathon Oct 2015, Day 9: Spanish blogger recommendations & World Classics

Our Travel the World in Books Readathon is a chance to read books to learn about different cultures and countries other than your own. Join us October 18-31, 2015 to expand your horizons, travel the world in books and let publishers know #WeNeedDiverseBooks.
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How can it be Day 9 already of our Travel the World in Books Readathon? Is it just me or is time really flying because I’m having so much fun?  Where in the world has your reading been taking you these past few days?  

If this is your first visit to our readathon posts, let me tell you that our Travel the World in Books readathon goal is quite simple…to get you reading more about other countries and cultures than your own. It’s both a learning opportunity and a great excuse to cozy up with a good book and travel to places you might not otherwise be able to visit!

My fabulous co-hosts Becca, Savvy, Lucy and Aloi and I have another great week in store for you, check out the entire schedule of events here to see what’s coming up and catch up on anything you missed.

Guest Post

Travel the World in Books Readathon is taking place Octboer 18-31, 2015. We have special guest authors and bloggers bringing you their unique perspectives on writing and reading the best books from around the world.
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Today, we are bringing you a great roundup of recommendations from 3 great Spanish bloggers who are giving us the inside scoop on their favorite Spanish authors and where they like to travel most in books. Spain is one of my favorite countries that I’ve been to IRL and reading books set in Spain take me back to that unforgettable trip. Get ready to Travel to Spain in Books with Pi, Nube and Isi! Take it away Isi! 


Travel to Spain in books
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Travel to Spain in Books

By Isi, From Isi

Hi there, readathoners!

Which place have your current read taken you to? To Spain, maybe?

If not, don’t worry, because Pi, Nube and I (Isi) have come to this readathon from Spain, and we are recommending some of our favourite books and authors for you to travel.

Pi’s Recommendations:

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Favourite Spanish author: It is very difficult for me to say who my favourite Spanish author is because I like many of them. But if I must say one, I´d say Arturo Pérez-Reverte. I love his style and his stories, most of them are historical fiction. When I was young my favourite Spanish author was Ray Loriga, because he expressed all my teen fury.

Favourite place/country to travel in books: All the places are good for me! The important thing is to travel with the book. But my favourite might be England.

Favourite book from another country/continent: My favourite book is Perfume: The story of a murderer by Patrick Süskind.The author is German, but the story runs in France.


Nube’s Recommendations:

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Favourite Spanish author: One of my favourite spanish authors is Matilde Asensi. In my opinion, her best book is The Last Cato, in some ways it is similar to Dan Brown’s books, but I prefer Matilde Asensi because her books are more thrilling.

Favourite place/country to travel in books: My favourite place is United Kingdom, especially Scotland. I think these countries have so much magic, the books set there have many mysteries and dark events.

Favourite book from another country/continent: It is very difficult to choose one. Maybe, one of my favourites is Kate Morton, because her books have a Brittish atmosphere, with dark stories, green lanscapes and so much fog. My favourite book is The Forgotten Garden, the book is placed in Australia and Cornwall.


Isi’s Recommendations:

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Favourite Spanish author: like my friends above, I have many, but if I have to chose only one, she would be Almudena Grandes. She writes long novels with characters who are not just characters: they become part of your life.

Favourite place/country to travel in books: Scotland, of course! I have never been there, and I’m a little bit afraid of getting disappointed if someday I visit that country because, thanks to many books, it’s the place of my dreams. I just have finished September, by Rosamunde Pilcher, set there.

Favourite book from another country/continent: a large number of my favourite books are set in the UK, but in order not to repeat with the place, I would like to recommend In the land of the Long White Cloud, by Sarah Lark. She is a German author who writes historical fiction about the first colonists of New Zealand.
What about you? Do you have any recommendations from your country?

Thanks for reading and have a nice journey!


What do you think? I’m thrilled that Pi, Nube and Isi gave us some more Spanish authors to discover. I have only read Carlos Ruiz Zafon so far and if you’ve followed my blog, you know my all time favorite book is Shadow of the Wind. Shadow of the Wind and The Forgotten Garden were both Travel the World in Books Readalong selections and participants loved them both. Great picks ladies and thanks for sharing your thoughts on Traveling to Spain and the World in Books! 

 Daily Discussion Posts

Travel the World in Books Readathon, Oct. 18-31, 2015. Mini-challenges to inspire you to think outside the book!
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This year we want to get YOU talking about your favorite books, authors, genres, and characters. Every day we’ll have a different topic of discussion. You can write a new blog post, link up a couple of old posts that are pertinent to the topic and/or leave comments answering our questions. Linkups will be open through 11/7/15 ( a week after the readathon ends to give you plenty of time to write a new post if you want).

Today’s discussion topic: World Classics

Tell us which classics from around the world would you like to read or have read. I’m interested to see what classics you’ve read and recommend. 

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    1. My co-hosts had some of the daily discussion posts on their blogs so I let them doing the talking these past few days. Here’s the updated schedule so you can see where the discussions, linkups and fun is happening! Sorry it was confusing for you. So glad you were able to join us Emma!

  1. I can’t believe I only just found out about this! I actually do a series on my blog called Travel Fiction – I love reading books set in different places. Looks like I’m just going to have to read all the past posts and get some great new book recommendations!

  2. I really enjoyed reading the book recommendations from these great Spanish bloggers. Nice to learn also that some favorites of mine from England, Scotland, appear on their travel itineraries or memories of favorite reads. I hope some of the books recommended will appear in translation–or that I will learn to read Spanish (on my bucket list!).

    For World Classics, I have shared an older post of mine about reading the classics as a kind of pilgrimage. Books, especially those that become classics, can prompt a geographic pilgrimage to places or sites related to the story, whether it’s made in person or simply via books, and they can also send us on an inner journey. I talk about both kinds of pilgrimages. Les Miserables is probably my favorite classic book and it was an example of the inner journey.

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