Unique Gift Ideas for Star Wars fans who have Everything

Have a hard to shop for dad? If he’s a Star Wars fan, he’s sure to love one of these awesome Star Wars gift ideas for fans who have everything.


Don't know what to get your hard to shop for dad for Father's Day? If he's a Star Wars fan, he's sure to love one of these awesome Star Wars gift ideas for dads. Unique Star Wars gift ideas for dads who have everything.


Unique Star Wars Gift Ideas for Fans Who Have Everything


It’s no secret I live in a house of boys, four of them to be exact and they are all die hard Star Wars fans. From my Superhubby to my littlest son, to say they are excited whenever the next installment of Star Wars comes out.


We have enough action figures, lightsabers, books and toys to fill a small toy store so what do you get for a Star Wars fan who already has everything? I was on a mission and found some really Unique and Awesome Star Wars Gift Ideas for dads (and fans who have Everything) and still gifts that the whole family could enjoy. 


These are things we own, things I know they would love, even some Star Wars things I would love in MY kitchen. There are gifts in here that the whole family can enjoy, from the wee Jedi to the wisest Yoda master.


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Don't know what to get your hard to shop for dad for Father's Day? If he's a Star Wars fan, he's sure to love one of these awesome Star Wars gift ideas for dads. Unique Star Wars gift ideas for dads who have everything.


** Cue the Star Wars theme music…. **


1. “Here’s where the fun begins” 

This Death Star Bluetooth Speaker is a must for the Star Wars fan and music lover in your life.

Definitely the most used Star Wars accessory in our house is the Death Star bluetooth speaker*. It travels with us to the pool, on road trips, for walks around the neighborhood (with lightsabers of course) and just about anywhere in the house when we feel like partying. This Death Star bluetooth speaker is always on and hooks up easily to Superhubby’s phone where he plays music from Pandora or his music library.



Now, we also have the Millenium Falcon bluetooth speaker* which has accompanied us as we tailgate for football games and well, the TIE Fighter bluetooth speaker* look pretty cool too, I wouldn’t be too surprised if it ends up in someone’s stocking. 


2. Every Jedi needs a lightsaber and a Villain to Fight

Yoda Deluxe Lightsaber makes a great gift, very realistic.Every Jedi needs a lightsaber and a villain to fight. This Kylo Ren deluxe lightsaber would make a great gift for your Star Wars fan.

My favorite character is Yoda so of course I’d want Yoda’s Deluxe lightsaber* if I had my way. Alas, Superhubby’s favorite character is Darth Vader so we have the Darth Vader Deluxe lightsaber but this red one is Kylo Ren’s lightsaber* from the new movie The Force Awakens.  These deluxe lightsabers not made for a heated duels as they could break but they are very realistic and have fantastic light and sound effects. Great for display, cosplay or Halloween. 


3. Start Em Young

My younger sons had some of these onesies and baby toys, as soon as they came on the market, of course we snatched them up! It’s never too early to introduce the kids the magic and creativity of Star Wars.


I love these Star Wars nursery ideas, if they had these when my boys were babies, I’m sure one of them would have had a Star Wars nursery!


The “Sleep You Must, Dream You Will” wall decals* are just so sweet and the X Wings and Tie fighters decals* will have your little Jedi flying through the galaxy at night. And the R2-D2 Club chair* is a perfect little chair for your toddler to read a book.


4. Time to Build

Besides being Star Wars fans, we’re also Lego fanatics. We love building Legos together and these Star Wars sets get a lot of play time.

The Millennium Falcon Legos provide hours of fun building and playing with the figures inside the ship.

The Lego Millennium Falcon*  is definitely the coolest Star Wars lego set we own, the doors open and close and all the accessories inside bring the ship to life. It provides my boys hours of fun building and playing with the figures inside the ship.

Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar. A unique gift idea for Star Wars fans who have everything.

Ever seen an Advent Calendar quite like this? We don’t have the Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar*…yet, but it looks like such fun! 
Here’s more Star Wars legos dad will love!


5. Fueling Up in the Kitchen

Cooking with Rheumatoid Arthritis can be a challenge but these Star Wars accessories sure would add some fun to cooking. My boys and I love the R2-D2 spatula we have, R2 always puts a smile on my face when I reach for him. Ok, I should not have even looked for Star Wars accessories for the kitchen, now I’ll want them all. How excited would my boys be? 

Bring the Force to fuel up your kitchen with these Star Wars kitchen gadgets and tools.

 Seriously cool X-Wing Knife Block set*. Yep, I said it. 


Fire up the grill. Any Star Wars fan would love grilling with these Lightsaber BBQ tongs

These Lightsaber BBQ tongs* are perfect for grilling, day or night. How cool are these? 

Darth Vader Waffle Maker. A unique gift idea for Star Wars fans who have everything.

Darth Vader Waffles? But of course! We had a Mickey Mouse waffle maker just like this, my boys would LOVE for me to make them waffles with this Darth Vader waffle maker*.

R2 D2 Bento Box

My boys would love taking their lunch to school or work in this R2-D2 Bento Box*! 


6. Fire up the Family Fun

Take your family game night to a whole other galaxy with these Star Wars themed games and puzzles.







I would so LOSE at Star Wars: Trivial Pursuit* but I bet my boys and Superhubby would love trying to outwit each other. I LOVED Battleship and Operation as a kid and I’d play this Star Wars Battleship* and Star Wars Operation* with my kids anytime.

I’m a total puzzle junkie and every holiday we pull out a family puzzle and my boys and I work on one together. Photomosaic puzzles like this Darth Vader Photomosaic puzzle* are amazing.  Zoom in closer and you’ll see that each puzzle piece has a different Star Wars scene on it. Don’t worry, it comes with a poster guide to help you see where the scene should go so it’s not completely impossible. But it’s fun reminiscing over the favorite parts of the movie while putting it together and when it’s done, it’s pretty magnificent. 

In terms of quality, the Ravensberger puzzles are my favorite. The pieces are sturdy, well made and click well together. This Star Wars legends puzzle* will be on my wish list, I like puzzles with at least 1000 pieces (more family time as far as I can tell) but they do have smaller ones too, so don’t let the size intimidate you. I figure if I do Star Wars puzzles, my boys are more likely to help me! 

Chewie Mom made these Electronic Chewbacca masks* iconic. Try NOT laughing when someone puts one on! 





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Well that was fun shopping around for unique gift ideas for Star Wars fans and gifts I would have fun enjoying with my boys too. Their excitement over this series of movies just might be contagious, but shhhh….don’t tell them I said that!  Just a few gift ideas from my Jedi to yours! May the Force be with you! 



Tell me your favorite Star Wars movie, characters, toys, books or gifts! 


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  1. The decals are too cute! We have a collection of Star Wars legos that have never been open. Love these ideas and thank you for sharing them with us at #omhgww

  2. Wow! Where was this stuff when I was younger?! Love the Deathstar speaker. I’m so sad about Carrie Fisher. I saw Rogue One yesterday with my son. These are great ideas!!

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