When You Asked Me to Marry You: Guest Post for Mommy Miracles #WritingVows #marriage


I first discovered Laura of Mommy Miracles through her Moms Reading Book Club. She and her book club have been discussing some of my favorite books the past few months and you know I love discussing books with other book lovers!

Laura also has a wonderful marriage series called Writing Vows where she encourages guest bloggers to share their thoughts on marriage. She does not set too many rules, just to share what we feel like. There have been some amazing, inspiring, funny and all-too-real posts. I was honored that Laura asked me to guest post but I wondered what I could bring to the series that had not already been said. I’m no marriage expert, but I am an expert on what makes our marriage work and how I feel about my husband.

So without further ado, I send you off to Laura’s blog to read my post, When You Asked Me to Marry You, a glimpse into our marriage and why I am so blessed to have Superhubby by my side.


  1. I read your post on the other blog and just wanted to say that it was so sweet! We are in the middle of a rough patch right now so it was nice to read something that reflected the way I want ours to be!

    1. Thanks so much Rachel. Hope the rough patch smooths over, we all have them. I can say staying home this past year has not only helped my relationship with my kids but with my hubby as well. I was a major stressball when I worked outside the home. With my focus just on my family, we have all been happier. Good luck to you, always enjoy hearing from you!

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